The Doyle Family | Fall Session | Bayville Farms Park | Virginia Beach

A beautiful fall day full of love and little giggles. The Doyle family was a treasure to capture… At every turn they showed us just how a family is full of life and adventures. With their family getting ready to welcome another bundle of joy, and their sweet little beauty full of life, you can see the amazing memories they are about to make in the months to come.

Oh how I can’t wait till their ‘Lifestyle’ session when their newest addition comes along. These little ones will surely fill more of their parents hearts and lives with such beauty.


Happy Birthday Emma! | Pretty In Pink + Glitter | Virginia Photographer

One of the sweetest of little gems she is… The moment her Mommy & Daddy placed her in her birthday outfit Emma made sure the world knew it was her day. Full of life and giggles. Walking around and showing off that sweet tutu her Mama had made just for her.

Emma’s day was full of style, cuteness, but most of all family and love.

Emma’s Mama made everything for her party… Showing off her style and the sweet little girl she was. Pretty in pink and full of glitter.

Each time the door bell rang Emma was sure to be there greeting her guest with a smile as bright as the sun and giggles that you couldn’t help but laugh with her on. Each little guest that walked through the door was just as full of life and love. Each showing their own style and energy.

It was a party full of cute little guest that made sure to share in the happiest of 1st birthdays for their friend.

I have to admit I was so in love with Emma and her family… Each one of them held their little one year old birthday girl with such love. Mama and Dada were the proudest of parents sharing and celebrating in their babies first year of life together.

As a Mom myself I know those memories that come flooding back when my babies turn another year older. You can never forget those memories no matter how hard you try. And I am sure that Emma’s Mama and Dada had those same feeling and thoughts. Watching how friends and family celebrated with them and their little love.

It was truly the sweetest and most adorable birthday!

Thank you so much Emma for inviting me to your special day and for sharing such bright smiles and giggles with me. I can’t wit till we meet again and capture more memories together for your Mama and Dada, ❤


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Rachel + Kassie | Engagement Session | Shore Drive Beach

I can’t believe that September 10th is around the corner… And these two sweet souls will be standing in front of their loved ones and friends as they promise each other their love for one another.

Capturing Rachel & Kassie was the cutest thing. Kassie isn’t the biggest fan of the camera or being the center of attention. So when you pair her up with Rachel, you just watch the beauty shine through Kassie. Watching how Rachel would just say something and Kassie would just light up. Seeing how there were moments between these two that even the camera knew was true love. It was the sweetest of things to see!

There were moments that you would just catch Rachel looking at her love with a heart that was so full. Like she still couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have Kassie by her side forever.

My heart can’t wait for their special day! To be lucky enough to have been chosen to capture their story is a gift I am forever thankful for.

These two are the simplest, sweetest, and truly the most genuine couple I have captured in a long time. It’s going to be a joy to be there on their special day. ❤

Congrats Rachel & Kassie!


The Byrn Family | Lynnhaven Fishing Pier | Shore Drive

The beauty of life is being able to look back and giggle at moments you will cherish forever… And during the Byrn Family session they did just that.

Leave it to Chuck to be the goofball and embrace his craziness. Thankfully he has a beauty like Sharon that is willing to just laugh and giggle though his moments of being goofy. All through their session it was full of love, life, and laughter. The perfect making for a summer session at the beach.

Sharon grew up on this beach, right by this pier. Her sweet memories are tied to this very sand and water. So to her this was the place to capture her family. To be bale to capture more memories of her loves, her life, and her children.

So of course being able to meet these 4 souls down there was a pleasure and honor to be able to do for them.

But, the even greatest part was when a man walked up on us during our session to chat. Asking Chuck and Sharon if they had just got married. And telling them how they should have fun with these photos. So when that funny man jumped at the chance to capture an image with them… Leave it to Chuck to show the goofy side we all know and adore.

This session was GREAT and PERFECT at every turn. Thank you so much to the Byrn Family for allowing me the chance to join you at your special beach for family photos. ❤

And now for this sweet and crazy family session. ❤


Little Photographers At Heart… | Those Little Hearts Are Always Watching | Mommy Confessions

After dinner this evening we all jumped up as a family to clean up the house. I told the kids we all needed to spend just 30 minutes cleaning so Mommy doesn’t have to worry about it tomorrow. Thankfully my family didn’t question a word and started to help right away. By the time I headed up stairs to start cleaning the bathrooms my babies had already finished all I had asked of them. So of course they started to run around and play…

All I could hear was these two little ones giggling as they ran from room to room. Tashina would tell Michael to follow her… Michael would giggle and follow. Of course I thought nothing of it. Till I heard them talking more.

