Crystin + Dustin’s Wedding | Yorktown Freight Shed | Yorktown Virginia

When you learn your Bride and Groom have been through more then most couples go through in a life time together. About a month prier to to Crystin & Dustin’s wedding day I had learned that Dustin had went in to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and they had feared the worst. Not knowing if they would even have the chance to say ‘I Do’ to one another.

But our Lord had pulled them both through this time in their life. Pulling their families tighter together and making sure they found safety and love in those around them.

Thankfully Dustin made a full recover! The day had come for Crystin & Dustin to say ‘I Do’ with all those they love and cherish were right there with them.

Their day was one of the HOTTEST day of the summer. And these two love birds couldn’t have cared less… They took each moment as it came, smiling , and joking at every turn.

I think what I loved the most about these two love birds wedding was the fact they embraced everything that cam their way with smiles. Making sure to step inside every few minutes to refresh and part with those they loved… Then stepping back in to the heat to capture more family, love, and moments together.

Most Brides would refuse to step out in to the heat… But Crystin made sure she embraced it and had the most fun with it all. It was such a pleasure to watch Crystin & Dustin on their special day. Each moment you thought they might scream Dustin would pull Crystin in to him and whisper in her ear… Lord only knows what he said each time… But it was sure to make Crystin giggle and relax with her love by her side.

They were quick to show us all what life is truly all about… How you should cherish each moment and giggle through they rest.

Life, Love, And Laughter was felt the whole day between them both. And they couldn’t have chosen a better venue, day, or the friends and family to have at their side. ❤


We wish you both nothing but all the love in the world and a happily ever after from here to come. ❤





THIS SUMMER WE ARE SPOTLIGHTING HAMPTON ROADS VIRGINIA  |  Local Vendors  |  Virginia Beach Photographer

Tashena Shaw Photography is looking to spotlight some local Hampton Roads vendors for our Brides and those clients who are searching for special things for their events. If you (or someone you know) are building their business and would love to reach more clientele in the area… WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU !!!

If you are a vendor in our area we would love to spotlight you and continue to keep on our Blog and social media sites… Here is what we will need for you to do!

Please email or message us on Facebook at Tashena Shaw Photography so we can chat!


  • Your Name
  • Name Of Business
  • Type Of Business You Specialize In
  • Links To Your Work (Example: Blog, Website, Facebook, Instagram)
  • And Why You Would Like To Be Spotlighted By Us

Once we have looked over everything we will need to set up a date to chat…  So that we can do a Q+A with you for our Blog. From there we will take a few head-shots to show you off on our Blog.  That way we can better tell everyone about you and your business!


  • Make Up Artist
  • Hairstylist
  • Florist
  • Cake Decorators
  • Bridal Shops
  • Wedding Coordinators
  • Event Coordinators
  • Rental Vendors
  • Fashion Stylist
  • And Many More

So if you are a vendor looking to join in our spotlight Blog please email or message us on Facebook.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Our Dreams… | Allowing God To Guide Us | Virginia Beach Photographer

After these past few days of feeling defeated, overwhelmed, and discouraged at every turn… I woke up today to love, support, and encouraging words from fellow photographers I admire.

We are always learning and growing in life. And there are days we feel alone and hated by those around us. Sometimes as photographers we feel like we are NOT good enough to be in such an industry we are. And there are days I allow the devil in to dwell with me. I allow him the chance to fill my heart and head with heavy thoughts, doubts, and fears.

I admit I hate myself for that. I hate knowing instead of falling to my knees praying to our Lord for help, love, and encouragement… I wallow in self doubt. But today after speaking with a dear friend I realized I do that more than I like or even realize I do.

But thankfully by the grace of God I know all I have to do is look up and ask God to walk (even carry) me through those hard times if needed. And as always he is already there waiting and happily ready to show me he NEVER left me. He never thought less of me. He just needed me to ask.

I feel like today God was answering a prayer I had. I’ve been asking for a long time if I should continue to push my goals and dreams in the path I so want. And today when I woke up to my facebook being filled with so many fellow photographers heading to their VOW Bridal shows. Many of them asking where I was. Many photographers curious as to why I wasn’t there. And when admitting I had never done a show like that… MANY of them stepped up to encourage me to join next year. In fact there were photographers I admire dearly that told me they would help in any way needed to show me I could in fact do this.

This is a scary step for me. And although I know it’s not for another year now… It is still something I am worried I will fail at.

Then I am reminded our Lord is with us! Always encouraging. Always helping. Always loving. And always ready to help carry us through. So I will continue to pray. I will continue to put my faith in our Lord. And I will continue to pray about my photography dreams and all I would love to conquer in this wedding industry.  I just have to remember above everything else that I have to let God guide me where he wants me…  And where I will fit best in this life and in my dreams he has for me.

After all the moment we stop dreaming… We stop growing.

And I have MANY dreams! I can’t wait to see all 2016 will hold for me, my dreams, my photography, my family, and my loved ones.


We are more then a transaction… | Welcome To Our Family | Virginia Beach Photographer

I know in the photography world there are many photographers who keep their business and personal life separate. In fact they won’t even add you to their Facebook page if they have worked with you.

I on the other hand… LOVE connecting with my clients. I love seeing how they are doing, if they need a friend, help, or just someone to help encourage them through moments in life. I think that’s what separates me from most photographers… And I LOVE that about myself and my photography.

