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Styled Wedding Shoot | The Water Table | Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer

I am so thrilled to finally share this shoot with you all !!! Keeping this one a secret has been so hard for me! Only being able to share a sneak peek here and there was challenging. As all my clients know I LOVE sharing my work and styled shoots with everyone.

I got to team up with some unique and creative vendors in the Hampton Roads area for this shoot. Each of them bringing so much beauty, brightness, color, and uniqueness to their work. Helping each of us come together to create a masterpiece unlike any other. This is certainly something I am very proud to have been apart of.

When I asked Misty to help me with a styled shoot she was very quick to make sure it was everything I wanted and was eager to help me put it all together. Misty has such a way with pulling together someone’s thoughts and visions just back asking certain questions… And the outcome as you can see if one like no other! Thank you Misty for showing me just how fun these shoots can be and for helping me pull my vision to life. I am so grateful for you! ❤

Each vendor involved was hand picked and each brought their own style to the table. Such a dream it became! And now I won’t make you all wait any longer… HERE IS OUR STYLED SHOOT AT THE VIRGINIA BEACH WATER TABLE! ❤

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Photography by: Tashena Shaw Photography
Coordination & styling by: Misty Saves the Day
Venue at: The Water Table
Backdrop by: Katherine Hallberg Design
Rentals by: Distinctive Event Rentals
Cake by: Rachel Henson of Rachel Bakes
Calligraphy by: Allocco Design and Crafts
Florals: Kathy Blevins Forrest of Kathy Forrest Design
Hair by: Beach Bridal Artistry
Makeup by: About Face MakeUp Artistry & Aesthetics
Gown by: House of Maya
Style Gown: Essense of Australia
Jewelry by: Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge
Models: Shelley Swain Berry & Todd Berry
Special thanks to Dove and Daisy Spa for coming out for our hair and makeup studio!



Crystin + Dustin’s Wedding | Yorktown Freight Shed | Yorktown Virginia

When you learn your Bride and Groom have been through more then most couples go through in a life time together. About a month prier to to Crystin & Dustin’s wedding day I had learned that Dustin had went in to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and they had feared the worst. Not knowing if they would even have the chance to say ‘I Do’ to one another.

But our Lord had pulled them both through this time in their life. Pulling their families tighter together and making sure they found safety and love in those around them.

Thankfully Dustin made a full recover! The day had come for Crystin & Dustin to say ‘I Do’ with all those they love and cherish were right there with them.

Their day was one of the HOTTEST day of the summer. And these two love birds couldn’t have cared less… They took each moment as it came, smiling , and joking at every turn.

I think what I loved the most about these two love birds wedding was the fact they embraced everything that cam their way with smiles. Making sure to step inside every few minutes to refresh and part with those they loved… Then stepping back in to the heat to capture more family, love, and moments together.

Most Brides would refuse to step out in to the heat… But Crystin made sure she embraced it and had the most fun with it all. It was such a pleasure to watch Crystin & Dustin on their special day. Each moment you thought they might scream Dustin would pull Crystin in to him and whisper in her ear… Lord only knows what he said each time… But it was sure to make Crystin giggle and relax with her love by her side.

They were quick to show us all what life is truly all about… How you should cherish each moment and giggle through they rest.

Life, Love, And Laughter was felt the whole day between them both. And they couldn’t have chosen a better venue, day, or the friends and family to have at their side. ❤


We wish you both nothing but all the love in the world and a happily ever after from here to come. ❤





DEAR BRIDES:  That Perfect Photographer For Those Priceless Images?  |  Sharing My Wedding Moments With You  |  Virginia Beach Photographer

After working with so many Brides and sharing my stories with them of why I love what I do, why I capture the images I choose to, and why I know these images mean so much to us. I thought I would pull some of those images in to this Blog so that you may better understand the reasons for choosing the perfect wedding photographer for you and your special day.

You see… Over the years I have received so MANY messages about Brides looking for a good deal, Brides not wanting to spend much, Brides only looking for so many hours of coverage, and I could go on and on. But when I sit with my Brides and explain the reasons for why I LOVE capturing weddings. And why I LOVE capturing moments that my Brides will cherish. Once I explain to them of the one wedding photo I own and how my heart melts every time I see it… Because in that moment of getting ready myself I had missed it. And how I was so thankful my wedding photographer Sarah did NOT miss it. So it’s one of the many images I cherish to this day.

I think in the moments of getting our wedding days together we forget the reasons we hire someone to document our day. We forget the meaning those images will hold for us.

