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As many know my Daughter Tashina did a guest blog post a little while back. And when she learned I would be taking pictures of her during her Shamrock run she asked if she could guest blog again. Well how can this Mommy say no?

But first before you read what she has to share with you all. Her Father and I have to say just how PROUD we are of her. We have watched our little beauty overcome so much this school year. We have watched her come in to her own and brave the world around her. And to see her heart and all she has learned about Operation Smile was a joy to witness. But then we hear her tell us how she wanted to run the Operation Smile Shamrock Final Mile in support of all she has learned… Our Mom and Dad hearts became overjoyed with so much pride and joy in the young lady she is growing to be. We had so many emotions the day of the race and through the race as we watched her run past us. It was something we will never forget… EVER!

And now for Tashina and her Blog she wanted to share with you all. ❤

“Hi Again,
As you may know my name is Tashina and on March 18th 2018 I got to run the Shamrock Final Mile at the ocean front for Operation Smile. Through the school year we learned a lot about Operation Smile and what they do for the children around us. It was something I was excited to learn about. And when I learned that our school had the chance to run with other schools to raise awareness for Operation Smile, it was something I wanted to do too. Each Thursday after school I would run 8 laps around my school to help prepare for the Shamrock run. The practice paid off, I was able to run the entire time.

The night before the race I was so nervous. I made sure to have a good dinner some spaghetti, salad, bread, and ice cream for dessert. I tried to keep my mind busy and relax with my family. So my Mom offered to paint my nails for St. Patrick’s Day and the Shamrock run. I picked a mint green color with gold glitter on top. After that I made sure to go right to bed.

The morning came and I found I was so nervous. I made sure to try and eat something so my Mom and Dad for me a fruit and granola parfait to help me. We made our way down to the oceanfront and it was so crowded. I didn’t think we were going to be able to find a place to park. But Dad found a place in a parking garage all the way at the top. I could see the start of the race line looking down at everyone. It was pretty cool and scary to see!

I made my way to my teammates and we got ready for the race. I was still so nervous. The race started and as I was running all I kept telling myself was. “I can do this! Don’t walk. Just keep running.” When I crossed the finish line I was so happy! They gave us a medal, bottle water, and a clover cookie. My Mom, Dad, and Brother Michael made sure to find me after the race. I could see they were so proud of me. We took some photos and I even got one with my gym teacher Ms. Hughes and all that was going on around me. I’m so happy I ran this race. I choose to do this because I wanted to get better at running. And I wanted to support Operation Smile.

After the race was all over we met my Aunt Connie for lunch to celebrate! She even got me a yummy cake!

It was such a great day! I hope I get to do this again, because it was so much fun and I want to try and beat my race time of 9 minutes next year.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time,

Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyBig Sister & Her CRAZY Little Brother Right Before We Walked Out Door.Tashena Shaw PhotographyAll Ready To Go!Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyWe Gave Hugs (and dads thumbs up, lol.)Tashena Shaw PhotographyA Mama Hug!  So Proud Of Her!  <3Tashena Shaw PhotographyWe Found A Safe Spot To Watch Her Start Her Race…Tashena Shaw PhotographyHer Brother Was So Excited Too…  Kept Asking WHEN WILL SHE RUN!  lol.Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyWhile We Waited Michael Walked Over With Daddy To See The Firetrucks.  :)Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyI Was So Scared I Missed Her Running Past Me In The Sea Of Red…  But I Spotted Her BIG Smile!  <3Tashena Shaw PhotographyMichael Waiting At The Finish Line For His Big Sister.Tashena Shaw PhotographyProud Daddy Waiting…Tashena Shaw PhotographyAbout To Cross The Finish Line…Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyLOOK AT THOSE SMILES!  Tashina & Her Teacher Ms. Hughes !!!  <3Tashena Shaw PhotographyPROUD Doesn’t Even Come Close To How We Felt About Her Race…  :)Tashena Shaw PhotographyWalking Back To The Jeep With Dad!Tashena Shaw PhotographyShe Was Smiling So Much!  We Took A Moment To Watch The Other Racers Take Their Turn.Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyStill Beaming With That Smile.  <3Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw Photography

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