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Please Forgive Us… We Are Sorry!

Hello Everyone!

As you can see we have been absent these past couple of months… Please forgive us for that.

We have been hard at work capturing wedding and working with new clients. Things have been crazy busy for us as well… As you can see we have been updating our social media accounts, working on launching our new website, and even working on some side projects with local vendors in our community. So many things have been going on in our world and sadly (which we are not proud of) we have neglected our blog here. That will all be changing though! We promise to keep sharing our work, stories, and all the adventures we have been on these days.

We hope that you will join us and stop by to read our stories, share in our joys, and even see the amazing images we are blessed to capture of our Brides, clients, and everything in between.

Life can be crazy… So be sure to come and join in our crazy stories and adventures with us!

Much Love,
Tashena Shaw Photography



Holding On To Those Moments & Memories… | Mommy Confessions | Virginia Beach

The summer is coming to an end and little beauty is becoming a young lady. This evening after she spent the afternoon playing in the yard with her 4 year old brother… She made her way up the steps. Full of dirt and giggles. Full of innocence and beauty. She had made her way to her room singing to herself and cleaning her room.

In that moment of watching her I was getting her brother ready for a bath. While scrubbing him down from an afternoon full of dirty nails, sand in his hair, sweat pouring from his face… I heard my little man say, “I love my bath time with you Mama.” And of course I told him, “Well I love them too!” As I kissed his now soapy face. I finished cleaning him up and scooting him out of the bathroom so that his sister could have a bath too.

And in that moment I watched my 9 year old little beauty walk right by me. Full of a dirty face, those sweaty red cheeks, and those side walk chalk hands.

I had then turned around to see her place her towel by the tub. I had to take a second look because this time unlike all the baths before… My little beauty had made herself a bath time bucket. She had placed her pjs down and turned back to me and asked, “May I have a shower by myself?” My heart stopped and in that moment of seeing my sweet 9 year old… I saw a young lady before me. I had told her of course she could. I turned on the shower making sure to keep the water cool just in case. But I found myself sad. In this moment my little beauty was making a step forward and showing me the even bigger girl she is.

As she entered the shower I looked down to her bucket that she decorated with flower stickers. She placed a washcloth in it, her hair tie, little Shopkins body wash, lotion, and even some shampoo in it. It may have had little girl stuff in it. But it showed me nothing but the young lady she was becoming.

I share this not to cry or say why my baby! Why does she have to grow up? Why can’t she stay little forever?  But to remind us all… To remind ourselves that our children grow up in the blink of an eye.

All I can see right now is that sweet chubby, two teeth, little toddler looking up at me in her tub. And now she can almost look at me in the eyes (I’m short remember!)… For she is now becoming bigger, and soon she won’t even need me to start the shower for her.

So to all my fellow Mommies and Daddies out there… Remember to cherish those little moments. Because one day you will lose them forever.

I share this as a proud Mama! It’s simple to some, maybe even silly to others, but we all will remember that moment when they didn’t need us like they did then.

I love you my little beauty! Always and forever!


Using Your Very Own Neighborhood For A Photo Shoot  |  TIPS FOR LOCATION  |  Virginia Beach Photographer

I get asked all the time about my locations and how I pick them. I have clients who worry so much about that ‘perfect’ spot and afraid it just isn’t good enough.

Well I am here to show you with the help of my little girl just how using your very own neighborhood can make the perfect session for you.

You see after I had to take one of my families from last week (Link Here) and switch things up. We had to move her session to a location very close to home, like walking distance, due to the crazy weather… I found myself inspired to tell you our clients just how to look for the beauty around you.

So this week I grabbed my little beauty and walked around our very own home… Looking for things to use for a photo shoot.  (NOTE:  As you will see…  My little beauty wanted to wear some pink and her cowgirl boots.  So since she was Mommies helper…  I let her have at it.  My little fashionista.)

While scouting our neighborhood we found a little water way with all kinds of sunflowers growing. Here was the start to our first session. From there we found our baseball field and the fence next to it. The way the sun was shinning through was just beautiful.

With these images we want to show you that you don’t have to have perfect, big, or over done area to get the images and look you want. Just by keeping your eyes open you can find the perfect place.


Look for nature: The perfect way to make an everyday session look unique is by using the life around you.

