Happy Birthday Emma! | Pretty In Pink + Glitter | Virginia Photographer

One of the sweetest of little gems she is… The moment her Mommy & Daddy placed her in her birthday outfit Emma made sure the world knew it was her day. Full of life and giggles. Walking around and showing off that sweet tutu her Mama had made just for her.

Emma’s day was full of style, cuteness, but most of all family and love.

Emma’s Mama made everything for her party… Showing off her style and the sweet little girl she was. Pretty in pink and full of glitter.

Each time the door bell rang Emma was sure to be there greeting her guest with a smile as bright as the sun and giggles that you couldn’t help but laugh with her on. Each little guest that walked through the door was just as full of life and love. Each showing their own style and energy.

It was a party full of cute little guest that made sure to share in the happiest of 1st birthdays for their friend.

I have to admit I was so in love with Emma and her family… Each one of them held their little one year old birthday girl with such love. Mama and Dada were the proudest of parents sharing and celebrating in their babies first year of life together.

As a Mom myself I know those memories that come flooding back when my babies turn another year older. You can never forget those memories no matter how hard you try. And I am sure that Emma’s Mama and Dada had those same feeling and thoughts. Watching how friends and family celebrated with them and their little love.

It was truly the sweetest and most adorable birthday!

Thank you so much Emma for inviting me to your special day and for sharing such bright smiles and giggles with me. I can’t wit till we meet again and capture more memories together for your Mama and Dada, ❤


Happy Birthday Sibley! | Portraits Mini Session | Mapleton Iowa

Today this beauty here turns 13 years old! She is one of the sweetest young souls I have met in a long time. While out in Iowa we started chatting and I learned her Birthday was right around the corner. So we thought, why not have a mini session for the fun of it. We made sure to make it silly and fun. Making sure to capture Sibley in moments that express her love, personality, and tomboy way of life… All while showing her sweet girly side too.

I’ve been around some young souls… And Sibley is unlike many of them. She was the sweetest and most caring when hanging out with her younger cousins. Making sure to watch over them, but still keeping that cousin bond at the same time. It was the sweetest thing to watch.

While getting to know Sibley more over our few days together… I had learned of her love of life, hockey, nature, Starbucks Frappuccinos, playing on the phone, and climbing trees, all while sharing her sweet and adorable smile with us all.

I can’t wait till I get to see this young soul again next year in Minnesota! And oh the fun we will have. I can’t wait for her to be able to show our family her world and all she loves to do. What an adventure that will be! ❤

Sibley! It was such a pleasure to be able to hangout with you. Thank you for being the bright light and great cousin.  You have a beautiful way about you!  I hope you never lose your sweet and silly personality. Enjoy your Birthday! And make sure to giggle along the way. We miss you all already!

Love always,
The Shaw Family! ❤


The day we made it to Iowa it was a VERY hot day!  Something Iowa wasn’t use to.  So we all had fun playing in the water…  And of course Sibley had a LOT of fun too, lol.


Their Facebook Page!  Deb’s Bed & Breakfast!


Chatting with her Auntie Christy!  ❤


She loves writing !!!  🙂


The bed and breakfast they stayed at had a beautiful garden and was full of such beauty…  I had to capture things along the way.  🙂



Meet My Little Beauty Tashina! | Personal | Virginia Beach

She is our light, our beauty, a sweet & caring big sister, a daughter we are most proud of, and a soul that everyone falls in love with. She shares my name, she loves art, and music, loves to dance, and wrestle with her Daddy. She is our little beauty!  A young lady who loves to play in the dirt…  While still getting her nails painted.  A tomboy and princess all rolled into one.

You see when I was pregnant with her… I wanted her to have a strong Native American name like mine. (As we have strong Native American blood running through us.)  But every name I found just didn’t speak to me. It didn’t say, “THIS IS IT! THIS IS MY LITTLE GIRL!” And then it hit me. I loved my name dearly. I was always proud of my name. And I thought if men could name their sons after them… Then I could do the same. And before I could even say that to my Husband Mike… He made sure to say it first. I remember him telling me, “I love your name. It’s a strong name. And our little girl is strong. Let’s give her your name.” So we made sure she would share her Mama’s name but with one letter changed to keep her identity one to grow into as well.

