Emma + James | Couples Session | Lynnhaven Fishing Pier

A sweet and simple couples session with Emma and her love James… Both full of giggles and silliness that just burst from them with each snap of the camera. I swear they were the most adorable couple ever! Each time they would look at one another you could see the love that poured from them both, for each other.

Emma was just the cutest with her blue dress, and sassy smile. And well leave it to James to make sure he had the chance to photo-bomb his love Emma. After all it wouldn’t be a real couples session if you didn’t show your real colors. And these two loves did just that!

They showed beauty, class, and silliness at every corner. And it was a joy to capture! ❤


Crystin + Dustin’s Wedding | Yorktown Freight Shed | Yorktown Virginia

When you learn your Bride and Groom have been through more then most couples go through in a life time together. About a month prier to to Crystin & Dustin’s wedding day I had learned that Dustin had went in to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and they had feared the worst. Not knowing if they would even have the chance to say ‘I Do’ to one another.

But our Lord had pulled them both through this time in their life. Pulling their families tighter together and making sure they found safety and love in those around them.

Thankfully Dustin made a full recover! The day had come for Crystin & Dustin to say ‘I Do’ with all those they love and cherish were right there with them.

Their day was one of the HOTTEST day of the summer. And these two love birds couldn’t have cared less… They took each moment as it came, smiling , and joking at every turn.

I think what I loved the most about these two love birds wedding was the fact they embraced everything that cam their way with smiles. Making sure to step inside every few minutes to refresh and part with those they loved… Then stepping back in to the heat to capture more family, love, and moments together.

Most Brides would refuse to step out in to the heat… But Crystin made sure she embraced it and had the most fun with it all. It was such a pleasure to watch Crystin & Dustin on their special day. Each moment you thought they might scream Dustin would pull Crystin in to him and whisper in her ear… Lord only knows what he said each time… But it was sure to make Crystin giggle and relax with her love by her side.

They were quick to show us all what life is truly all about… How you should cherish each moment and giggle through they rest.

Life, Love, And Laughter was felt the whole day between them both. And they couldn’t have chosen a better venue, day, or the friends and family to have at their side. ❤


We wish you both nothing but all the love in the world and a happily ever after from here to come. ❤





Tips For Capturing The Ring Shot? | Challenges | Wedding Photographer | Virginia

As photographer we sometimes don’t have all the supplies we wish we had to capture key moments during weddings. We wish we had something that could better show off the ring everyone wants to see. We wish something would jump out at us at the time to help us make the ring shot ‘sparkle’ just right. And we have those moments as a wedding photographer were it just doesn’t happen. We have nothing! SO we are forced to take a good detailed shot (a close up) of the ring. And pray that will do the job. Sometimes we get lucky. And sometimes it just wasn’t our best.

So I wanted to show anyone who thinks it can’t be done… That just by the little details you can help a simple ring shot come to life. 🙂

After grabbing 3 of my Great Grandma’s rings… I walked around my home fast and without thinking. Because as wedding photographers we all understand we don’t always have time to search for the perfect prop for our shot. We have to work with what we have.

  • A pink scarf
  • An old tea saucer
  • Some white lace
  • Some flowers from around my house
  • A small silver box
  • My daughters broken journal cover


From there I just placed the ring(s) on or around the prop I thought fit the ring the best. And started to shoot.

I used my Canon 60mm lens to capture these ring shots. ❤ My favorite lens to capture small details.

Yes, these images may have just been thrown together. Yes they may not be the perfect image most would capture. But these images got the job done. And can show that no matter what you have to work with… You too can capture the perfect ring shot with all or very little you may have around you.

Just get creative! Use what you have and make it work.

And don’t be afraid to PRACTICE! That way when the day or moment comes that you know you only have a few moments to get that perfect ring shot. You will know you have what it takes to pull that image together for your client. It may even be an image you are most proud of. ❤

IMG_3835-1 IMG_3844-2

Use anything with glitter!IMG_3910-4 IMG_3916-5 IMG_3939-6

Even the simplest of things like an old tea saucer can help capture a beautiful ring.IMG_4095-9 IMG_4222

Try to look for things that match the ring or style.  That way you can help bring the ring to life more.  ❤IMG_4318-13

I also used my wedding ring to help show that with lace, wild fall flowers, and yes even weeds you can help a ring sparkle.IMG_4423-18

And most of all…  LOOK for natural light.  These images I captured near my kitchen window to help bring more life to the shot.

BUT!  No matter what make sure you have fun.  Look outside the box and use what you have.  Remember the littlest of things can make the best prop and style to show off something everyone will later want to see up close.