I can’t tell you how many Brides say they don’t need my services and then return after there wedding is over to me and mention how upset they are that they missed something, they wish they hired someone better, or how they just wish they would have taken these images more to heart. Because now it’s to late to return those moments to images. It’s to late to re-document those moments. Because they are now lost forever.

And I know we all can’t afford the best photographers in the world. THIS IS NOT THE REASON FOR ME SHARING THIS! I AM NOT TELLING YOU THAT YOU CAN’T HAVE IMAGES LIKE THIS UNLESS YOU HIRE ‘BIG TIME’ PHOTOGRAPHER. I am simply expressing my reasons for choosing who I did and why I cherish my wedding images so much. So that maybe if you are a Bride thinking ‘wedding images’ aren’t on your list of things to have… Just maybe you will understand the GREATNESS for having these images captured and documented as I was blessed to do. ❤

Here you will find some wedding images I cherish and the reasons for which I do.


1Any Mommy can understand this one…  Watching as 2 of your best friends get your little girl ready for our BIG day.  Because after all it was her day too.  Her Mommy & Daddy were going to make her family complete.  She even picked out her very own white dress and silver shoes.

2THIS WAS THE MAIN IMAGE THAT I CHERISH TO THIS DAY:  I never got to see these moments right here.  I was making sure the flowers were ready and getting myself ready as well.  And my 2 best friends took great care of my little beauty.  I LOVED seeing this one where she was having her hair fixed while putting on her fancy shoes.  ❤


4This look of my little beauty…  Taking it all in.  And getting all dressed up like a princess.  ❤

5I LOVE THIS PERFUME!  Smells of Gardenias…  My favorite flower and what I always wanted to wear in my hair on my wedding day.

6She asked our photographer so beautifully to take a picture of her fancy shoes with her Mommy.  ❤

7She even asked if we could have picture taken while we waited…  ❤

8My Mama and little sister helping me get ready.  ❤

9I HATE taking pictures.  Anyone who knows me knows this VERY much.  But Sarah made sure I felt at ease and captured images I still love to this day.

10My Mom and Sister!  ❤

11My beautiful Mum-In-Law!  ❤


Sarah captured my Hubby in this moment as we were getting ready to walk in.  🙂

13I love this image my Father giving me away…  As everyone I love is in this image.  I was starting to cry…  And my Hubby gave me that look like “Please don’t.  I’m going to cry too.” And we all knew we both would have balled our eyes out….  So we all started laughing.  It was a moment to cherish.

14Praying with my love….  ❤

15A kiss, my ring, and the gardenia flower not only in my hair but in my bouquet!  ❤

16Our little beauty running up to us while we were taking out photos after we said our vows.  She was so excited and over joyed.  That Mike and I picked her up to hug her.  But like a little one she jumped down to run and play.  And Sarah captured that for us.

17Sarah had to stop taking pictures because a few moments later our little bumped her head.  (in the colored photo you can see a red mark on her)…  But as we were comforting her Sarah captured yet again another moment for our family that we cherish.  ❤

18Us girls waiting around and being silly!  🙂


Our little beauty wanted to bring her purse after the wedding was over to dress up more…  And started to run around…  He she was running between the Grooms Men’s picture time.  ❤

20Saying our hellos and thank yous…  And here she captured us as we found some of our BEST friends!  🙂  ❤

21So much dancing and having fun…  Our little girl was dancing the night away.  Sarah captured our beauty dancing with her best friend Rashid.  Every time she would see Rashid she would scream and giggle,  “My Sheed!  My Sheed!”  Oh how she loved him.  ❤  And he loved her too.  And you could see it here.  Another image I will always cherish.

22The end of the night…  Dancing and singing.  Smiles and giggles…  And the moments my Hubby Mike grabbed me and started to dance with me when I didn’t see it coming.  Everyone around us kicking off their shoes, having some drinks, and celebrating with us.

You see…  To you and many other these are just everyday pictures.  But to me, my loves, and family…  These images mean so much more.  Oh, how I would share EVERY wedding image I own with you all because I love them so much.  But I just wanted to express just what these moments mean to us Brides.  And that by taking some time to find that perfect photographer who can help document these images for you…  Will in the end be more priceless then you could ever dream of.

I hope that when you finish reading this…  And see what images mean the most to me as a Bride.  Maybe just maybe you will grow to cherish and WANT these moments documented as well for yourself.

Yes, these images are NOT perfect.  Things could be changed, and images could be different.  But to me these are PERFECT!  They are why I chose the photographer I did.  Because I knew in my heart just by speaking with her that she was the perfect fit for us.  And still to this day she is in our lives and documenting so much for us.