TASHINA Meaning:  Quiet One

Native American:  Cherokee

Pronounced:  Da-Shee-Na 

We have watched this sweet little soul grow in to a strong willed, funny, creative, brave, and outgoing little beauty. Now she is growing and we can’t stop it… Like all parents we just wish we could bottle her up. But I am forever in love with her. She is growing before our eyes into a young lady who we are so proud to call our Daughter.

During this little photo session she wanted to wear her birthday dress and her cowgirl boots she got in Mississippi with her Nana. She wanted to just show off her dress and play in the sun. While capturing Tashina I was in love all over again. Watching her smile and giggle at me. Watching her stop to pick flowers and twirl around. She is strong and brave. She is sweet and loving. She is our little beauty.

So I hope you enjoy some of these little images… As I enjoyed capturing them. ❤


This last image was taken in Mississippi back in April.  I caught her twirling in the sun.  ❤


Happy 9th Birthday Tashina! | Our Little Beauty | Personal | Virginia Beach

Dear Little Tashina,

Today you are 9 years old. I still can’t believe God choose me to be your Mommy. I can still remember the moment I learned you were growing in my belly. I was so scared! I was afraid I wouldn’t be good enough for you. I was afraid I wouldn’t be the Mommy you needed and deserved. But I knew that no matter what I would fight for you, I would love you with all my heart, and I would cherish all the moments we share together in this adventure as Mommy and Daughter. I vowed to be your Mom, adventure in life, to love you unconditionally, to help you learn all life has to offer you, and even be your friend when those moments called for it. You my love brought our family together in more ways then you will ever understand. You showed us how to love, how to grow, and how to become the Mommy & Daddy you need in life. There isn’t a day that comes along that you aren’t smiling and giggling with us. You are full of such life that you make all those around you cherish as well. You are sweet, caring, artistic, silly, an AMAZING big sister, a loving daughter, and a best friend to all those you come in contact with. YOU MY LITTLE BEAUTY still teach your family daily just how amazing life is… And how to love unconditionally without fear or regrets. I love watching the young woman God is turning you in to. Everyday I see you determined to grow and learn about everything around you. I admire your strength more then you will ever know. You my sweet little beauty our God’s gift to us.  Your Mommy and Daddy couldn’t be any more proud of the sweet young lady you are becoming… and all share with those around you.

I love watching how you make sure you dress up everyday… You are our little fashionista. I love how you see art and beauty in all things. I just love our little Mommy-Coffee-Dates we have together. I love how you have such patience and love for your little brother. I love how you get creative when you’re in your artistic mode. I love how even though you are such a girly-girl you still LOVE to play in the mud and get dirty with the boys. I love watching how you listen to every word your Daddy shares with you with such open eyes. I love even more how when your Daddy is teaching you things, no matter what it is… YOU my dear make sure you learn it no matter how long it takes you to get it right. You my little beauty are an adventure we are blessed to watch grow in this life.

Tashina thank you for blessing our family with your love !!!

We are so PROUD of you! So proud to call you our Daughter! So proud of you forever and always!


Love always your Mommy and Daddy!

((( Please forgive the old camera pictures mixed in with the good pictures. And please forgive the extra pictures we just had to share. After all they are priceless to us. Hope you all enjoy! )))



Little beauty baking in the belly…


The day she was born…  Her Daddy took this picture of me holding her.  ❤


She found the PERFECT pumpkin and wouldn’t let it go.  Her Daddy was laughing so hard.  🙂


OH YEAH!  They still make the same looks when watching football together, lol.


She took Mama’s coca-cola and wouldn’t give it back, lol.  This is her Grams FAVORITE picture!  ❤


I was telling her about the ocean…  It was her first time seeing it.  And she wouldn’t take her eyes off of it.  ❤


OH YEAH!  SHE LOVES SALT AND VINEGAR CHIPS!  She kept cooing each time she went to eat one…  And no one was allowed to take the bag from her, lol.


This is her best friend Hali!  They LOVED swimming together…  She never left Hali’s side.  ❤


Hali’s Mama Miss Patty…  Miss Patty can do NO WRONG!  She is Tashina’s buddy in life.  🙂


Just sitting on the table at the pool eating lunch with her Aunt Brittany…  And making silly faces together, lol.


Daddy calls this the ‘Zoolander’ face, lol.