I hope this has helped some of you.  I know it may sound silly.  These images may not be perfect.  But just think what you can do if you step of out your own box on your next wedding day.  I can only imagine what you could capture too.  ❤

The Kithcart Family | Beach Session | Virginia Beach

We all have those clients we just fall in love with. Those clients who are so faithful to us and return each year for their family session. But then there are those clients that return and you feel as though you have known them forever. You can laugh, play, and help capture moments you know can’t ever be replaced. And with the Kithcart family it was just that.

Capturing this family is one of my favorite things to do. Their beauty of a daughter Addi is ALWAYS up for cute poses, the sweetest giggles, and always a helper when posing her Mom and Dad. The funniest thing with Addi is listening to her tell her Dad, “Don’t you smile like that! That’s not a smile.” You can’t help but laugh with Addi as you listen to her help her Mom and Dad capture images they will love.

But like all children the moment Mom and Dad share a small kiss… Addi is the first to scream gross. But then fixes that gross with, “Okay, that’s cute.” Addi is always so fun to work with, she never holds back her thoughts, and ia such a joy to capture.

The thing I think I hold dear the most is when I see Kim and Mike look at each other. We all catch those moments between couples that we just love to see. But the look between Kim and Mike is something you can’t describe or even duplicate if you tried.

I’m so blessed to have met and watched this family grow. They are ones I will always cherish as a photographer and will always and forever be grateful for.

I can’t wait till our next session. I can’t wait to see how Addi grows in front of the camera. How their love as a family grows even more. Or just watching how Kim and Mike show what a love is truly like to capture.

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Why I Choose To Have My Faith On My Photography Blog | Faith & Jesus Christ | Virginia Beach Photographer

I was told awhile back that I should REMOVE my faith and beliefs from my photography.  That I will not attract my ‘ideal’ clients.  That no one will want to have a photographer who openly shares their personal thoughts or life.

Well my answer…

I’m so sorry you feel that way.  I’m sorry that you think I will never attract my ideal clients because I choose to openly say,  “Yes, I am a sinner saved by grace.  I know in my heart that our Lord sent his one and only son Jesus Christ to this Earth to live and die for our sins.  So that we may one day be reunited with him in heaven.”  I am sorry you think that my clients don’t enjoy my page, work, or blog because I am so open with my struggles and beliefs.  That you feel the need to try to stop me.

But you see…  I am loved and my clients LOVE how open I am.  In fact I have booked clients and Brides all because I choose to be so open.  They feel like they know me.  That I am NOT just a photographer trying to make money.  Yet I am a Wife, Mom, Photographer, and Sinner who chooses to embrace my weakness and crazy life.  And I choose to allow my clients in to that secret world I hold so dear to my heart.

They know at the end of the day my photography is about LIFE AND LOVE.  That my photography is about building a family of clients who embrace me for me.  They understand that when they show up to their session or wedding…  That they will have a BRIGHT, FUN, LOVING, AND FELLOW SHORT photographer who is ready to have fun and capture their memories for them.

I choose not to hide my life anymore.  I choose to embrace it!  I’ve hidden my life for years.  Hidden secrets that destroyed me.  And now after God has opened my heart and has shown me the way to go.  I will NOT turn my back on that.  NO MATTER what one may think.

If potential clients come to any of my social media sites or blog…  And they see my faith and ups and downs…  If they feel I am NOT the fit they are looking for.  Well that’s okay.  After all we each have our own view on life.  We each can choose who we want to capture us and our lives.  But then I may have those potential clients that come to my page and see my passion, my work, and love for our Lord.  That may be the thing they need in their life most.  That may be the sole reason for hiring me.

But whatever they choose…  I will be picked because I am ME.  AND THERE IS ONLY ONE OF ME!  So those are the clients I will embrace with open arms and an open heart.  Because they picked me and no other.

My faith, my Lord, my SAVIOR Jesus Christ has the final say on how I approach and choose to build my photography.  And right now…  I feel in my heart and soul.  That this is the place and way he is choosing to use me.  A woman who has struggles.  A woman who is willing to admit she is weak and in need of a savior.  A woman who is brave enough to SCREAM, “This is my life.  This is my photography.  And I choose to make sure my Lord and Savior is with me through it all.  The good and the bad.  The light and the dark.  He is with me ALWAYS!”


If you are reading this.  I hope you too can embrace my choice of openly sharing my life and faith.  And if you look through my sites and blog and see a photographer you would LOVE to capture you and your memories.  Well, I hope you message me and book your next event with Tashena Shaw Photography.  Because I would be honored if you picked this short little spunky photographer who isn’t afraid to be herself with all her weaknesses.  I would be honored to add you to our family.

EMAIL  |  TashenaShawPhotography@yahoo.com




Brett + Andrew | Wedding | Virginia Beach

The day I heard one of my dear friends was going to be getting married to an amazing man…  I was overjoyed!  I’ve known Brett for about 6 years now.  She has been there for me in so many way.  She was even one of my friends who helped push me into the Photography world!  Anyone who knows Brett knows the amazingly strong woman she is.  They know the love she has for all those around her is one to be admired and adored.  So we all knew that when the day came for Brett to say ‘I do’ it would be to a man who would forever understand and cherish all her heart had to hold for those she loved.

