The Truth Is We Couldn’t Choose! | The Spotlight Family Winner For A Year Is… | Virginia Beach Photographer

After all the entries were in I placed them all to the side and made sure to leave the names out… So that when my Hubby Mike and I sat down we could make an open and honest choice.

But after sitting and reading everyone’s entries… We realized we couldn’t choose a winner. Each family has a story that is worth telling. A story that should be shared with everyone. But out of all 10 entries there were 3 stories we couldn’t walk away from. Those stories of love, hard times, loss, and overcoming life’s struggles were the ones that hit home for us.

So we made a decision… One that I feel most excited about! As there were 10 entries I wanted to make sure that all those who entered walked away with something.


7 Families Will Walk Away With A FREE Mini Session For Their Family!

And the final 3 families will all WIN THE FREE FAMILY SPOTLIGHT FOR A YEAR!

As my Hubby and I feel strongly about these families an how every American in our country will be able to relate to at least one if not all of these families.

Families with children, families struggling with bringing life in to this world, families with mixed backgrounds and cultures, families full of passion and love for those they love, and in the end families that are AMERICAN in every way that counts.


1.) Bridget Storm: “Craig and I are getting married on 10.1.16!  We are also looking forward to adding to our family sometime next year!  A soon to be wife and step Mom. The adventures of starting to blend a young family together.”

2.) Angel Hu: “would like for my husband of 6 years and i to be in your spotlight. We are a fun couple with an adorable 2 year old puppy named “Snow”. We have been trying for the past 3 years to have a baby and really feel like this year is the year. My husband is from China and is a real estate agent and I’m from Mexico and a student (early childhood development) as well as a waitress.”

3.) Jennifer Vetter: ” I’d like to be considered for this! My name is Jennifer Vetter and I have a blended family consisting of a mix of beautiful interracial 3 month old, 6 year old and a 9 year old, as well as one pretty pup, and well you can’t forget the guy that hold us all together. We’d love to be in your showcase to help bring awareness to a few things-1. Breastfeeding, there’s a movement around normalizing it currently and the LO is exclusively breastfed, 2. Interracial couples, with all the Trump drama it seems that people have forgotten that life is beautiful no matter what color your skin is (I think the babes would be awesome at showcasing this they all look totally unique), and 3. Blended family-it may not be perfect but the love is there. As a fellow photographer the whole family is already used to being shot. and I think e’d make a great addition to your portfolio.”


To the other beautiful 7 families who entered thank you so much for opening you hearts and sharing your stories! We would like to offer you mini-sessions and to help share your family stories as well.

  • Christina Reynolds
  • Amanda Glaros Piatt
  • Kearsten F. Walden
  • Kim Bingham Kithcart
  • Liz Nicholson
  • Lori DC
  • Stacie Coverdale Wilkins

Tashena Shaw Photography looks forward to messaging you all soon and setting up are next adventures together.



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