So Dear Brides and Brides to be…  PLEASE understand the importance of picking your photographer that fits you.  DON’T just pick anyone who has a camera.  DON’T just pick someone to save money.  DON’T just say they are pictures anyone can take.  Because no other photographer could have got these images for me like Sarah did.  NONE of them could have shown me memories over and over again each year.  NONE of them could make me cherish my images the way I do to this day.

I’m NOT telling you to break the bank.  I’m NOT telling you to hire me.  I’m NOT telling you what to do.  I’m just expressing the reason behind why I love what I do.  And why as a Photographer and Bride…  I know what I am looking for and why being there with you is so important through your day.


So look with an open heart when you choose that ‘perfect’ photographer for you.  After all you may never know…  They could be your photographer for life…  Maybe even turn into your best friend.  ❤

Wedding Day Giveaway! | Brides + Grooms! | Virginia Beach Photographer




This is something I’ve wanted to do for the longest time. To give back to my Brides and Grooms. Here is a chance for you to WIN a free wedding day photography package from Tashena Shaw Photography! Anyone can enter! Anyone can win! Please read and follow all the rules for your chance to win.  ❤




HOW TO ENTER: You MUST follow all of these rules to enter and to have the chance to win!

1.) MUST like Tashena Shaw Photography page
2.) MUST like this image to our ‘like’ page
3.) MUST leave a comment about what you LOVE about our photography
4.) MUST ‘share’ this image from our ‘like’ page. PLEASE make sure you have your share set to ‘PUBLIC’ or you lose your chance to win
5.) MUST share this image from our ‘like’ page to another Brides page/wall as well


1.) Must like and follow Tashena Shaw Photography ‘Like’ page!
2.) Must be a resident of the state of Virginia
3.) Must have your wedding date within the year of 2016
4.) Must have your wedding and reception within the Hampton Roads area


1.) FREE 8-10 hours of wedding day coverage
2.) A second shooter for your special day
3.) An engagement session

Jennifer + Scott | A Hurricane Joaquin Wedding | Virginia Photographer

The day came… And we all woke up prepared for a Hurricane style wedding. After all hurricane ‘Joaquin’ was trying to make his presence known to us all. But instead God provided us with a beautiful day. A day full of love, sunshine, beauty, and all around grace for this sweet couple who were about to say their vows.

I watched how calm and ready Jennifer was for her day… I loved how everyone around her pulled together to make sure everything went just perfect.

Most would fear the moment it was time to capture their wedding portraits… But not Jennifer and Scott. They walked outside after their vows to the sun shinning with just the right amount of haze filling the air. It was so beautiful! Their are no words that can describe the beauty and feeling all around us. It was just perfect! It was as if Hurricane Joaquin backed up just enough for these love birds.

Jennifer and Scott were full of such giggles, dancing, and showing off the love of the family around them.  I loved watching the love Jennifer’s father Robert has for his daughter.  Such a proud man!  Their relationship is one to cherish of a father and daughter.

Their family came from far away and all over to make sure they got to see Jennifer and Scott tie-the-knot…  And for a family to make such a trip when a Hurricane was approaching was something to admire.  I for one was in love with how everyone celebrated with Jennifer and Scott as they danced and shared their love story with those around them.

Jennifer and Scott had a perfect dream wedding full of love and memories that will last a life time. I was blessed to apart of another wedding. Blessed to be apart of another love story. Blessed to capture yet another beautifully sweet couple. ❤


Ceremony Location: Little Creek CPO officers club
Reception: Little Creek CPO officers club
Dress: David’s bridal
Shoes: Found Them on Amazon
Wedding Dress Sash: David’s bridal
Brides Rings: Zales.
Bridal Bouquet: Bride Made Them
Cake: Plazza Bakery
Caterer: Pearl by The Bay
Officiant: Launa Byrd
Violinist: Mary Dorss
DJ: Patrick Byrd 

*The Bride did a lot of DIY for the wedding*



A Photographer’s Dreams… | 2016 GOALS | Virginia Beach

As I am sitting here this morning with my little cup of java, my son playing on the floor with his cars, and listening to ‘Rehab Addict’ on HGTV playing. I find myself dreaming of my future photography goals. Is it wrong that I keep wanting to dream BIGGER and BIGGER ??? I think NOT! The way I see it… The moment I stop dreaming and setting goals for myself. Then I STOP growing as a photographer and as a human being. I believe that we all should always dream and set goals in life. It’s what keeps the fire that burns in us all. So why not dream big?

