The Hughs Family Session | Bayville Farms Park | Falls Sessions

Oh how I love when my families return for more moments together… Each so unique and full of character. And my sweet family here made sure to bring the laughter with them… Showing us all just how amazing The Hughs family is. πŸ™‚

The whole session was full of laughter between Father and Son. Each taking their turn to make their Queen of their home laugh and smile at every turn. Whether that be tossing acorns her way, photo-bombing her images, or just by making silly faces.

I can’t help but laugh as I write about their story. I can just see that day and watch how this Queen would laugh and tease them back. A family full of love and adventure. Each showing their own side and personality. And of course in the end they were full of hugs and kisses. Knowing that they would have to make sure their Queen was safe and loved.

I know many families who joke about their uniqueness and beauty… But The Hughs family will ALWAYS stand out as one of the most lovable, sweet, and carefree session to date.

It’s families such as this one that make me enjoy capturing stories and moments I know my families will forever treasure. A blessing the Tashena Shaw Photography Family will forever be grateful for. ❀


When Your Hubby Offers To Be A Model… | Black And White Images | Virginia Beach

Last year I was looking for a male model to help me with a photo shoot idea.Β  I ONLY wanted to capture these images in black and white.Β  I wanted to challenge myself in another way with my photography.Β  So when I was talking to my Husband about my ideas and the style model I was looking for.Β  He jokingly said,Β  “Hey!Β  I will model for you.”Β  Well I guess he wasn’t expecting his Wife to say,Β  “Well I don’t need to find a model now.Β  I’ve got you!”

Thankfully during this session I had a handsome model to work with!Β  He was perfect and took direction very well.Β  Also helped that I have a huge crush on him…Β  So capturing him was a simple task.Β  πŸ˜‰

I wanted this session to be relaxed, natural, captured in black and white only, and in a way to be serious.Β  No smiles, looking at the camera, or in any way showing his true personality.Β  Because anyone who knows my Husband Mike…Β  KNOWS he gives thumbs up when pictures are being taken, smirks all the time, and can’t be serious for to long.Β  He is the light of the party and isΒ always trying to make me smile.Β  ❀

After the session was over and I started to cull throughΒ our images…Β  And at that time I found myself proud!Β  I was proud that I was able to complete this goal of ONLY capturing in black and white.Β  I was proud of my amazing Husband for putting up with me while I captured another side of him.Β  I was proud at the fact that seeing my Husband in another light was something to be proud of in itself.

Now looking back at these images…Β  It makes me want to shoot again with him.Β  Makes me want to create another concept and shoot away.

So dear Husband of mine…Β  If you are reading this…Β  Looks like we will need to work together again…Β  And soon!Β  πŸ˜‰


IMG_5344-001 IMG_5390-003 IMG_5453-003 IMG_5606-003 IMG_5755-002 IMG_5792-003