The Yoga Nook | The Beauty Of These Ladies | Virginia Beach Photographer

When I was younger I use to do Yoga with some of my friends… And of course over time life got the best of me and I found myself not going as much. But being around these sweet ladies brought back that love of Yoga for me! I admit I can’t name half of these poses, or remember how to move in to one pose to the next, never mind the fact I will admit I’m scared to go again.

But while I was capturing these amazingly unique ladies… I watched how they helped one another. How even the ladies who have been doing Yoga the longest found themselves in the need of help from others. It was just a beautiful thing to watch these ladies lean on each other and support each other in this time.

They were full of life, giggles, and had such a presence about them that pulled you in.

As I walked through ‘The Yoga Nook’ I saw such beauty, simplicity, and felt calm there. I’m very eager to go back there and take a few classes myself !!! To be able to see these ladies in a whole other light and way.

I think the best part of all of this was being able to meet Alejandra Botero one of the owners of ‘The Yoga Nook’… She was the sweetest! A big smile beaming from her. Telling me about her love of Yoga and how she wants her studio to be inviting and safe for all those who enter her Yoga Nook.

So if you are in the Hampton Roads area… YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO TAKE A CLASS WITH HER !!!

I can’t thank these Ladies enough for sharing their life, moments, and silliness with me during this session!

If you are interested in taking a class at ‘The Yoga Nook’ here is their Facebook page as well as their website. So go take a look… And enjoy learning some Yoga! ❤




9 thoughts on “The Yoga Nook | The Beauty Of These Ladies | Virginia Beach Photographer

  1. Yoga Nook says:

    Thank you Tashena, you are truly talented. It is amazing to see the Nook through a different lens. You captured the beauty and warmth of the studio in such a natural way. I am grateful for the work you do and for the time you took to be with us. The pictures were incredible!!!

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  2. megkerns1 says:

    Beautiful photos and the yoga space is stunning! I used to coach HS girl’s lacrosse- we did yoga every Friday to strengthen and hopefully keep us from injuries. Talk about giggles. I think the best part was my assistant coach, my dad, doing the positions too.

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