Little Photographers At Heart… | Those Little Hearts Are Always Watching | Mommy Confessions

After dinner this evening we all jumped up as a family to clean up the house. I told the kids we all needed to spend just 30 minutes cleaning so Mommy doesn’t have to worry about it tomorrow. Thankfully my family didn’t question a word and started to help right away. By the time I headed up stairs to start cleaning the bathrooms my babies had already finished all I had asked of them. So of course they started to run around and play…

All I could hear was these two little ones giggling as they ran from room to room. Tashina would tell Michael to follow her… Michael would giggle and follow. Of course I thought nothing of it. Till I heard them talking more.

Tashina: Grab your camera I have something cool you can take a picture of Michael.

Michael: OKAY! I are coming!

Tashina: Make sure the light is good. We can take pictures of these things. We will Blog about it later. Okay Michael?

Michael: Okay Sissy. Like this?

This went on for a few minutes. Room to room, giggle after giggle, photography comment after comment. After I was finished cleaning I looked in to see them both sitting at Sissy table. Blogging away! Sissy had her computer and camera, as so did Michael.

I made sure to snap a picture because I thought it was the cutest thing… My babies doing what Mommy does.

But it got me to thinking… Again I see how my babies are watching me. How they hear and see everything I am doing while I work. It made my heart melt at the thought that one day these little gems could be my back up photographers if they turn out to love this life too.

BUT! Most of all it was a reminder of how much our children shadow our every move and copy what they see and hear. We have to remember to keep being that light they need in those dark moments. To shine bright for them so that they too will do and be their best in life.

I am grateful my babies saw the things I love to do and played along in their own ways. Everything from how I talk to them when I am at a photo shoot, to how I take a picture in the light, how I make sure to blog my work, and how I make sure my clients will love what I have done for them.

It’s simple really… My babies saw something I love with all my heart and that bring me joy… But in these moments I am reminded of the joy much BIGGER then all the things before. Their smiles and giggles, their very own light and love, and I am forever grateful these little gems were copying something Mommy does with all her heart.

So parents out there reading this… Remember that NO MATTER your passions, jobs, lives, our children are watching with all their heart. So be that light you want them to be… And remember they are always watching and always learning.

(And Of Course I Had To Snap A Picture…  In Their PJs With Their Little Cameras & Computers.  Please forgive the iPhone picture.)



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