The Doyle Family | Fall Session | Bayville Farms Park | Virginia Beach

A beautiful fall day full of love and little giggles. The Doyle family was a treasure to capture… At every turn they showed us just how a family is full of life and adventures. With their family getting ready to welcome another bundle of joy, and their sweet little beauty full of life, you can see the amazing memories they are about to make in the months to come.

Oh how I can’t wait till their ‘Lifestyle’ session when their newest addition comes along. These little ones will surely fill more of their parents hearts and lives with such beauty.


The Kithcart Family | Beach Session | Virginia Beach

We all have those clients we just fall in love with. Those clients who are so faithful to us and return each year for their family session. But then there are those clients that return and you feel as though you have known them forever. You can laugh, play, and help capture moments you know can’t ever be replaced. And with the Kithcart family it was just that.

Capturing this family is one of my favorite things to do. Their beauty of a daughter Addi is ALWAYS up for cute poses, the sweetest giggles, and always a helper when posing her Mom and Dad. The funniest thing with Addi is listening to her tell her Dad, “Don’t you smile like that! That’s not a smile.” You can’t help but laugh with Addi as you listen to her help her Mom and Dad capture images they will love.

But like all children the moment Mom and Dad share a small kiss… Addi is the first to scream gross. But then fixes that gross with, “Okay, that’s cute.” Addi is always so fun to work with, she never holds back her thoughts, and ia such a joy to capture.

The thing I think I hold dear the most is when I see Kim and Mike look at each other. We all catch those moments between couples that we just love to see. But the look between Kim and Mike is something you can’t describe or even duplicate if you tried.

I’m so blessed to have met and watched this family grow. They are ones I will always cherish as a photographer and will always and forever be grateful for.

I can’t wait till our next session. I can’t wait to see how Addi grows in front of the camera. How their love as a family grows even more. Or just watching how Kim and Mike show what a love is truly like to capture.

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I’m A Traveling Wedding Photographer? | Dreams & Fears | Virginia Beach (Destination) Photographer

So I am sitting here with my cup of coffee this morning listening to my children run amok, their breakfast half eaten still sitting on the table, the TV on Girl Meets World LOUD as anything (can’t find the remote & honestly to lazy to search for it), and I should be cleaning right now but lets face it… NO ONE LIKES CLEANING! And now I am hearing my son scream at his sister, “You don’t like me? That fine. I go tell Ma!” Oh the joys of Mommy-Hood, lol.

Well as I sit here listening to the everyday sounds of life… I am trying to finalize things for next week. If you didn’t know yet I will be traveling to my first destination wedding… In Iowa. *insert screaming with joy*

I’m not going to lie. I am full of mixed emotions these days…  I’m scared, nervous, excited, fearing the unknown, overwhelmed, and every other emotions there is. But the truth is I wouldn’t have it any other way !!! This is my first time traveling so far away to capture someones memories they will cherish for life. This is something I have been dreaming of. And next week I take my first steps in to the world of destination weddings. But then when I return I get to travel again to The Outer Banks of North Carolina to capture another wedding. OH MY DREAMS ARE GROWING! Excited to see what our Lord has in store for me. Trying to have faith and keep calm. But lets face it… That’s very hard to do right now, lol.

So now as I sit here finalizing the rest of this months shoots before I leave… And making list of things to get done. I can’t help but smile and enjoy these moments.

My children are excited for me as well. And although I will be gone for a week and they will be left with a friend. I find myself excited for them as well. After all they will have a break from their Mommy and be able to have an adventure with a young lady who they love dearly already. Such a blessing God has supplied us with. A young soul who is going to be with our babies day and night, ups and downs, meal times, and bed times. And I feel as though I am leaving them with a version of myself. I see such love and strength in this young lady. I pray their adventure that week is one to cherish as well.

And with that said I now must finish up some things, clean house, do laundry, and make sure to snuggle with my babies as much as I can before I have to leave for a few days. ❤

This is the VERY FIRST time I have ever had to leave them this long or in another’s care. Please pray for us all. I don’t know the emotions I will have so far away from them.  And although I pray they don’t miss me as much as I will miss them…  I pray most of all they have a blast while I am gone.


Love On The Beach | Angel + Fei | Couples Modeling | Virginia Beach Ocean Front

That moment you meet a couple and you just know the images you are about to capture are going to be one of a kind. These two love birds braved this windy, cold, day at the beach like no other.

As a photographer we LOVE when our couples and models will happily jump in the water and splash around. We love watching how we (The Photographer) barely have to say a word or instruct a couple in any way… Because their love for one another doesn’t stop them from snuggling up and being captured in a way you just can’t pose a couple.

If you know Angel and Fei you KNOW for a fact these two have a way of being with one another that just shows what true love is. Between their quick come back comments with one another, their giggles when they think no one is listening, to the moment the embrace… It’s a masterpiece like no other. I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for these two. Lord knows Angel and Fei have so much to share with us all.

Thank you so much Angela and Fei for braving this crazy day at the beach and helping capture moments I couldn’t with any other models.

