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Our little Tashina requested to have her pictures taken early this year for her Birthday Blog.  Right after I had finished a family session in The Pagoda Garden, it was there we decided to capture her Birthday session too.  She was so excited and full of life.  She made sure to have her favorite dress, jean jacket, and even wanted to wear some of Mama’s jewelry.  So here are some images and my thoughts of this Birthday girl.  ❤


Dearest Tashina,
You are one of the most sweetest, kindest, generous, smartest, and most brightest soul I know. I love watching the young lady you are growing to become. Your heart is always there for those around you. Always so quick to help your Brother and the children around you. It’s a beautiful thing to see the empathy you show for those you love and encounter.

You’re our everything! Your Dada and I can’t tell you just how much our heart loves you, because there are no words for that. You’re our little one, our little beauty.

I still can’t believe God entrusted us to be your parents. You are such a blessing to us!

I love seeing that you are always reaching for a new book. Your passion for reading is something we share. The way you ask me to show you a new story or a book I love because you want to read it too. I still remember us sitting in Starbucks and you were reading ‘Little Women’ and started to cry because a character you love was hurting. The way you got so upset with me for not warning you about that moment in the book was priceless. I knew it was then I would never be able to tear you away from the world of books. Just wait till you get to read ‘Fahrenheit 451’… I’m sure you will be talking (out loud) as you read along. For you are like me… And I can’t help but giggle every time you do the same as me when it comes to our love of books. ❤

Your love of fashion is still so strong. The way you love to dress up but still show your tomboy side is a treasure to be apart of. The way you fix your Brother and make sure he looks his best too, is comical to witness. Only because your Brother is the polar opposite of fashion, lol. So to see how you two bounce back and forth is something I will always giggle about.

Your Dada and I have watched your love of running become stronger over this past year… How you jumped right in and worked hard to be apart of Operation Smile and show your support for the cause. Seeing how you smile so bright as you are running is a great joy of ours to watch. So please don’t ever stop running! And when you are ready to enter your next race we will be there right beside you cheering you on. ❤

I could go on and on about all the amazing things you do and love. How you love to go fishing with Dada, how you are quick to make sure everyone around you is included, how you love having a quiet morning before school, how you love to dance and act goofy with your Brother, that your heart for your family is so big, how whenever your Dada is working on a new project you are first in line to help and learn with him, even when you have friends who aren’t quite like the others around us you show such love and empathy for them and are very quick to make sure they are loved and having a good day. Your heart and passion for the world around you shows no bonds. And Dada and I are so proud to be apart of your journey.

Please don’t grow up to fast, stay strong in who you are, keeping showing the world around you how amazing life is, and never stop being you and your passion for what you adore in this world. I can see the great many things God is pouring in to you and I can’t wait (but can) to see the amazing Woman you grow to be.

I can’t believe today you are eleven yours old.

I can’t believe you’re our baby girl.

“I feel as though someone’s handed me the moon… and I don’t exactly know what to do with it.” These words still ring true in so many parts of mine and your Dada’s life. And you my Dear Beauty are apart of the moon as well. ❤


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