The Marshall Homecoming | USS Harry S. Truman | Virginia Beach Photographer

Let’s tell the truth… Most of us have no clue what it is like to be away from our families for such a long time. Most of us don’t know what it is like to serve our country and have to leave our loved ones behind for so long. Most of us will never understand the sacrifice and dedication both sides of the military goes through just to keep our country safe.

But what we do know… What we can honestly say from the bottom of our hearts is… That no matter what ‘WE’ AMERICA WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL TO THOSE WHO SERVE OUR GREAT COUNTRY! That we are not only thankful for them… But for the wives, husbands, and children who are left behind to take care of life on this side, on the home front.

Their job isn’t easy. It’s hard! And when you are standing their with these loved ones surrounding you on a hot summer day. When you see that ship pulling in and when those loved ones catch the first glimpse of that ship they prayed over for month. When you watch those around you fighting back tears. When you see young children trying to jump up and down to see if the see their Mommy or Daddy on that ship. When you watch how so many are screaming and are bursting in to tears because the emotions become so much… You realize you REALLY HAVE NO CLUE ALL THEY HAVE SACRIFICED FOR US ALL!

I was so beyond blessed to watch Mercedez stand there with so much strength. I watched how she kept that smile beaming from ear to ear. I watched how she would comforted her son and helped him laugh through the crazy emotions. I watched how this wife stood there looking at each sailor standing at the edge of The Truman… Searching for her love. I watched when the moment her phone rang and she jumped for joy to hear his voice. I watched how this sweet family who stood in the blazing heat for hours… How they kept the light in their hearts shinning as they waited for that moment their loved one could reached their arms.

My heart broke so many times when I saw them both looking for him. How they giggled the moment he stood at the top of the ship waving his arms. But that moment their little boy grabbed Mama’s phone and screamed, “DADDY!” as he realized the man on the top of the big boat waving was his very own Daddy. And even then they had to wait a few more hours before he could reach their arms.

That moment Anthony bolted from those around him, from around the gate, and launched himself to pick up his son. How that smile they both shared was so overwhelming. How Mercedez waited so calmly and smiled as her two loves met again. But nothing was more precious then the moment Anthony placed his son down and pulled his love in to his arms.

I know I was the photographer… But even in those moments… The whole world around them went silent… And time stood still as they embraced each other. Even now writing this I have goosebumps. I can see those moments all over again. I can only imagine how they must have felt.

Thank you so much to The Marshall Family and all of those who served on The Truman!

The Tashena Shaw Photography family is forever grateful for you all !!! ❤

And now for some of those priceless images and moments! ❤


If you are interested in booking your loved one’s Homecoming please feel free to email Tashena Shaw Photography!  We would be honored to help document these moments for you as well!  ❤




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