ViBe Creative District | Virginia Beach | Family Photographer

Give me this sweet family any time you can! I have watched this family grow and grow and they never fail with how amazing they are. Between the children’s laughter, to the Mom and Dad and all their snuggles… I just love this family and how they are always up for a new session andContinue reading “ViBe Creative District | Virginia Beach | Family Photographer”

Family Portraits | Sandbridge Beach | Virginia Beach Photographer

Right before summer came rushing in this family meet me for a beautiful and fun family session on the beach. Thankfully we had moved up the time… Because later that evening we got hit with the biggest thunderstorm. This family was so cute and each full of fun moments. I have to say large familyContinue reading “Family Portraits | Sandbridge Beach | Virginia Beach Photographer”

Breastfeeding Mini Session | Sandbridge Beach | Virginia Beach Photographer

I am so excited to finally share this mini breastfeeding session with you all. One of the greatest gifts of being a Mom is being able to nourish our babies. And the funniest part is when our babies show their funny side while nursing. As any breastfeeding Mama knows… The journey of Motherhood is breathtaking.Continue reading “Breastfeeding Mini Session | Sandbridge Beach | Virginia Beach Photographer”

Fun Family Session | Sandbridge Beach | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

The best part of this session was watching how Mom and Dad stood their so proudly watching their children, grandchildren, and loved ones all act so silly. It was the perfect beautiful sign of a family unit like no other. I loved watching them laugh. I loved watching the kids run around. But most ofContinue reading “Fun Family Session | Sandbridge Beach | Virginia Beach Family Photographer”

Tori Bairey | Virginia Real Estate Agent | Virginia Photographer

When your best friend ask you to do her Real Estate Marketing photos and headshots… Of course you have to say YES! We had so much fun walking around and capturing so many unique photos just for her. I am so proud of the hard work Tori has put into becoming a real estate agent!Continue reading “Tori Bairey | Virginia Real Estate Agent | Virginia Photographer”

Breastfeeding Mini Session | Pleasure House Point | Virginia Beach Photographer

I just love sessions like these. The power of being a woman to a woman who nourishes her child(ren) is so beautiful and amazing! During this session a storm started to roll in and it made for some wonderful images. Showing the power or Mother Nature as well as the power of Moms around theContinue reading “Breastfeeding Mini Session | Pleasure House Point | Virginia Beach Photographer”

Maternity Mini Session | Sandbridge | Virginia Beach Photographer

“Whether your pregnancy was meticulously planned, medically coaxed, or happened by surprise, one thing is certain – your life will never be the same.” – Catherine Jones This is so true! And with this Mama she got to have some maternity pictures to help document this part of her journey. And what a stunning MamaContinue reading “Maternity Mini Session | Sandbridge | Virginia Beach Photographer”

Family Beach Adventures | Sandbridge | Virginia Beach Photographer

Now this was the perfect family beach session.  I loved watching how this Mom and Dad allowed their little girl to explore and enjoy the beach while having their family photos done. You could just see the free spirit this little souls has. And what was even sweeter was how they would chase and playContinue reading “Family Beach Adventures | Sandbridge | Virginia Beach Photographer”

Family Beach Portraits | Sandbridge Beach Vacation | Virginia Beach Photographer

Oh, these two families were such a treasure to work with! One of the greatest things about living in Virginia Beach is all the cool families you get to meet who travel here. And these two families did not disappoint! They were fun, wonderful, sweet, and a pleasure to capture. I love that they eachContinue reading “Family Beach Portraits | Sandbridge Beach Vacation | Virginia Beach Photographer”

Engagement Portraits | Lynnhaven Fishing Pier | Virginia Beach Photographer

I just had so much fun with these two love birds… They did not fail when it came to their engagement session. All the laughter and fun was so magical. You could just see they love they have for one another and it was such a pleasure to work with this adorable couple. I can’tContinue reading “Engagement Portraits | Lynnhaven Fishing Pier | Virginia Beach Photographer”