The Queen Of Her Boys | Baseball Field Photoshoot | Smiling Through The Storm | Virginia Beach Photographer

All day it was storming… rain, wind, and just pure ugliness outside. And all on the day we planned to capture the love and joy of a Queen and her family. But thankfully God showed us what beauty can come from a storm. And just around 6:30pm the sky parted ways and the sun came shinning through.

We didn’t want to take any chances and travel to the location we had picked out just for this family… So in the moment of laughter we grabbed everyone and walked towards the baseball field in our neighborhood.

Yes, this wasn’t the ideal location… And things didn’t go as planned. But we knew that no matter what this would be a session for the books.

Angelina and her beautiful family were a joy to capture. They made this simple session in a very small location a photographer’s dream come true. All while showing what a family is truly like to capture after a storm has passed.

I think one of the greatest things I have had the pleasure of capturing… Is watching the face of Angelina change as she noticed her littlest son had found a puddle of mud. But what was even better was watching a Mom be a Mom. She laughed and said, “Now that is going to make a great picture.” I turned around to see all 3 boys standing in the baseball field of mud and just being kids. Seeing how Angelina embraced the mud and the joy of her children was a beautiful sight to see. Showing the world that being a Mom of boys comes with dirty crazy days as well as hugs and kisses too.

So yes, as you look through these images you will see the face of a Mom who in the moments of her own photos shows the joy and laughter of seeing her boys be boys.

Angelina is a Queen who loves her boys with all her heart. A mom and wife full of love at every turn. Showing that one doesn’t need to be perfect 24/7 to be able to embrace the joys of Motherhood at every turn.

She is my hero! And I am honored to call her my friend.

Thank you Angelina for a photoshoot with such memories I will NEVER forget.  ❤


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