Her imagination got the best of her…  This was when she was pretending to be some little smoothie girl who broke out of jail.  (She LOVES smoothies and wanted one that morning)


My heart melts every time I see this picture.  The look on her face as she is looking at her Daddy.   PRICELESS !!!!  ❤


She wanted to pass out lollipops for everyone.  So we made a bucket full of them with little papers added to them to look like flowers.  She ran to everyone she saw and gave them one.  This man was sitting outside of Starbucks after we got our Coffee-Free Frappuccinos.  He was so sad and the moment she gave him one…  HE SMILED FROM EAR TO EAR AND WAS GIGGLING!  She made his day.  ❤


She was beauty for Halloween that year.  And was such a beauty for sure.  ❤


If you couldn’t tell already…  She loves hunting for the perfect pumpkin, lol.  (I could do a blog on those pictures alone, lol)


Being silly with her Brother…


I catch her reading EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE!  ❤


Kool-Slushies with her Brother at her school…  🙂


I adore hoe she looks at her little brother…  ❤


This one was taken last week while we were in Mississippi.  (More of those to come.)

Happy 4th Birthday Michael  |  My Little Man  |  Personal  | Virginia Beach

I can still remember it all like it was yesterday… The awful doctors appointments, the being told I wouldn’t carry my baby to term, all the doctors who had lists of things that were wrong with the child growing in my belly, and the moments I knew no matter what this life was worth fighting for. That no matter what he would be loved and fill a place in our hearts for all these years to come. I remember the morning of his due date so clearly. The Hubby wanted to stay home with us because he had a feeling our little bean was ready to make his big entrance to the world. And well after a great lunch with my family at Kevin’s Dog House. Enjoying some hot dogs, Brunswick stew, french fries, and a root-beer to drink… Seems our little Michael was all ready to make his entrance. Because not even an hour later Mommy and Daddy were headed off to the hospital. His little sister kissed the belly, and promised to be good for Nina and her Papa. She even told her Brother to be a good boy too for Mama & Dada. We headed to the hospital and began our journey to bring our son in to this world. I still can remember every moment of the day, every thought, every emotion, every fear, and every moment of pain. But I still wouldn’t change one moment of it all. God sure knew what he was doing by placing him in our family. This little man has proven the world and all those doctors wrong… Showing us all that our Lord has the final say.

Michael has always been a strong, spunky, carefree, joy, full of laughter, sharing hugs and kisses, little man who loves his big sister with all his heart, a Daddies boy who loves cars and Monday night wrestling with his Daddy, a little man who snuggles with his Mommy and shares those stories of his crazy dreams with, he is our light and our love. WE ARE FOREVER GRATEFUL OUR LORD GAVE OUR FAMILY THIS PRECIOUS GIFT. My heart is forever full with such a brave, loud, and loving child.

So with that said I wanted to share some images that express just the loving, wild, silly, and carefree soul Michael is.


I’m so proud of the young man you are becoming.

We love you!

(Please forgive the iPhone pictures…  They are mixed in the the good ones as well.  But our priceless to me.  So I had to share.)


His Proud BIG sister…  Holding his 1st picture.  Waiting for him to come out and meet her.

❤ 234Daddy showing BIG sister her new Brother…  And how to take care of him.  ❤  Such a wonderful memory.  God blessed me with an amazing Man who I adore and who adores us.

5Laying on his new home floor…  After his shots from his doctor.  😦

7Our first family photos…  As you can see…  He was full of himself.  Talking up a storm and blowing Raspberries,  lol.

🙂8910Waiting for his Nina to come and get him,  ❤


Watching his BIG sister play outside with her friends.


Silly faces with his Mama!  ❤


All about dum-dums after his doctors appointment.  ❤


Holding sissy’s Wolfie while calling up the stairs to his Daddy,  lol.




Always happy to make his sissy smile…  Even if it means wearing the same shirt, lol.


Playing in the rain!  ❤


Dancing and being silly while waiting for sissy’s bus to summer camp.  ❤


He adores her!  And she adores him!  My heart is full.  ❤


Our little big man broke his arm…  But was such a champ about it all.  🙂


Serious conversation with his Daddy at lunch…  ❤


When your sister says, “Strike a pose!”  And this is the look you give, lol.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN!  You keep us busy and full of life.  God sure knew you were the perfect fit for our family.  ❤