Under The Sea! | Victoria’s 1st Birthday Party | Virginia Beach Photographer

A little pretty in pink princess, lots of glitter & sparkles, filled with giggles & beautiful memories!

This and so much more was captured for this beautiful and one of a kind family. Valentina and her love Yiannis were celebrating their little beauty’s 1st Birthday with friends and loved ones. The day was filled with so much laughter while creating memories that they would never forget.

Watching how the little birthday girl Victoria would play and giggle with the other children, drawing with her new side walk chalk, pretending to take selfies with another Mommies iPhone, and of course taking pictures with her Mommy & Daddy too, all while not missing the chance to dig in to her very own birthday cake.

This ‘Under The Sea’ themed birthday party was so stunningly beautiful. Every detail you could see was planned with love. So many coming together to help lend a hand for this family… All who came making sure that Valentina & Yiannis have the chance to sit back and take in all the memories the created over the past 1st year of their little one’s life.

It was an honor to be able to capture such a beautiful day for this family! To be able to watch so many come together to make this a one of a kind birthday… An unforgettable one. ❤


Birthday Cake: Just Cupcakes In Virginia Beach
Catering: Yiannis Wine Shop & Brother’s Pizza


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