A Fly In Homecoming! | The Truman | Jolly Rogers | Virginia Beach

She was so beautiful! Dressed all in white, her hair perfectly long, make up all in place, and her son beside her dressed in white too. From just looking at her you could see the wonderful military wife. The perfectly composed beauty holding on to her son waiting for their other half to land so they could run to his arms. But with all the perfectly beautiful look on the outside… You could see that wife full of nervousness and love. Holding on with every breath she has, as each fighter jet flew over. Each time looking back at her Mother in law and her family standing beside her. You could see all her love and fears rushing to her eyes. She was strong and poised. Holding on to that moment she has been dreaming of. Then it happened… She saw HIS plane land. She saw HIS team lining up. She saw HER love so far away, and yet so close she could reach out and grab him.

And yet like all the woman and children standing beside her… She had to wait till the man standing all the way at the other end gave the clear for those pilots wives to go rushing at them. She stood there holding her own, grabbing her sons hand, looking back and forth between that man at the end, and the love of her life walking to her.

I watched the moment they gave the clear and how she grabbed on to her son as they both launched themselves forward.  As if they were looking at a mirage they may never reach. With all the women around us reaching their loved ones… It was their love and story that mattered. It was his son reaching around his mom and grandma to get to his father. It was the love you see in the movies… But never will fully understand. Finally all the noise came to a close and you could hear the beautiful tears falling around those they love. Showing the world just how loved these men are. And just how great our country is to have fighters like this standing up for us all.

It was a gift to watch this family come together. To watch how this beautifully stunning wife held her own, while holding on to her family beside her.

It was beautiful!

It was priceless!

It will be a homecoming I will NEVER forget!

To this family I can’t thank you all enough for sharing your story with me along the way. How you kept your hearts open and allowed me to capture your one of a kind story for all to see. You are a blessing to us all! And I am grateful for all your family has done for our nation. ❤



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