Devan + Clay | Wedding Portriats | Shore Drive | Virginia Beach

I must have all the luck in the world when it comes to the most sweetest, funny, and adorable couple EVER!

When Devan chatted with me about her wedding portraits she was so excited! She had already tied the knot with her best friend, comedian in crime, and love of her life. Yet they didn’t have the chance to capture those moments. They wanted to be able to have some sweet and unique images. Ones that showed the world who they were all while keeping true to their nature. Throughout this session these two loves birds kept me laughing. Devan the sweet and bashful soul, with Clay the goofy guy who had won her heart. It was one of the sweetest things to capture.

Watching how Clay made sure to make her giggle while he thought I wasn’t looking… Being goofy to help her give that perfect genuine smile. All while Devan kept showing him that stunning smile and the laughter that you can see melted Clay’s heart at every turn.

You see, there are those couples who can be the perfect client ever… The ones you don’t have to direct much and they just melt in to the camera. And well Devan and Clay were just that couple.

They were sweet, adorable, and funny. Unique and pure to the heart of their wedding images. I walked away from this session with so much love in my heart. Knowing that their session was captured in the way they had asked for… The way we had spoke about… And the way every photographer dreams.

I can’t wait till their one year anniversary and we get to capture more unique and silly images!

Thank you Devan & Clay for joining me for your wedding session… and for allowing me the chance to capture your story for all to see. I am honored to have been the photographer you picked. And to be able to see the love you both pour on to one another.

A true gift you have given me.


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