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To You The Photographer Who Feels Defeated & Not Worthy Because Of This Contest…

Let me explain something to you that you may not understand just yet. YOU ARE THE GREATNESS AMONG GREATEST!

It takes great guts to pick even just one image to enter in to the Shoot and Share contest, never mind if you have chosen all 50 images to submit. Why? Because I can tell you from experience just how hard that is.  This was my 4th year entering this contest.  And each year I found myself making it but so far. But NEVER making it to the Best of The Best round. There was a year I made it all the way to round twelve. It felt amazing to see one of my images among such talented artist. And just like this year I did make it to round twelve (my 2nd year getting that far).

And this year I had hoped and prayed I would make it to at least the TOP 100 of any round I entered a photo in. And even though I didn’t make it to the Best of The Best (top 100 in a category) this year… I realize that among such great artist I was picked by other artist such as myself to move on to the next round, and the next round, all the way to round twelve.

Please don’t beat yourself up. Don’t think less of your work and heart for entering in a contest that reaches people all over the world. Where your image(s) made it to places you haven’t even been to before. To have images that made it in to homes you will never enter. Don’t shut down and fear the unknown. Don’t worry what the other photographer think of you and your work.

But instead stand tall, take a deep breath, and know that you entered a contest that reaches more people with just one image then most photographers ever achieve in a lifetime. Stand tall knowing the courage it took to open the link and enter just one image in to the Shoot and Share contest.

Instead use this contest and all you have seen to challenge yourself and your art in a way that never did before. Instead where you saw weakness and flaws, use that to learn and grow. Instead of shutting down and beating yourself up, use that as a way to push and achieve next years goals. Instead of NOT wanting to ever enter this contest again, use it to learn and grow, use it to challenge your creative side. Instead of NOT entering again, use it to fuel the fire in your heart and GET BACK UP AND TRY AGAIN!


Don’t let fear and defeat end your passion of photography. But instead use the resources around you to strive to do better.

Be brave. Be strong. And try again!

I can look back through these 4 years and see just how far I have come as a photographer. I went from a nobody in my community… To someone who people know… To someone who has been featured in Bridal Blogs… To someone who people have been excited to finally meet… To someone people seek to collaborate with… To someone who is PROUD they never gave up. And just like this past year I will challenge myself more this coming year. I will push to do better. I will push to grow. I will push to go further in my passions. I WILL LEARN, GROW, AND OVERCOME!

So when the 2019 Shoot and Share contest rolls around… I will be proud of all I worked hard for in 2018 and I will be excited to see how far each image I enter in 2019 will make it.



Make 2018 a year to remember and grow, strive, and achieve the dreams you want for this coming year.


With Love,
Tashena Shaw Photography


These were just 5 of the 50 images I entered into the contest this year.  And I am damn proud of every single one of them!  I know the numbers/placements for this contest are not in yet.  And I know I did not make it to the ‘Best of The Best’…  But I can tell you, “I KICKED ASS!”  I overcame, I achieved, I grew, And I am the GREATNESS AMONG THE GREATEST!  And so are you!

***Once The Final Numbers/Placements Come Out…  I Will Be Sure To Share What I Have Learned As Well.***

Out of this whole contest there were over 412,379 photos entered this year, with 25 countries entering as well (they give the final numbers of photographers, images, and countries that entered the contest when the image information is released.)


(Top Shoot & Share Image Credit:  Angie Brandon)

Shoot & Share Contest-4The Water Table Styled ShootIndian WeddingTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw Photography


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4 thoughts on “You Are The Greatness Among The Greatest! | Shoot & Share Contest 2018 | Virginia Beach Photographer

  1. There were so many entries, this is my first year, I watched it unfold last year but didn’t have the guts to enter. This year I panic entered 50 right on the last day and I got some hearts in round twelve I am beyond happy to have made it that far too. Your work is beautiful x

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  2. You took the words right out of my mouth! I have entered three times, the first time I didn’t think much of it and entered 8 photos, never looked back at what I placed until the next year. Just because I didn’t know how this photo contest went, and I wasn’t as much into photography as I am now. Last year I made it to round 12, and thought for sure I made it to best of….but I was so proud I got to round 12. This year I had hoped to make it to best of… and I know I didn’t.. but all kept saying to myself with eAch photo I have seen …. is WOW, this photo is def best of… great job! I spotted all wedding photos as soon as I saw them! Kudos to those who made it! They deserve it, and you are right, I’m so looking forward to my shoots this year, so that I can get there Next year! And if I don’t, well… this is one of the funnest, most addicting Photo Contests ever!!!

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