Tashina: Grab your camera I have something cool you can take a picture of Michael.

Michael: OKAY! I are coming!

Tashina: Make sure the light is good. We can take pictures of these things. We will Blog about it later. Okay Michael?

Michael: Okay Sissy. Like this?

This went on for a few minutes. Room to room, giggle after giggle, photography comment after comment. After I was finished cleaning I looked in to see them both sitting at Sissy table. Blogging away! Sissy had her computer and camera, as so did Michael.

I made sure to snap a picture because I thought it was the cutest thing… My babies doing what Mommy does.

But it got me to thinking… Again I see how my babies are watching me. How they hear and see everything I am doing while I work. It made my heart melt at the thought that one day these little gems could be my back up photographers if they turn out to love this life too.

BUT! Most of all it was a reminder of how much our children shadow our every move and copy what they see and hear. We have to remember to keep being that light they need in those dark moments. To shine bright for them so that they too will do and be their best in life.

I am grateful my babies saw the things I love to do and played along in their own ways. Everything from how I talk to them when I am at a photo shoot, to how I take a picture in the light, how I make sure to blog my work, and how I make sure my clients will love what I have done for them.

It’s simple really… My babies saw something I love with all my heart and that bring me joy… But in these moments I am reminded of the joy much BIGGER then all the things before. Their smiles and giggles, their very own light and love, and I am forever grateful these little gems were copying something Mommy does with all her heart.

So parents out there reading this… Remember that NO MATTER your passions, jobs, lives, our children are watching with all their heart. So be that light you want them to be… And remember they are always watching and always learning.

(And Of Course I Had To Snap A Picture…  In Their PJs With Their Little Cameras & Computers.  Please forgive the iPhone picture.)



Haylie Pretty In Blue | Mini Session | Shore Drive

When this young beauty in blue comes to a shoot ready to have a blast… You just know you are going to capture some priceless images. Haylie has a heart like no other! She is full of life, love, and is loyal to those she cares for. Always there willing to help everyone she can. Full of child-like giggles that make you smile and laugh along with her. Haylie wouldn’t be herself is she wasn’t trying to make those around her laugh. The first to get up and make a fool of herself just to make sure those around her are smiling from ear-to-ear.

During our session together Haylie showed her love of adventure & nature. Exploring all around her while laughing along the way.

I don’t think their was a serious image captured this whole session… She just wasn’t herself unless she was giggling and being silly. Dancing around, jumping in the air, and spinning all around.

It was such a joy to capture this young lady. And her BLUE hair just made this session even more unique and crazy from being to end. She is pretty in blue! And shines at every turn.

Haylie… You are a TRUE blessing to all those you encounter! Don;t you EVER let that light break. You show the world just the amazing young lady you are. I’m so blessed to be one of those souls who gets to be in your life. ❤ Thank you for showing us all what it means to just keep swimming, and to be HAPPY!

Much love Haylie !!! ❤


Finding Beauty In Sorrow… | Personal | Terry Mississippi

It’s taken me sometime to share this… As I have so many thoughts and moments of wanting to scream. But after today’s attack in Orlando… I feel that I should share this even more. As I believe LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL and should be cherished. I also believe our Lord always has a way of turning sorrow into a beautiful thing.

You see back in April my Husband received a phone call learning of a loved ones passing. As I learned and saw my Husbands reaction to this life event I made sure my Husband knew we his family were there for him. That no matter what we would be by his side. So as a family we woke up that following Saturday morning we headed for Mississippi.

We packed ourselves (Hubby, Me, 4 Year Old Son, & 9 Year Old Daughter) in our Jeep with all our supplies and made an adventure out of our trip. Making sure to smile along the way and take in the sights. And even though many might think that’s just nuts to try and make beauty out of death… We The Shaw Family see it as a wonderful thing. We don’t want our babies to fear death or life for that matter. So we made sure to embrace this chapter in our lives with an open heart.

We had finally made it to Mississippi around 2:00am Sunday morning thinking our family would be stuffed in to a small hotel room and searching for a way for our children to be children. But we were greeted with LOVE, FAMILY, AND A PLACE TO CALL A ‘HOME-AWAY-FROM-HOME!’ Learning that on our way to Mississippi that part of my Husband’s family had opened their doors for our family to be welcomed in to.