Good light: Make sure to shoot in the early hours, or the evening hours. When the sun is high the lighting and shadows will kill your session. Casting shadows on your face that may make you look awful. As we Ladies understand lighting can be cruel and unforgiving.

The perfect light during the day: Watch your neighborhood as you drive around. Do you notice an area that gives beautiful light at a certain part of the day? Keep track of that!

The golden hour: Photographer don’t just use this phrase for the fun of it. IT HAS MEANING! The golden hour is a time of the day (evening mostly) where the sun isn’t harsh and can be forgiving to it’s subjects. The way the sun will play in images can make for priceless moments and images.

KEEP AWAY: Stay away from shooting to close to fences. UNLESS you see wildlife growing, or the golden light shining though. As you don’t want to make it look like you are shooting with your iPhone. Sometimes photographers forget that a fence unless there is texture can become very plan in an image.

Open fields: Photographers LOVE open fields! (NOTE: Please make sure you aren’t on private property) Having a good open field can allow for the feeling of love, simplicity, and the ideal look most photographers jump for.

Look for parks: Sometimes playing like a child can help bring back that child-like-love we all have for life, and loved ones. After all who doesn’t love a kiss on a swing, or the twirling around with someone you love.

Look for edgy: When you can find that abandoned home and dress up from head-to-toe… Giving your session that stylized shoot feel. Now that’s a photographers dream!

HAVE FUN: Most of all! Have fun! Don’t worry about your session being in that perfect spot, or look. If you love it… It will shine through your session and images.

AND REMEMBER: By picking your home neighborhood you are placing memories there. You are making your neighborhood more of a home. And after all that’s what these sessions are meant to capture… MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME !!!

And just think… You can always tell the story “WHEN” to those you love. And have the images to show them that story of how you met, fell in love, built a family, asked her to marry you, built your home, or just because you adored your life.

So enjoy your session!
Get creative!
Enjoy the simpleness!
Make memories to last a lifetime!



Now It’s Your Turn To Ask The Questions… | Getting To Know Your Photographer | Virginia Beach Photographer

It’s about that time again… Where the photographer shares moments, information, thoughts about herself that you all might not know.

And sadly as I sit here I can’t think of one thing that my readers, clients, and followers don’t already know about me. Maybe it’s because I am already so open with my life now.

I’m a Believer, Wife, Mom, X-Files Freak, Gilmore Girls Lover, and a Coffee JUNKIE! And within all of that there really isn’t much to me. I am a simple person who finds joy in the little things. NO JOKE! REALLY! Like the littlest of things. Like if my Hubby brings home dinner without me asking, or one my garden outside my kitchen window is blooming so big & bright, maybe my son just ran up and gave me a hug for no reason, and maybe I was lucky enough to finish a hot cup of coffee before it gets cold, because I was chasing my children around. It’s little simple things like this that make me happy.

Here I sit and try to come up with just one thing you all don’t know about me… And yet I can’t think of one.

So why don’t I change things up ??? Maybe there isn’t something you know about me ??? Maybe you have a crazy, silly, different question you too have been wondering about ???

So here is your chance!

Leave your question(s) ANY question(s) in the comments below… And I will make my next post answering them all!

Sound like fun?





ASK AWAY !!! 🙂


Finding Beauty In Sorrow… | Personal | Terry Mississippi

It’s taken me sometime to share this… As I have so many thoughts and moments of wanting to scream. But after today’s attack in Orlando… I feel that I should share this even more. As I believe LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL and should be cherished. I also believe our Lord always has a way of turning sorrow into a beautiful thing.

You see back in April my Husband received a phone call learning of a loved ones passing. As I learned and saw my Husbands reaction to this life event I made sure my Husband knew we his family were there for him. That no matter what we would be by his side. So as a family we woke up that following Saturday morning we headed for Mississippi.

We packed ourselves (Hubby, Me, 4 Year Old Son, & 9 Year Old Daughter) in our Jeep with all our supplies and made an adventure out of our trip. Making sure to smile along the way and take in the sights. And even though many might think that’s just nuts to try and make beauty out of death… We The Shaw Family see it as a wonderful thing. We don’t want our babies to fear death or life for that matter. So we made sure to embrace this chapter in our lives with an open heart.

