Meet Tashena

Hello! Here are just a few things about me and who I am as a photographer.

  • A Believer
  • A Wife
  • A Mom
  • A Fur Mom
  • A Photographer


  • I survive everyday with Jesus by my side and a BIG CUP OF JAVA in my hands!
  • I am a book junkie my latest read is ‘American Assassin’ by Vince Flynn
  • Give me fresh cut flowers in my home any day of the week! Give me Gardenias and you have my heart forever! ❤
  • I have this very weird obsession with The X-Files… And I don’t apologize for it, lol.
  • Give me The Gilmore Girls and a rainy day and you will find me snuggled up on the couch
  • My clients say I am a quiet and sweet soul till you put a camera in my hands and then the little wild one comes to life… I think that about sums up me as a photographer, lol.
  • As a photographer there are moments in my family sessions and Bridal portraits that you will watch me step back from you… Many wonder why I do this. And the reason is simple. That moment I start to watch a family unfold naturally around one another… The moment I see my Bride and Groom melt more in to each other is when I see the beauty and capture those sweet moments my clients always cherish. It’s one of the greatest parts of my job. It’s when I get to see my clients show raw, and untapped beauty within their circle. ❤
  • I could go on and on about why I love photography… But I will allow this Blog and my personal Blog to do that for you.
  • I hope you continue to follow my work and even better I hope I have the pleasure of working with you too one day. ❤



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