Holding On To Those Moments & Memories… | Mommy Confessions | Virginia Beach

The summer is coming to an end and little beauty is becoming a young lady. This evening after she spent the afternoon playing in the yard with her 4 year old brother… She made her way up the steps. Full of dirt and giggles. Full of innocence and beauty. She had made her way to her room singing to herself and cleaning her room.

In that moment of watching her I was getting her brother ready for a bath. While scrubbing him down from an afternoon full of dirty nails, sand in his hair, sweat pouring from his face… I heard my little man say, “I love my bath time with you Mama.” And of course I told him, “Well I love them too!” As I kissed his now soapy face. I finished cleaning him up and scooting him out of the bathroom so that his sister could have a bath too.

And in that moment I watched my 9 year old little beauty walk right by me. Full of a dirty face, those sweaty red cheeks, and those side walk chalk hands.

I had then turned around to see her place her towel by the tub. I had to take a second look because this time unlike all the baths before… My little beauty had made herself a bath time bucket. She had placed her pjs down and turned back to me and asked, “May I have a shower by myself?” My heart stopped and in that moment of seeing my sweet 9 year old… I saw a young lady before me. I had told her of course she could. I turned on the shower making sure to keep the water cool just in case. But I found myself sad. In this moment my little beauty was making a step forward and showing me the even bigger girl she is.

As she entered the shower I looked down to her bucket that she decorated with flower stickers. She placed a washcloth in it, her hair tie, little Shopkins body wash, lotion, and even some shampoo in it. It may have had little girl stuff in it. But it showed me nothing but the young lady she was becoming.

I share this not to cry or say why my baby! Why does she have to grow up? Why can’t she stay little forever?  But to remind us all… To remind ourselves that our children grow up in the blink of an eye.

All I can see right now is that sweet chubby, two teeth, little toddler looking up at me in her tub. And now she can almost look at me in the eyes (I’m short remember!)… For she is now becoming bigger, and soon she won’t even need me to start the shower for her.

So to all my fellow Mommies and Daddies out there… Remember to cherish those little moments. Because one day you will lose them forever.

I share this as a proud Mama! It’s simple to some, maybe even silly to others, but we all will remember that moment when they didn’t need us like they did then.

I love you my little beauty! Always and forever!


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