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There are moments as photographers that we get lost on how to share a story of those we have worked with. NOT because we have nothing to say… Just that we are afraid we won’t share their story as best as they can. So today I have chosen to let Tabitha and Mark share how they met one another. After all this is their story and sometimes your clients can say it better then you ever could. ❤


“I met Mark in the summer of 1995 I was just 15 years old, on the boardwalk. He was with a old friend I knew from high school. I remember my high school friend stopping to talk to me but I heard nothing he said because I saw Mark and had tunnel vision. The world around me seemed to vanish and the only people that existed was Mark and myself. So I walked right over to him and said “what’s wrong you don’t talk or cat got your tongue” yeah cheesy first line! Good job Tabitha now he will never talk to you. He replied “I can talk.” And I asked him his name. We spent the rest of the day together.

People ask me what made me fall in love with him….. I don’t think I had a choice. I truly believe I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. Before I knew his name I knew I wanted to marry him, there was just something about him and how drawn to him I was. It was like my soul knew.

22 years together 14 of those years married and 2 kids….. he still sets my soul on fire.”



“I met Tabitha at the beach back in 95. I was hanging out there walking around with a buddy of mine. I was the shy one who didn’t have much to say. We hung out most of that evening. She even stole a piggy back ride along most of the boardwalk. Lol. At the time I didn’t know that later on in life she’d be my wife. We even lost contact after that day. Not long after that I actually moved a block away from her and we reconnected. Actually December 4th she made it official, we were dating.

I fell in love with her, well because of her. Shes beautiful, shes given me all of her love, 2 beautiful kids, shes a very strong and hard working person. We have had a lot of great times together throughout the years. Yeah there has been some rough patches. But it has only made us stronger. I love her more and more every day.”

Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw Photography

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Kati & Mike | Couples Session | Virginia Beach Photographer

That moment you see your couple walking up to you and you think, “Oh this is going to be fun!”

Kati & Mike were a pleasure to work with. The way they moved around each other like magnets was a treasure to capture. Just looking at these images you can see the LOVE that pours from them for one another. Knowing that by the end of the session we had captured some unique moments they would treasure for years to come is what made me even more excited to get home and finish this session.

I just adore everything about this session… The colors, the little bit of golden light that pours on to them, the way they look at each other, and even the moments you can see their history in each other. It was a real treat to capture.

Thank you so much Kati and Mike for allowing me this chance to capture you both and your love for one another.

(BY THE WAY CRAZY FACTS HERE: I just love learning things about my clients as we are working together. By the time Kati and I walked away from one another we had learned we both are married to a Mike. They both have the ‘manly’ beards, we are the first to admit we love our men with their beards and proudly wouldn’t change that, we have never met a Mike who wasn’t loving and the first to help anyone in need, they love fixing cars, both October Weddings, And we have been with our Mike’s for YEARS, lol.)

Tashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw PhotographyTashena Shaw Photography

Emma + James | Couples Session | Lynnhaven Fishing Pier

A sweet and simple couples session with Emma and her love James… Both full of giggles and silliness that just burst from them with each snap of the camera. I swear they were the most adorable couple ever! Each time they would look at one another you could see the love that poured from them both, for each other.

Emma was just the cutest with her blue dress, and sassy smile. And well leave it to James to make sure he had the chance to photo-bomb his love Emma. After all it wouldn’t be a real couples session if you didn’t show your real colors. And these two loves did just that!

They showed beauty, class, and silliness at every corner. And it was a joy to capture! ❤


Devan + Clay | Wedding Portriats | Shore Drive | Virginia Beach

I must have all the luck in the world when it comes to the most sweetest, funny, and adorable couple EVER!

When Devan chatted with me about her wedding portraits she was so excited! She had already tied the knot with her best friend, comedian in crime, and love of her life. Yet they didn’t have the chance to capture those moments. They wanted to be able to have some sweet and unique images. Ones that showed the world who they were all while keeping true to their nature. Throughout this session these two loves birds kept me laughing. Devan the sweet and bashful soul, with Clay the goofy guy who had won her heart. It was one of the sweetest things to capture.