We had finally made it to Mississippi around 2:00am Sunday morning thinking our family would be stuffed in to a small hotel room and searching for a way for our children to be children. But we were greeted with LOVE, FAMILY, AND A PLACE TO CALL A ‘HOME-AWAY-FROM-HOME!’ Learning that on our way to Mississippi that part of my Husband’s family had opened their doors for our family to be welcomed in to.

I will admit I was a little hesitant to spend time in a home and with a family I had never met or heard of for that matter. Fearing that the energy my children hold would be to much for this family we have just met. But to my surprise the moment we pulled up we were greeted with open arms and hugs being wrapped around us all. We found that in that moment we had family around us. NOT just people calling us family… But family who treated us with love who had openly called us ‘their’ family.

I found myself grateful for such warmth and love. Seeing how my children were welcomed and treated as their own. Free to smile and giggle in a time of such sorrow. As we could see our new family treated life as something to be celebrated too, such as we do.

Over the few days that we found ourselves in Mississippi Mike and I realized how much more our family had grown. That even in all the craziness and sorrow our children were walking away with more love, more Aunties and Uncles, another Nana, and so many more family member to call home.

While there I captured a few moments, I captured their land, their home, and even moments of weakness and love. We sat and listened to stories of their loved ones. Hearing the giggles from those who had lost so much but who had found peace in their memories. These are things my family will never forget or take for granted… As we understand the beauty of life.

Now I’m sure by now you are wondering why I haven’t shared names, or those who have lost the soul they loved so dearly, I am sure you question a few things along the way. But I wanted to respect these families in their moments of sorrow. And I wanted to respect their stories too.

But I also share it this way… Because in a moment of NOT knowing names and the reason for which our hearts traveled from Virginia Beach to Mississippi… It is in those moments you the reader may be able to relate more. Seeing and understanding a side of life just a little different. Because after all, we all have been there or will find ourselves there one day too. And yes some may think I am nuts for NOT sharing names but for sharing faces and images. But sometimes that is the way a story must be told.

Just know… That these souls, stories, homes, and images all have a reason for living and being loved. And Our Lord made sure to expand my children’s family.  And it is something I will be forever grateful for. And I for one can’t wait till I am blessed to be back in this Mississippi family.

And I for one can’t wait to see the adventures my children will be set on along the way with our new addition of family members.

So hold your loved ones close. And never for one moment take for granted the love you have for one another. Cherish the good with the bad and embrace it all. ❤


One must have JAVA to start a LONG trip!  I LOVE MY BARISTAS !!!  ❤


Cell phone picture of my son being silly and dancing while his sister looked on like he was nuts.  After all one must let out energy when on a road trip, lol.


The view from our families front porch in Mississippi.  ❤


My Husband with his sister Morgan.



“Going through images I took while in Mississippi a few weeks back… And I found these images I captured of my son being silly at the funeral (the reason for our trip there) that Sunday. I remember asking Michael to quiet down because he was to loud. I wasn’t sure how the other family members would react. And I didn’t want to be disrespectful. And as I was asking him to calm down my son stopped and said, “It’s okay Mama. They wants us to smile and dance.” I happen to giggle a little and asked him who he was talking about. Quick as anything my son says, “Them! They are happy we are here. They were sad Mama. Now they are happy.” I had no clue what my son was talking about. And I’m NOT one to say he was speaking about the dead, or just those around us. But as I was looking though these images today… My son saw me and started to talk about Mississippi and the big house we stayed in. And went on to tell me how ‘those people’ at the graveyard were dancing too. How the little baby was happy and dancing too.

You see the thing is… There was NO BABY there. There was no other children but my two. I guess my son saw more then we could… And he was celebrating life!

I share this because I found it sweet that in a moment of such sadness and grief my son saw life, celebration, and wanted to be happy. I knew he understood people were sad, maybe he didn’t fully understand why, but I have to agree… Life should be celebrated. No matter the reasons we gather in groups… Whether for parties, birth, family, or even death. LIFE SHOULD BE CELEBRATED!”


My son wanted every grace to have something.  So he was on a mission to place a flower, pine cone, or something with every soul that was placed there.  😦


My Daughter lost in thought.  She was full of emotions.


Our families beautiful home.


Moments of being a child.


Being silly with his Dada…


Our family laughing together and telling stories.