I’ve heard many stories when it came to Andrew…  But the truth is…  You don’t have to hear those stories to know for a fact how deeply in love he is with our dear friend Brett.  The look of sheer-joy he gives her when he thinks no one is looking, the way he kisses her forehead when she giggles, and the way he speaks of his Bride…  You can truly see just how in love he is with Brett.  So it doesn’t matter the stories, how long I’ve known him, or if we never really met at all.

But, the thing that matters the most is…  That our Brett is cherished by a man who holds her closed to his heart.  And that is worth so much to us all.

During their wedding you could see the ties between family and friends.  And like most families that pull together.  You could see that there was no difference between one and the next.  The moment Brett & Andrew said ‘I do’ forever…  That was the moment their families became one as well.

watching how everyone during the reception enjoyed each others company, hearing the stories being shared, crazy dancing all around, amazing food, music, and all in all the LOVE that everyone showed to one another was a gift in itself.

Being able to be apart of such a wedding is something I will never forget.  This was a wedding for the books.  A true love story to be shared with all.

The vendors for this wedding were all friends of the family!


Ceremony & Reception Venue  |  Virginia Beach Moose Family Center

Wedding Dress  |  Maya couture designer was Maggie Sottero

Cupcakes  |  Lynette Harper

Wedding DJ  |  Darrell

Catering  |  Kacy Payne

Flowers  |   Erica Lahring-McQuerrey



Angelique & Antywane’s Wedding | New Years Eve Wedding | Norfolk Virginia

Angelique and Antywane will always hold a dear place in my heart…  You see they were guests at the very first wedding I ever captured.  They watched everything I did, learned of who I was, and searched me out for their very own wedding.  And did all of this knowing I was new to the wedding industry.  That in itself is something I am completely humbled by.  So thankful to see that they not only knew this about me, but trusted me, and fell in love with my work.  I will be forever grateful for them !!!  ❤

So when I received a message from Angelique explaining how she found me…  And that her and her fiancée wanted me to capture their day…  Well lets just say I was in a state of shock!  I had to reread her message a few times just to make sure I was NOT dreaming.  And thankfully I wasn’t,  lol.

Angelique is one of those souls that just scream LOVE!  When I had the pleasure of meeting her in person to talk about her wedding.  It felt like I was talking to an old friend.  She was so sweet, open to my ideas, encouraging, and all in all a photographer’s dream client.

When I had learned that she wanted to have her wedding on December 31st 2014 so that she could end the year and then ring in the new year with love…  I about died!  But not in a bad way!  In a way that I was beyond excited to capture a ‘New Years Eve’ wedding.  That this Bride was just as excited for her big day as I was to be able to capture it for her.

Angelique and I kept in close contact over the following months…  Making sure to capture her engagement session, information she may have needed, and to just be there if I was needed in any other way for her.

When her wedding day came…  It was filled with so much love, family, crazy friends, and well full of fun beyond anything you could imagine.  Having a wedding were everyone could feel the love that Angelique and Antywane shared for one another was something to be cherished.  And watching as their family and friends shared in those moments is beautiful beyond any words.

I always ask my Brides and Grooms to tell me how they met…  It’s a way I can better understand and learn about my clients.  So when I asked Angelique to send me a little something that I could share here on my blog.  She was more than happy to be able to send me something.

So here is a little message from Angelique on how they fell in love. ❤

“Antywane and I fist met at my birthday party on September 8 2012. It was just a casual meeting through mutual friends. We began having conversation regarding car repair and working out in January 2013. We the began going to the gym together a couple of days a week. All which led to our first date on February 22, 2013 we went to Ruby Tuesday and Azalea Inn. From then on things continued to grow as we became closer we decided to take a trip to DC the weekend of April 12 through April 14 2013. It was that weekend we both realized we were in love. For us it was easy to identify we were older and had both been married previously. They say with age comes wisdom and I guess that holds true for love as well. We began discussing marriage and to my surprise on a weekend getaway to Nags  Head for my birthday weekend he proposed on the beach a little after sunset on September 14, 2014. As our love continue to blossom we continued to try new adventures together such as Spartan Races overcoming physical obstacles together. We were married on December 31, 2014. What a better way to bring in the New Year with family and friends. I say you will find love when you least expect it.”  Angelique



Wedding Cake  |  Bliss Bakery

Music  |  Astro DJs

Wedding Dress, Grooms Tux, & Bridesmaids Dresses  |  David’s Bridal

Wedding & Reception Held At  |  DoubleTree by Hilton Norfolk Airport

Hair & Make Up  |  Behind the Veil

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