You could be reading this and thinking I’m crazy, and that’s NOT a good way to run a business. And well you may be right. But for me and my photography I find it to be beautiful and perfect!

I have so many brides that have become my best friends. Clients who search me out for help, advice, even to help them in their passions in life.

You see I NEVER want to be that photographer who feels like she is just making a transacting with a client and that is all. To me I am capturing moments that last a lifetime! And when I have clients who return year after year. When I have Brides who return a year later after I have captured their wedding day…  So I can capture another session for them. When I have done a newborn lifestyle session and months later I see them growing strong… It’s these moments in life and my photography that make me love what I do even more.

I believe and LOVE feeling that my clients aren’t just making a transaction with me… But instead an investment that will last a lifetime. Being able to have a returning client book another shoot is such an exciting feeling. Showing up to see that face I have become friends with and have learned more about through our facebook post, or chats at a coffee shop allows me to better capture them again. It allows me the chance to learn what I haven’t the first time. It allows me the chance to capture more of their personality and style in our session together.

So yes, I am THAT photographer who loves her job deeply. I am THAT photographer who becomes your friend after a session, wedding, or just a moment of working together. I am THAT photographer who will be there if I am needed later in life.

It’s who I am. It’s what I do. And that’s what I want people to know about Tashena Shaw Photography.

I want people to know when they book a session or their wedding with us…  That it’s more then a transaction. You are becoming part of the Tashena Shaw Photography family! And I love knowing my clients want and are excited to return each year (if not more) to have their friend Tashena Shaw Photography capture their moments in life again and again.

This ‘job’ is a blessing!

It’s what I love!

It’s why I do what I do!

And I am thankful for all the Brides and Clients I have worked with that have become part of my family now.

So for the potential Bride or Client reading this… Keep in mind… This is who I am and what I love. So if you want to be apart of our photography family. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! And I would LOVE to have you join our family.  I would LOVE to get to know you more.  And I look forward to the many more Brides and Clients Tashena Shaw Photography is blessed to capture.


They Saw Me At The Start Of It All… | Client Testimonial

“Tashena has done a wonderful job as a photographer. I first experienced her photographing my cousin’s wedding and she was phenomenal. She was professional and captured excellent moments. I have hired her for my wedding due to that personal experience and she has done my engagement session. Always professional and personable. Highly recommend her for your photography needs. Her prices are well within reason for all she offers.”

-Angelique Powers


Our Very 1st Bride Ever! | Wedding Review

This one was from my very 1st wedding I was ever blessed to capture.  ❤  Tashena Shaw Photography is forever grateful to Jennifer and Jason.  ❤

“Tashena was amazing! Every bride worries whether or not they have chosen the right photographer… I mean, this is documentation that will last forever. I was surprised, however, at her professionalism and the photographs delivered. She was outstanding! I believe that my husband and I were the first couple to hire her for a wedding, but the pictures were incredible! The entire day was so hectic, but Tashena remained calm and collected and was willing to listen to all of our specific requests and she was still able to photograph important events without “getting in the way”. I hardly noticed her, but she was able to capture the most significant moments. She also went out of her way to please both my husband and I, and I would recommend her to anyone needing a professional photographer for any occasion. She was kind, patient, and even felt like part of the family. When we all started getting stressed out, Tashena kept her cool and did her job perfectly. I am more than happy that she was the photographer for our wedding day, because she did such an awesome job.”

-Jennifer (The Bride)
-Wedding Date: 06-29-2013


Bridgette + Tommy | Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer

When I got an email from Bridgette asking if I was free to capture her wedding in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina… I was jumping up and down like a little child. I was so excited. You see Bridgette found me all the way from Texas after a past Bride (Iryna) of Tashena Shaw Photography had told her all about me. So reading all of that in one email had put me over the top. Another destination wedding, another Bride, another amazing referral, and another moment to capture what I love to do so much.

Bridgette and Tommy are the kind of loves that you can’t wait to capture. Watching how they would just look at each other was something to admire and was so sweet to watch. Every part of their wedding day was a dream! It may have been a very HOT afternoon in North Carolina… But these tow love birds didn’t even let it bug them. They had so much fun and were full of such beautiful smiles. Watching how Tommy would look at his Bride while she walked to him, watching how his Bride wiped away his tears as they shared their vows with each other, seeing how they pulled and tied together forever their families, hearing the stories that each other shared with their loved ones, all of which made you feel like apart of a love story you only hear about.

You see while I was there capturing their story… Not once did I feel as though I was there to only do a job. Bridgette and Tommy made me feel as though I was apart of the family. There were so many silly moments, laughs, and hugs that as a photographer I can only dream about.

And also being able to work side by side with Brian Cortez their videographer was such a blessing. If you are a Bride reading this and are in need of a fun and reliable videographer… I would suggest non other then Brian. He was PERFECT for the job. 🙂

I don’t think Bridgette and Tommy will ever fully understand how grateful I am for them! To allow me to work with them all the way from Texas (yes you read that right!) as they put together their wedding in North Carolina. For entrusting me to capture memories they dreamed of. And for their outpouring love and support as I shared their images is something I will FOREVER be grateful for !!!

This wedding was one for the books. Everything was perfect. Everything was a dream come true.

Kitty Hawk Pier was always a dream of mine to one day capture a wedding at. And they allowed that dream to come true for me.