Using Your Very Own Neighborhood For A Photo Shoot  |  TIPS FOR LOCATION  |  Virginia Beach Photographer

I get asked all the time about my locations and how I pick them. I have clients who worry so much about that ‘perfect’ spot and afraid it just isn’t good enough.

Well I am here to show you with the help of my little girl just how using your very own neighborhood can make the perfect session for you.

You see after I had to take one of my families from last week (Link Here) and switch things up. We had to move her session to a location very close to home, like walking distance, due to the crazy weather… I found myself inspired to tell you our clients just how to look for the beauty around you.

So this week I grabbed my little beauty and walked around our very own home… Looking for things to use for a photo shoot.  (NOTE:  As you will see…  My little beauty wanted to wear some pink and her cowgirl boots.  So since she was Mommies helper…  I let her have at it.  My little fashionista.)

While scouting our neighborhood we found a little water way with all kinds of sunflowers growing. Here was the start to our first session. From there we found our baseball field and the fence next to it. The way the sun was shinning through was just beautiful.

With these images we want to show you that you don’t have to have perfect, big, or over done area to get the images and look you want. Just by keeping your eyes open you can find the perfect place.


Look for nature: The perfect way to make an everyday session look unique is by using the life around you.

Good light: Make sure to shoot in the early hours, or the evening hours. When the sun is high the lighting and shadows will kill your session. Casting shadows on your face that may make you look awful. As we Ladies understand lighting can be cruel and unforgiving.

The perfect light during the day: Watch your neighborhood as you drive around. Do you notice an area that gives beautiful light at a certain part of the day? Keep track of that!

The golden hour: Photographer don’t just use this phrase for the fun of it. IT HAS MEANING! The golden hour is a time of the day (evening mostly) where the sun isn’t harsh and can be forgiving to it’s subjects. The way the sun will play in images can make for priceless moments and images.

KEEP AWAY: Stay away from shooting to close to fences. UNLESS you see wildlife growing, or the golden light shining though. As you don’t want to make it look like you are shooting with your iPhone. Sometimes photographers forget that a fence unless there is texture can become very plan in an image.

Open fields: Photographers LOVE open fields! (NOTE: Please make sure you aren’t on private property) Having a good open field can allow for the feeling of love, simplicity, and the ideal look most photographers jump for.

Look for parks: Sometimes playing like a child can help bring back that child-like-love we all have for life, and loved ones. After all who doesn’t love a kiss on a swing, or the twirling around with someone you love.

Look for edgy: When you can find that abandoned home and dress up from head-to-toe… Giving your session that stylized shoot feel. Now that’s a photographers dream!

HAVE FUN: Most of all! Have fun! Don’t worry about your session being in that perfect spot, or look. If you love it… It will shine through your session and images.

AND REMEMBER: By picking your home neighborhood you are placing memories there. You are making your neighborhood more of a home. And after all that’s what these sessions are meant to capture… MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME !!!

And just think… You can always tell the story “WHEN” to those you love. And have the images to show them that story of how you met, fell in love, built a family, asked her to marry you, built your home, or just because you adored your life.

So enjoy your session!
Get creative!
Enjoy the simpleness!
Make memories to last a lifetime!



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