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Erin + Nick | Session In The Rain | Virginia Beach Ocean Front

We waited all month for this session.  The day came…  And we woke up to a day full of thunderstorms.  (And although if you ask anyone I know…  I’m a HUGE fan of thunderstorms!)  But that day I was so upset.  I was looking forward to seeing and working with Erin again.  But I knew I would have to put this session on hold for the safety of my clients.  After all no one is going to want to dodge lightning bolts while smiling in the rain,  lol.  But then as the time got closer to capture these two…  We saw that our summer thunderstorm turned into just a rainy day only.

So after a few message back and forth and realizing these two love birds wouldn’t let a little rainy day get in the way.  When these two were willing to brave the rain to go out and capture some images with me…  Well those are some AWESOME clients.  I was so excited to see that Erin and Nick were more than happy to meet me in Virginia Beach just to go play in the rain together.

It was a short session…  Maybe 20 minutes.  And you can’t really tell by most of these images that Erin and Nick were being poured on.  Yet these two kept the smilies and giggles coming.  They made a gloomy session turn in to a bright mini-session full of rainbows and butterflies.

I hope that I am blessed to work with Erin and Nick again in the future!  If you are reading this Erin & Nick…  I can’t thank you two enough for coming out and sharing your smiles in the rain with me.  🙂

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Making Sure To Teach In The Little Moments | Personal Mommy Thoughts | God’s Time | Virginia Beach

Today was such a beautiful day!  I decided to take my daughter for a walk.  We love our walks together.  Doesn’t matter where we choose to go.  We love to explore and see what is around us.  We use that time to talk about whatever is on our minds.  And today as we were walking to 711 for a slurpee we looked up and saw the sun hidden behind the clouds.  But not just any clouds…  These clouds were in the shape of a heart.  We thought it was so perfect.  My daughter stopped to look at it and told me,  “Look Mama!  A heart.  Doesn’t God paint pretty pictures?”  And as I was looking too…  I saw a beautiful picture.

We kept walking and talking about her week, about her summer camp she starts tomorrow, and all she is hoping to take from it.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to know my little beauty can be so open with me.  I’ve always (and still teach) my children that we have no secrets in our home, no secrets with Mommy and Daddy, that we can share and speak how we feel openly without fear of getting in trouble.  As long as we speak with respect for each other.  Mike and I agree that when we stop our children from sharing their thoughts and views…  We are then teaching them to hide all the feeling they have.  And that’s just not a healthy way of growing up.  So I enjoy these moments and walks I get to share with my Daughter.

On our way back from 711 we stopped by a little lake that had wildflowers growing everywhere.  We decided to pick some to take home.  But as we were looking at them I felt God was wanting me to use that time to teach my Daughter something close to my heart.

As we were picking the flowers I heard my Daughter say,  “I wonder who put these here?  They weren’t here all the years before.  Someone must have taken time to help them grow.”

I reminded her that when we are at home and planting our flowers we can’t just plant them and walk away.  We have to return to our garden and pull the weeds, pick the dead tops of the flowers, and make sure every flower and plant is growing with love.  Because if we are to just walk away and never return, the weeds would take over and destroy the beautiful garden we worked so hard for.

My Daughter then started to ask me…  “Well why can you just leave these flowers?  They do fine on their own.”

And I don’t know what it was…  But I know God was reminding me of something I was told years ago.  So I shared it with my little beauty.

I told her how anyone can plant seeds and walk away.  That there are flowers that will grow and change.  Then there are flowers that need more love and attention then others to continue to grow.  Just as we can try our hardest to walk the right path, learn to do good, but with out God we will be taken over by the weeds and bad things in life.  Any one can plant seeds.  But it is God who adds the water from the sky, sunshine from the heavens, and allows those wildflowers to flourish in the wold.  Just as we have to take care of our flowers…  God takes care of us.  That nothing can grow and thrive in this world with out God’s hand in it all.

For a moment as we were talking I thought I might have over spoken.  That maybe she was just picking away at the flowers.

But then she stopped and looked my way.

She started to tell me,  “Well Mama.  I know God planted seeds in our family.  So lets leave some flowers for others to see Gods beauty too.”

I agreed and we started to walk back home together.  Enjoying our slurppees and talking about life.

On our way back home we passed an older gentleman and what looked to be his grandson.  My Daughter without a care in the world stops to say hello to this man.  She looked him right in the eyes and said,  “Hello Sir.  How are you?”  This older gentleman giggled and obliged her with his hello and how he was doing.  He told her she had beautiful flowers.  And that God has beauty all around us.  He then looked at me and praised me for raising such a well-mannered and bright child.

I found it funny that while we were picking flowers I was teaching my Daughter how God has a hand in everything…  And then to hear this gentleman say the same thing as I was to her.  It was refreshing!  It was a blessing to see my daughter light up while speaking to this man and his son.

We as parents forget that in every day there is moment we can teach our children morals, stories, life lessons, and even how God has control in all corners of our lives.  And after today…  I belive that was God showing me just another side of how he weaves his children in and out of the world and connect us all together.

