A Fly In Homecoming! | The Truman | Jolly Rogers | Virginia Beach

She was so beautiful! Dressed all in white, her hair perfectly long, make up all in place, and her son beside her dressed in white too. From just looking at her you could see the wonderful military wife. The perfectly composed beauty holding on to her son waiting for their other half to land soContinue reading “A Fly In Homecoming! | The Truman | Jolly Rogers | Virginia Beach”

The Marshall Homecoming | USS Harry S. Truman | Virginia Beach Photographer

Let’s tell the truth… Most of us have no clue what it is like to be away from our families for such a long time. Most of us don’t know what it is like to serve our country and have to leave our loved ones behind for so long. Most of us will never understandContinue reading “The Marshall Homecoming | USS Harry S. Truman | Virginia Beach Photographer”

David + Sara | Military Homecoming | Virginia

Yesterday morning was full of clouds and rain… A day that was to be filled with sunshine, giggles, and smiling families waiting for their loved ones return. But, the weather had other plans for these families. Instead it was full of rain drops, splashing in puddles, and a smiling little one cheering for her Daddy.Continue reading “David + Sara | Military Homecoming | Virginia”

Noah + Taylor | Military Homecoming | Virginia

I will just have to start this blog out with the truth… I wish MORE Americans would go to a military homecoming! You know why? Because you will NEVER understand the true sacrifices our Men and Women give up to keep us all safe. You can never truly understand what a family goes through untilContinue reading “Noah + Taylor | Military Homecoming | Virginia”