Happy 6th Birthday Michael | Personal | Virginia Beach Photographer

By request of Michael we are sharing his Birthday photos a week late… He didn’t want to take photos before his Birthday. He wanted them taken on ‘his 6th day’ as he liked to say it. So of course Mama was happy to follow my little man around and capture some key moments in his day.

All Michael wanted to do for his day was go to Dave & Buster’s with his family. He wanted to have lunch and play games. And how can you tell this sweet little face NO… You just can’t!

Dada surprised Michael by coming home early from work to spend the day with us all. Celebrating his Birthday in a way ONLY Michael could imagine.

So with some gifts, cake, food, arcade games, his American Jets, and a ‘chino’ (aka Starbucks Frappuccino) this little man had the BEST DAY EVER!

All morning Michael kept saying, “This is the BEST day ever!”

There was a moment that stood out so much to me… Something I will ALWAYS remember, and I just have to share it with you all too.

(Morning Conversation With Mama After He Learned What We Were Going To Do)

Mom: Well this is a great day… But I don’t think it’s the best. I am sure there will be more.
Michael: NOPE! This is it.
Mom: What about when you learn to drive and get a fast car?
Michael: *with a very serious voice & look* Well that would be a cool day.
Mom: What about when you fall in love and get married?
Michael: *giggles*
Mom: What’s so funny?
Michael: That will be her BEST DAY EVER!

(So, Dear Future Daughter-In-Law this is what you are up against. I would apologize in advance… But as his Mom I had to giggle too. This is something I will be sure to share on his wedding day with you.)

With Michael’s Birthday falling on Spring Break week here… It was hard (unsafe) to take pictures at Dave & Buster’s as Michael was enjoying himself (the places was so busy and full of kids enjoying themselves too). But as we were leaving we noticed how the Jets here were flying so much. So we surprised Michael with a trip to a special place where Michael could watch all the Jets flying right over his head and all around him. He could watch them touch down and take off. He watched how they zoomed past him and even had serious conversations with his Daddy about the ‘American Jets’ aka F-18’s.

Let just say you would have thought the Jets were flying just for him. Or as Michael put it best, “This is the BEST DAY EVER! These Jets are flying high for me. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!”

So here are some images of Michael’s 6th Birthday that he picked himself to share with you all. ❤


Tashena Shaw Photography

When we pulled up to watch the ‘American Jets’ Dada pulled the top to the jeep off…  Letting Michael enjoy the view.  🙂

Tashena Shaw Photography

With Sissy dancing and waving to the jets…  ❤

Tashena Shaw Photography

Watching them land…

Tashena Shaw Photography

Talking to his Dada all about Jets and his Gram and how she got to be on a ship with them!

Tashena Shaw Photography

Serious conversation…

Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw Photography

One surprised us and Michael was giggling…  Don’t let this look fool you, lol.

Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw Photography

He wanted to get out and look around…

Tashena Shaw Photography

Watching the final ‘American Jet’ land…

Tashena Shaw Photography

His Birthday Frapp he requested on his way home…  ❤

He ONLY wanted a simple cake…  WITH LOTS OF FROSTING HE SAID, lol.  🙂

Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw Photography

He was giggling when we sang Happy Birthday to him…

Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw Photography

He wanted to cut his cake himself…  Of course Dada was there to help him along the way.


Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw Photography

He wanted farm toys…

And LOTS of LEGOS to build!  ❤  We sat till dinner and past bed time building together…

Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw Photography

Those little hands.  😦

He was so happy…  Lost in thought playing with his Birthday toys.  ❤

Tashena Shaw Photography

My little man!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL !!!  ❤  I hope your Birthday was as special for you as it was for us.  I thank God for you every day.  Thank you for being the free spirit you are and showing us the miracle you are everyday.  ❤


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