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There are moments as photographers that we get lost on how to share a story of those we have worked with. NOT because we have nothing to say… Just that we are afraid we won’t share their story as best as they can. So today I have chosen to let Tabitha and Mark share how they met one another. After all this is their story and sometimes your clients can say it better then you ever could. ❀


“I met Mark in the summer of 1995 I was just 15 years old, on the boardwalk. He was with a old friend I knew from high school. I remember my high school friend stopping to talk to me but I heard nothing he said because I saw Mark and had tunnel vision. The world around me seemed to vanish and the only people that existed was Mark and myself. So I walked right over to him and said “what’s wrong you don’t talk or cat got your tongue” yeah cheesy first line! Good job Tabitha now he will never talk to you. He replied “I can talk.” And I asked him his name. We spent the rest of the day together.

People ask me what made me fall in love with him….. I don’t think I had a choice. I truly believe I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. Before I knew his name I knew I wanted to marry him, there was just something about him and how drawn to him I was. It was like my soul knew.

22 years together 14 of those years married and 2 kids….. he still sets my soul on fire.”



“I met Tabitha at the beach back in 95. I was hanging out there walking around with a buddy of mine. I was the shy one who didn’t have much to say. We hung out most of that evening. She even stole a piggy back ride along most of the boardwalk. Lol. At the time I didn’t know that later on in life she’d be my wife. We even lost contact after that day. Not long after that I actually moved a block away from her and we reconnected. Actually December 4th she made it official, we were dating.

I fell in love with her, well because of her. Shes beautiful, shes given me all of her love, 2 beautiful kids, shes a very strong and hard working person. We have had a lot of great times together throughout the years. Yeah there has been some rough patches. But it has only made us stronger. I love her more and more every day.”

Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw Photography

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