As 2015 is coming to a close I realize I haven’t set any goals for 2016 and that I must do that now! So here are just a few things I WANT to achieve in the year 2016. ❤


  • Wake up everyday being thankful I get to do what I do.
  • Make sure every client who comes my way is treated with the love and respect they deserve.
  • Book and capture 15 weddings in 2016 !!!
  • Capture another wedding in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina at the ‘Kitty Hawk Pier’
  • TRAVEL out-of-state of Virginia to capture at least 1 or more weddings !!!
  • Save up for and go to the next ‘Creative at Heart Conference’ ❤
  • Enter in 3 more photography contests with pride!
  • Save up for and get my dream camera The 5D Mark lll
  • Add to my camera lens family
  • Continue to challenge yourself everyday!
  • Blog at least 3 times a week.
  • Challenge yourself by going to more photography workshops.
  • Capture a ‘Trash The Dress’ session in a wedding gown.
  • Set up a ‘Stylized’ shoot with local vendors in the Hampton Roads community !!!

***Most Of All*** Remember to enjoy the ride! Thank our Lord daily for these blessing and clients who trust in you. Remember to challenge yourself. Remember to take time for family because they should always come first. Remember to thank your Husband each day for always being your biggest supporter and friend in this journey of life.



Capturing A Bride and her Groom at The Triple R Ranch in Virginia.

A wedding I was blessed to capture in Iowa at the beautiful The Brenton Arboretum.

Why I Choose To Have My Faith On My Photography Blog | Faith & Jesus Christ | Virginia Beach Photographer

I was told awhile back that I should REMOVE my faith and beliefs from my photography.  That I will not attract my ‘ideal’ clients.  That no one will want to have a photographer who openly shares their personal thoughts or life.

Well my answer…

I’m so sorry you feel that way.  I’m sorry that you think I will never attract my ideal clients because I choose to openly say,  “Yes, I am a sinner saved by grace.  I know in my heart that our Lord sent his one and only son Jesus Christ to this Earth to live and die for our sins.  So that we may one day be reunited with him in heaven.”  I am sorry you think that my clients don’t enjoy my page, work, or blog because I am so open with my struggles and beliefs.  That you feel the need to try to stop me.

But you see…  I am loved and my clients LOVE how open I am.  In fact I have booked clients and Brides all because I choose to be so open.  They feel like they know me.  That I am NOT just a photographer trying to make money.  Yet I am a Wife, Mom, Photographer, and Sinner who chooses to embrace my weakness and crazy life.  And I choose to allow my clients in to that secret world I hold so dear to my heart.

They know at the end of the day my photography is about LIFE AND LOVE.  That my photography is about building a family of clients who embrace me for me.  They understand that when they show up to their session or wedding…  That they will have a BRIGHT, FUN, LOVING, AND FELLOW SHORT photographer who is ready to have fun and capture their memories for them.

I choose not to hide my life anymore.  I choose to embrace it!  I’ve hidden my life for years.  Hidden secrets that destroyed me.  And now after God has opened my heart and has shown me the way to go.  I will NOT turn my back on that.  NO MATTER what one may think.

If potential clients come to any of my social media sites or blog…  And they see my faith and ups and downs…  If they feel I am NOT the fit they are looking for.  Well that’s okay.  After all we each have our own view on life.  We each can choose who we want to capture us and our lives.  But then I may have those potential clients that come to my page and see my passion, my work, and love for our Lord.  That may be the thing they need in their life most.  That may be the sole reason for hiring me.

But whatever they choose…  I will be picked because I am ME.  AND THERE IS ONLY ONE OF ME!  So those are the clients I will embrace with open arms and an open heart.  Because they picked me and no other.

My faith, my Lord, my SAVIOR Jesus Christ has the final say on how I approach and choose to build my photography.  And right now…  I feel in my heart and soul.  That this is the place and way he is choosing to use me.  A woman who has struggles.  A woman who is willing to admit she is weak and in need of a savior.  A woman who is brave enough to SCREAM, “This is my life.  This is my photography.  And I choose to make sure my Lord and Savior is with me through it all.  The good and the bad.  The light and the dark.  He is with me ALWAYS!”


If you are reading this.  I hope you too can embrace my choice of openly sharing my life and faith.  And if you look through my sites and blog and see a photographer you would LOVE to capture you and your memories.  Well, I hope you message me and book your next event with Tashena Shaw Photography.  Because I would be honored if you picked this short little spunky photographer who isn’t afraid to be herself with all her weaknesses.  I would be honored to add you to our family.