Never Say NEVER!  |  Shoot & Share Contest  |  Virginia Beach Photographer

That moment you are questioning whether or not your images will EVER have a chance to go up against the BEST photographers in the world… “I can do it!  It can’t hurt!  No.  Wait.  I will just be laughed at.  Just forget it!” Those were just a few of the thought I had going throughContinue reading “Never Say NEVER!  |  Shoot & Share Contest  |  Virginia Beach Photographer”

When you lose a client because of your faith… | Personal | Photography Business | Virginia Beach

Thought this might be perfect for a Sunday evening post… As photographer we all hear those stories of our ‘ideal clients’ and our joy for working with them.  But not many people talk about the potential clients who refuse to work with you because of some strange reason.  I mean I have had my shareContinue reading “When you lose a client because of your faith… | Personal | Photography Business | Virginia Beach”

SHE IS STRONG… | Personal & Empowering | Virginia Beach

So yesterday morning I just felt this overwhelming sense of sadness.  I didn’t know what it was or where it was coming from.  I wasn’t having a bad day.  Life was good.  I was just sad.  And from that moment I started to pick at every part of my life.  My home, me, my body,Continue reading “SHE IS STRONG… | Personal & Empowering | Virginia Beach”

I Choose Happiness… | Personal | Virginia Beach

I have to admit I was not expecting any of the feedback I got from my last ‘We All Have A Past…‘ Blog post.  Between all the comments, likes, Facebook messages, emails, and text messages I received I could feel the love and support from every one of you.  Hearing from so many that shareContinue reading “I Choose Happiness… | Personal | Virginia Beach”

We All Have A Past… | Personal | Virginia Beach

Not sure where to start here.  But after some serious thought, words of wisdom from those I love, & prayer I decided after I woke up this morning I would finally address this email that is going around about me now. If you are looking for a bashing, angry filled, blasting an email response here… Continue reading “We All Have A Past… | Personal | Virginia Beach”