I had caught my little beauty dancing in the light.  She is so sweet!  ❤


Finding comfort in the simple things.  ❤


My kids loved the pig on the diving board, lol.


We found our family staying an extra day due to the storm that had rolled on in.  Our new family wanted us to be safe and asked us to stay until the storm had passed.  Allowing our family to grow more in love and sharing of stories together.


iPhone picture…  Of my Hubby and our son playing legos we had picked up during the day.  After all an extra day with family calls for a day of shopping and exploring the area.  ❤


My babies passed out cold!  lol.


Not happy to be leaving our family…  But thankful for the memories!  ❤


Oh yes, coffee and Mommy gummies for the long ride home, lol.


Heading back to Virginia Beach…  We made the best of a sad moment.  😦  ❤

Those Behind The Scenes Images… And The Image They Made | Photographer At Work | Personal | Virginia Beach Photographer

I get asked all the time… “Did you really take that picture?” And my all time FAVORITE question… “Can that ‘little’ camera REALLY do the job?”

Oh, the money I would make if I got paid every time someone asked those question and so many other silly ones. I admit I laugh to myself. Because as the photographer I understand that the Artist behind the lens is the one who create that image, NOT the camera. (Although yes, the camera and photographer are one. But the camera is a tool more then the creator of the image.) The photographer must understand their settings, environment, and the client/model they are working with to be able to get the image they want. I for one have worked hard for years to get my work at the skill and style I love.

HERE IS A SECRET ABOUT (me) YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER: I have a VERY hard time learning. Sometimes I have to study something for a REALLY long time before it will stick with me. And even then my Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia cause me to have to work harder at it, and moments of doing something for hours before it sticks with me forever.

I share that secret because I can’t tell you how many times I have been told growing up… “You wont have a good job. You will work fast food for a living. You won’t amount to much in this life.”

Well… It was those comments from teachers as well as kids that would PUSHED me to become more. I admit this started as a hobby. Helping friends and loving my camera. But that love became a passion… And that passion became my life!

So after years of capturing images, people, clients, Brides, and Models… I found that over those years people would take a picture of me working. And when I would be sent the image, or find it online, I would then giggle. Because I saw how silly I looked or even would remember the moment I took that image.

I share these behind the scenes images with you as well as the final product… NOT to say ‘This is what I do’ but to show my potential future clients/models and those who I have already been blessed to capture… Just what I love to do. And why I LOVE it so much.

I share these to show those young souls that if you work HARD at what you love & push past the negativity you too can have a job and life you love!

Those days, nights, crazy weather, hard clients, crazy models, best friends, Brides, and everyone before and to the future… Have made me LOVE photography even more.

So when I am working and my Hubby shows me a picture when I get home, or a client send me an image, or even the Mom of the model messages me with images of me working… I giggle and smile. Because I love what I do and why I do it.

Here are some images of me working… And then the final product.

I hope you enjoy !!!






































THIS SUMMER WE ARE SPOTLIGHTING HAMPTON ROADS VIRGINIA  |  Local Vendors  |  Virginia Beach Photographer

Tashena Shaw Photography is looking to spotlight some local Hampton Roads vendors for our Brides and those clients who are searching for special things for their events. If you (or someone you know) are building their business and would love to reach more clientele in the area… WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU !!!

If you are a vendor in our area we would love to spotlight you and continue to keep on our Blog and social media sites… Here is what we will need for you to do!

Please email or message us on Facebook at Tashena Shaw Photography so we can chat!


  • Your Name
  • Name Of Business
  • Type Of Business You Specialize In
  • Links To Your Work (Example: Blog, Website, Facebook, Instagram)
  • And Why You Would Like To Be Spotlighted By Us

Once we have looked over everything we will need to set up a date to chat…  So that we can do a Q+A with you for our Blog. From there we will take a few head-shots to show you off on our Blog.  That way we can better tell everyone about you and your business!


  • Make Up Artist
  • Hairstylist
  • Florist
  • Cake Decorators
  • Bridal Shops
  • Wedding Coordinators
  • Event Coordinators
  • Rental Vendors
  • Fashion Stylist
  • And Many More

So if you are a vendor looking to join in our spotlight Blog please email or message us on Facebook.

We look forward to hearing from you!

EMAIL  |  TashenaShawPhotography@yahoo.com

FACEBOOK  |  Tashena Shaw Photography