I will admit I was a little hesitant to spend time in a home and with a family I had never met or heard of for that matter. Fearing that the energy my children hold would be to much for this family we have just met. But to my surprise the moment we pulled up we were greeted with open arms and hugs being wrapped around us all. We found that in that moment we had family around us. NOT just people calling us family… But family who treated us with love who had openly called us ‘their’ family.

I found myself grateful for such warmth and love. Seeing how my children were welcomed and treated as their own. Free to smile and giggle in a time of such sorrow. As we could see our new family treated life as something to be celebrated too, such as we do.

Over the few days that we found ourselves in Mississippi Mike and I realized how much more our family had grown. That even in all the craziness and sorrow our children were walking away with more love, more Aunties and Uncles, another Nana, and so many more family member to call home.

While there I captured a few moments, I captured their land, their home, and even moments of weakness and love. We sat and listened to stories of their loved ones. Hearing the giggles from those who had lost so much but who had found peace in their memories. These are things my family will never forget or take for granted… As we understand the beauty of life.

Now I’m sure by now you are wondering why I haven’t shared names, or those who have lost the soul they loved so dearly, I am sure you question a few things along the way. But I wanted to respect these families in their moments of sorrow. And I wanted to respect their stories too.

But I also share it this way… Because in a moment of NOT knowing names and the reason for which our hearts traveled from Virginia Beach to Mississippi… It is in those moments you the reader may be able to relate more. Seeing and understanding a side of life just a little different. Because after all, we all have been there or will find ourselves there one day too. And yes some may think I am nuts for NOT sharing names but for sharing faces and images. But sometimes that is the way a story must be told.

Just know… That these souls, stories, homes, and images all have a reason for living and being loved. And Our Lord made sure to expand my children’s family.  And it is something I will be forever grateful for. And I for one can’t wait till I am blessed to be back in this Mississippi family.

And I for one can’t wait to see the adventures my children will be set on along the way with our new addition of family members.

So hold your loved ones close. And never for one moment take for granted the love you have for one another. Cherish the good with the bad and embrace it all. ❤


One must have JAVA to start a LONG trip!  I LOVE MY BARISTAS !!!  ❤


Cell phone picture of my son being silly and dancing while his sister looked on like he was nuts.  After all one must let out energy when on a road trip, lol.


The view from our families front porch in Mississippi.  ❤


My Husband with his sister Morgan.



“Going through images I took while in Mississippi a few weeks back… And I found these images I captured of my son being silly at the funeral (the reason for our trip there) that Sunday. I remember asking Michael to quiet down because he was to loud. I wasn’t sure how the other family members would react. And I didn’t want to be disrespectful. And as I was asking him to calm down my son stopped and said, “It’s okay Mama. They wants us to smile and dance.” I happen to giggle a little and asked him who he was talking about. Quick as anything my son says, “Them! They are happy we are here. They were sad Mama. Now they are happy.” I had no clue what my son was talking about. And I’m NOT one to say he was speaking about the dead, or just those around us. But as I was looking though these images today… My son saw me and started to talk about Mississippi and the big house we stayed in. And went on to tell me how ‘those people’ at the graveyard were dancing too. How the little baby was happy and dancing too.

You see the thing is… There was NO BABY there. There was no other children but my two. I guess my son saw more then we could… And he was celebrating life!

I share this because I found it sweet that in a moment of such sadness and grief my son saw life, celebration, and wanted to be happy. I knew he understood people were sad, maybe he didn’t fully understand why, but I have to agree… Life should be celebrated. No matter the reasons we gather in groups… Whether for parties, birth, family, or even death. LIFE SHOULD BE CELEBRATED!”


My son wanted every grace to have something.  So he was on a mission to place a flower, pine cone, or something with every soul that was placed there.  😦


My Daughter lost in thought.  She was full of emotions.


Our families beautiful home.


Moments of being a child.


Being silly with his Dada…


Our family laughing together and telling stories.


I had caught my little beauty dancing in the light.  She is so sweet!  ❤


Finding comfort in the simple things.  ❤


My kids loved the pig on the diving board, lol.


We found our family staying an extra day due to the storm that had rolled on in.  Our new family wanted us to be safe and asked us to stay until the storm had passed.  Allowing our family to grow more in love and sharing of stories together.


iPhone picture…  Of my Hubby and our son playing legos we had picked up during the day.  After all an extra day with family calls for a day of shopping and exploring the area.  ❤


My babies passed out cold!  lol.


Not happy to be leaving our family…  But thankful for the memories!  ❤


Oh yes, coffee and Mommy gummies for the long ride home, lol.


Heading back to Virginia Beach…  We made the best of a sad moment.  😦  ❤