The Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder…  | PART 1  |  Breastfeeding Awareness Month  | Shore Drive

We have heard it all, we have seen the looks of disgust, and have even been told it isn’t easy. Well the truth is… IT’S TRUE! We have heard everyone tell us their views, we get those looks every day when we are out in the world feeding our babies just as you do yours, and what’s even stranger is we KNOW IT IS NOT EASY! But we fight through! Because we know what is best for our bodies and our babies.

Today you will see just a few sneak peeks of these 3 differently unique women. And in the next few days you will see more of them, their very own story, with their own images. Each different in nationality, age, children, and thoughts.

You see breastfeeding isn’t gross, rude, wrong, or just for one kind of Mom. It is beautiful, brave, just, and we encourage all women of all ages and groups to join this adventure too.


If you are interested in a ‘Breastfeeding’ photography session of your very own… Please message us! We would love to help you document this moment in your life. And help show the amazing power and gift you have for your baby(s) too! ❤


5 Replies to “The Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder…  | PART 1  |  Breastfeeding Awareness Month  | Shore Drive”

  1. I wish I was confident enough to BF in public. I’m getting better but I always use a cover, but it’s more for me than anything else. I have even written a post about breastfeeding but I have yet to post it. Just sitting in my drafts. These women are beautiful and your photos are amazing.

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