Emma + James | Couples Session | Lynnhaven Fishing Pier

A sweet and simple couples session with Emma and her love James… Both full of giggles and silliness that just burst from them with each snap of the camera. I swear they were the most adorable couple ever! Each time they would look at one another you could see the love that poured from them both, for each other.

Emma was just the cutest with her blue dress, and sassy smile. And well leave it to James to make sure he had the chance to photo-bomb his love Emma. After all it wouldn’t be a real couples session if you didn’t show your real colors. And these two loves did just that!

They showed beauty, class, and silliness at every corner. And it was a joy to capture! ❤


Rachel + Kassie | Engagement Session | Shore Drive Beach

I can’t believe that September 10th is around the corner… And these two sweet souls will be standing in front of their loved ones and friends as they promise each other their love for one another.

Capturing Rachel & Kassie was the cutest thing. Kassie isn’t the biggest fan of the camera or being the center of attention. So when you pair her up with Rachel, you just watch the beauty shine through Kassie. Watching how Rachel would just say something and Kassie would just light up. Seeing how there were moments between these two that even the camera knew was true love. It was the sweetest of things to see!

There were moments that you would just catch Rachel looking at her love with a heart that was so full. Like she still couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have Kassie by her side forever.

My heart can’t wait for their special day! To be lucky enough to have been chosen to capture their story is a gift I am forever thankful for.

These two are the simplest, sweetest, and truly the most genuine couple I have captured in a long time. It’s going to be a joy to be there on their special day. ❤

Congrats Rachel & Kassie!


Keisha + Errol | Engagement Session | Shore Drive | Virginia Beach

I can’t get over the love Keisha and Errol have for one another! From the moment Keisha messaged me about her engagement session I knew we were going to have fun working together. Keisha and Errol have this sweet and silly side with one another. I loved how they wanted to capture their uniqueness with each other. I love how they braved that cold and gloomy day so they could capture their light and love for their photo shoot.

I learned that these two love birds have known each other for a little over 4 years… That after a little separation they found their way back to one another and have been inseparable since. Seeing Keisha and Errol share in silly moments and giggles while I was blessed to capture their engagement was the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time.

I don’t know what it is with Tashena Shaw Photography… But I seem to attract the best of clients. Those who enjoy each other, those who love to laugh, those who have a love story that inspire others to reach for a great love too, and of all things I always have clients like Keisha and Errol who have a love of fashion and love to show it during our sessions together.

I am so blessed to have met these two love birds… I can’t wait to have the pleasure of working with them again in the future.


Iryna + Jonathan | Winter Engagement Session | The Founders Inn and Spa

When your clients brave the snow to be able to capture some cute images together… Now that’s a session you can’t miss.

Iryna and Jonathan are two of the cutest couple I have ever met. Full of love, life, and giggles. I loved capturing these two together. They were more than happy to step out into the snow and show the world just what Tashena Shaw Photography clients are all about.

I hope to be able to capture these two love birds again one day! ❤


Engagement Photos  |  Client Testimonial 

“Tashena blessed us by taking our engagement photos. They are absolutely beautiful and we love them. She made us feel relaxed, helped us find a place that fit our personalities and overall we had a blast getting the pictures taken. Each one was better than we could have imagined and both my husband and I would recommend Tashena Shaw Photography to anyone.”
-Lindsay Ponseti



They Saw Me At The Start Of It All… | Client Testimonial

“Tashena has done a wonderful job as a photographer. I first experienced her photographing my cousin’s wedding and she was phenomenal. She was professional and captured excellent moments. I have hired her for my wedding due to that personal experience and she has done my engagement session. Always professional and personable. Highly recommend her for your photography needs. Her prices are well within reason for all she offers.”

-Angelique Powers


A Beautiful Model | Client Testimonial

“A big shout out to Tashena Shaw Photography! One of the best photographers I worked with!!! Very cute, sweet and considerate photographer, who is very attentive to her clients and has plenty of creative ideas! Definitely recommend!! It’s cute how she randomly captures nature and flowers during her work, and has “favorite” trees. Haha… She gives great ideas about poses and places for pics, and also listens to the client’s wishes and opinions! She also doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for the quality she provides!”

-Iryna Kutsevol (Model + Past Bride)