I’m grateful for my walk with my little beauty.  She shows me each and every day just how amazing life is, how much beauty there still is in this world, and just how much our Lord is lighting the spark in her heart.  Showing me that he has the final say and teachings of his children.

Some iPhone Pictures From Today.

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A Personal Message From Your Photographer | From The Heart | When you feel your not your best | Virginia Beach

Well, I will admit it…  Yesterday was not one of my greatest days as a photographer.  Yesterday I took time to edit, message, and reply back to past clients.  I was on a roll!  I was even able to schedule later blog posts for the future event I have already done.  I was replying back to potential Brides.  I was feeling wonderful about the flow of my work, while still being that stay at home Mommy for my family.  Taking time to stop and play with my son, have lunch on the floor together with toys all around us, taking time to read and give him the proper attention he deserves.

But then…  I get a message that hit like a sword to the chest.  And all though no one needs to know the details.  Just know that this has always been a fear of mine.  A fear that all the hard work, love, and time I placed in to these images fell apart around me.  And all though I knew I was safe,  I knew my contract that was signed showed I had all the right and reasons for publishing my images I worked so hard for.  Yet I still felt hurt, wronged, and belittled in so many ways after reading those messages.

You see…  Any one who knows me KNOWS…  I am a people pleaser.  I try my hardest to make those around me happy, I want them to feel safe, and loved.  And when I couldn’t do this for this one person…  I felt little.  It’s the only word I know to use right now.  I felt so little like I wasn’t strong enough to help or fix something.

At that moment I knew I had to take a step back.  I had to allow what feeling I was having to be there yet NOT take control over my mouth and hands to a key board.  I knew that the burning feeling I was having, the fear coming to life, and the hurt from what I was reading was something I had no control over.

So I stepped away.  I took deep breaths.  I prayed.  And prayed.  I prayed.  And I prayed.  I asked our Lord to help me.  To hold my tongue.  To make sure my fingers don’t pound away at a key board with words I would NOT be able to take back.  I begged God to let this be some bad joke.  I begged God to show me how to make the best of this.  I begged God to help pull me through this rough moment and time.  I prayed that God would touch this clients heart and allow this client to help me understand better what was so wrong.

But when I returned to reply to these messages…  there was nothing to be done.  There was no way to help or fix what was done.  No apology would help this person’s heart.

I had to accept the fact that was it.

And again I took a step back.

I asked myself…  Did you do everything you could?  Did you put your all in to your work?  Did you show love?  Did you approach with a soft heart and gods love?  Did you deliver all that was asked of you and more?  Did you treat this person the same as all your clients before?  Did you deliver work you are proud of?  Did you try your best 10 times over?

And without a shadow of a doubt I know in my heart I did EVERYTHING right !!!  I know if I did it all over again…  I would have captured, edited, deliver, blogged, posted, shared, and bragged about my amazing clients all in the same manner as I did the first time around.

You see…  Even now after removing images,  after trying to help understand and fix problems…  I’m not mad.  Yes I am upset.  Yes I am sad.  Yes I just wish I could help fix whatever it is I can’t read or understand in this clients heart.  But at the end of the day…  there was nothing I could do.


Well…  First of all…  I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t honest.  I am sharing this to show that we all go through moments we have no control over.  No matter the photographer or the clients we can NOT control everything.  I am allowing future clients to read this to show that yes…  I can’t make everyone happy.  BUT, I know in my heart I gave my all.  I show my work with pride.  I want my ideal client to appreciate that and love that side of me.  I want my future (even past) clients to see that we all have hard time.  But with strength, prayer, and hard work you can over come anything in life.  Even a sad moment in your business.  Yes,  I may lose potential clients!  But you know what ???  That’s okay!  Because I know that the clients I have or will have in the future will appreciate my openness and that side of me.  They will love my work and know my  heart is in every piece of work I capture, edit, blog, share, and work so hard for.  And if from this moment on I do not receive any more clients…  THAT’S OKAY!  Silly to say I know.  Maybe even stupid to some.  But you know what?  I’m being honest.  I know my Lord has the best for me.  He is using this as a light in me heart.  As a way to make me better, stronger, and more closer to him in all areas of my life.

I will NEVER apologize for asking for help, prayers, words of wisdom.  To me this is NOT a weakness.  This is in fact a strength and power God has given us all.  To know that no matter our paths.  Our fears.  Our goals in life.  That no matter what comes along…  We are to count on him FIRST AND ALWAYS!  We can’t ever do anything in life without him.  And if I was to not fully have a thrilled client in the end…  That’s okay.  Because I know I gave my all!  And at the end of the day I gave it all to our Lord.

My photography is my passion.  But it is NOT my life.  It is NOT my all.  My Lord.  My family.  My husband. My children.  And most of all my faith in my Lord is all that matter in the world.  Everything else is a plus….  And nothing more.

So yes…  I choose to be honest and share a rough moment in my business…  but in hopes to help and teach others…  We are not made or defined by our passions in life.  But are made and defined by our love and PASSION in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!