Watching how Clay made sure to make her giggle while he thought I wasn’t looking… Being goofy to help her give that perfect genuine smile. All while Devan kept showing him that stunning smile and the laughter that you can see melted Clay’s heart at every turn.

You see, there are those couples who can be the perfect client ever… The ones you don’t have to direct much and they just melt in to the camera. And well Devan and Clay were just that couple.

They were sweet, adorable, and funny. Unique and pure to the heart of their wedding images. I walked away from this session with so much love in my heart. Knowing that their session was captured in the way they had asked for… The way we had spoke about… And the way every photographer dreams.

I can’t wait till their one year anniversary and we get to capture more unique and silly images!

Thank you Devan & Clay for joining me for your wedding session… and for allowing me the chance to capture your story for all to see. I am honored to have been the photographer you picked. And to be able to see the love you both pour on to one another.

A true gift you have given me.


Danielle + Jeff | Couples Session | North End Virginia Beach Ocean Front

I just love couples who are full of life, love, and can be silly while still looking cute as can be! And Danielle & Jeff were just that couple. Full of life and just being silly.

That moment a photographer can show up, give a little direction and watch how their couple runs with it… Well that is just the best session ever.

I love watching how Danielle and Jeff would goof around and then stop for a picture. I loved how during part of our session together Danielle started to dance around Jeff. She was being playful and in the moment Jeff had that look of, “Oh, my! This woman is silly.” But it was the cutest thing EVER!

Our session together started with storm clouds rolling in… All while the sun kept trying to peek through. Moments of golden light, and moments of dark stormy skies. It made for the PERFECT landscape to their session.

Here today you will find images of Danielle & Jeff as they show the world what strength and love they have for one another… All while showing the world that you shouldn’t take life so serious. Embrace the good with the bad and shine through the storm.

I can’t thank these two couples enough for coming out and allowing me to capture such uniqueness. It was a joy to be around.

So make sure you take a moment and look through these images… You will see light, love, silliness, and even that crazy moment Danielle dances around Jeff!



***If you are interested in a couples session with Tashena Shaw Photography we would LOVE to hear from you !!!  Feel free to message us for all inquiries!***


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Joan + Eddie | Couples Session | Shore Drive | Virginia Beach

The moment your Mom and Dad allow you to capture them for a couples session together.  My heart was overjoyed!  You see I admire my parents love more then ever…  They taught us so much growing up about love, marriage, and the hard work it takes to keep it going.

I always loved when we (my older brother, myself, and my younger sister) were growing up and my Mom would tell us kids about how they met. My Mom would always walk by my Dad at the bus stop and say, “Hey Eddie. Cute Eddie.” everyday.  My Mom told us how my Father would blush when she would say that.  And still to this day he does when my Mom tells their story. They were 16 and 19 years old when they met. They dated for 4 months before my Father proposed to my Mom… And a month later on August 29th 1980 they said ‘I Do’ to one another for life. Now going on 36 years of marriage they still show us kids what true love is. There are the good days, bad days, the moments you want nothing to do with each other, and the moments you can’t live without each other. I watched my parents overcome so much like my Moms fight with breast cancer, my father surviving a head on collision with a drunk driver, and so many other things. But it was always their love that helped them overcome so much. Always teaching us that love and your marriage are worth fighting for.
So when they met me for a couples session I was so excited!  You see my parents aren’t ones for jumping in front of a camera… And I wanted them to have images without the ‘selfie style’ image. And I was so in love with how their session turned out.


Jonathan + Mikey | Couples Mini Session | Virginia Beach Town Center

One of the cutest couples around… I had the pleasure of capturing Jonathan and Mikey for a mini session. I love when my clients show up full of smiles and you can just see that we are going to capture something beautiful together. I loved watching how Jonathan and Mikey shut out the world around us and allowed me the chance to capture their uniqueness between one another. Such love, giggles, and true moments captured with them.

This was such a special session to me… I can’t explain why because I honestly don’t know. But I will be forever grateful that Jonathan and Mikey entrusted me to capture such moments between them. This will definitely be a session for the books.