CONGRATULATIONS Krystal Trager | Rodan + Fields | The Winery at Bull Run

When you gather at a place full of ladies (and a few gentlemen) who are full of life and giggles. As they are all there ready to celebrate Krystal and her earning her Lexus from the AMAZING company Rodan + Fields.

You see this is my 2nd time shooting an event like this… And it never fails to be full of love. These ladies come together to encourage one another. Each ready to share in their stories of a company that has done so much for so many.

I can personally tell you that now I am one of those Ladies. As I have now been learning about how truly AMAZING Rodan + Fields is. And now to be there as these ladies embrace one another and celebrate Krystal and all the hard work she has placed over these months to earn her Lexus was a treasure to watch & capture.

Krystal couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful place. A winery that embraces love, life, and family. This say was not only full of sunshine, wine, love, and joy… But was also full of grace. YES! GRACE!

Not one of these ladies acted as if they did it all themselves. They showed how together they work, that together they help each other reach their goals, that together they would celebrate Krystal and her family.

This may seem silly to many as they ready this. Silly how women could come together and praise & embrace each other in earning a Lexus. But it’s such truth! And an honor to be apart of.

I can’t wait till one of these ladies from this group earn their *NEW* Lexus as well !!! Because like the last time, and this time, I am sure I will see many of these beautiful faces again as they celebrate the next young lady and her accomplishments.

THANK YOU Krystal for letting me be apart of such a stunning day! You truly are loved by so many… And it showed brightly on this day for you.

Krystal is such a beauty, strong, loyal, and full of joy. An honor to be able to capture this party of her life and to be able to tell her story. ❤



Happy Birthday Sibley! | Portraits Mini Session | Mapleton Iowa

Today this beauty here turns 13 years old! She is one of the sweetest young souls I have met in a long time. While out in Iowa we started chatting and I learned her Birthday was right around the corner. So we thought, why not have a mini session for the fun of it. We made sure to make it silly and fun. Making sure to capture Sibley in moments that express her love, personality, and tomboy way of life… All while showing her sweet girly side too.

I’ve been around some young souls… And Sibley is unlike many of them. She was the sweetest and most caring when hanging out with her younger cousins. Making sure to watch over them, but still keeping that cousin bond at the same time. It was the sweetest thing to watch.

While getting to know Sibley more over our few days together… I had learned of her love of life, hockey, nature, Starbucks Frappuccinos, playing on the phone, and climbing trees, all while sharing her sweet and adorable smile with us all.

I can’t wait till I get to see this young soul again next year in Minnesota! And oh the fun we will have. I can’t wait for her to be able to show our family her world and all she loves to do. What an adventure that will be! ❤

Sibley! It was such a pleasure to be able to hangout with you. Thank you for being the bright light and great cousin.  You have a beautiful way about you!  I hope you never lose your sweet and silly personality. Enjoy your Birthday! And make sure to giggle along the way. We miss you all already!

Love always,
The Shaw Family! ❤


The day we made it to Iowa it was a VERY hot day!  Something Iowa wasn’t use to.  So we all had fun playing in the water…  And of course Sibley had a LOT of fun too, lol.


Their Facebook Page!  Deb’s Bed & Breakfast!


Chatting with her Auntie Christy!  ❤


She loves writing !!!  🙂


The bed and breakfast they stayed at had a beautiful garden and was full of such beauty…  I had to capture things along the way.  🙂



Iryna + Jonathan | Winter Engagement Session | The Founders Inn and Spa

When your clients brave the snow to be able to capture some cute images together… Now that’s a session you can’t miss.

Iryna and Jonathan are two of the cutest couple I have ever met. Full of love, life, and giggles. I loved capturing these two together. They were more than happy to step out into the snow and show the world just what Tashena Shaw Photography clients are all about.

I hope to be able to capture these two love birds again one day! ❤


Husband + Wife | Client Testimonial

“My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Tashena Shaw on the beach for a couples shoot. It was my husbands first time being in front of the camera and he’s not very big with pda’s. Tashena made us both feel very comfortable and we had a blast. (Even my husband). The pictures came out BEAUTIFULLY!! And we have them framed around the home where they get plenty of complaints. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is a first timer or to anyone who enjoys working with a professional, fun photographer.”

-Angel Hu


Don’t Let The Darkness Overshadow Your Dreams. | Inspiring | Virginia Beach Photographer

I can’t tell you how many times I will wake up feeling defeated and I just want to give up. I will receive back emails and messages from Brides and potential clients who don’t need me. I will read things like, “Your not the right fit. Your to expensive. Your new to this. Your not what we are looking for.”

And as I understand not every photographer is the ‘perfect’ fit for every style or clients. It still burns when you read that. Any photographer who has been there at one point or another will admit that too.

I can’t tell you how many hours I have wasted crying over mean words I see, or clients who don’t agree with my photography business, how I work, or even when I messed up badly and am trying to fix it. I know there are always ups and downs. That our Lord has great plans for me and all of us. But then those days of darkness over shadow all I’m dreaming of. And then out of no where there will be a spark, a light. And just like Joanna Gaines from HGTV ‘Fixer Upper’… I can hear our Lord pushing me. Opening other doors and pushing me through them.

I listen how my Husband will encourage me to keep pushing forward to… Echoing what I hear my Lord telling me. A reassurance of what I hear in my own heart.

I’ve watched how I have prayed and worked hard to push myself into a photography world that can be so cruel at times. I’ve watched how doors have slammed in my face. I’ve watched how then many other doors open enough to allow my style, heart, faith, love of photography to reach clients who share the same love of photography. Who even share the same faith as myself.

I realize now that our Lord was keeping me from the wrong clients. Pushing me to the clients who need me. Clients who shares in the same joys, love, and faith as I do. And watching how each potential Bride that enters my doors are so excited to see me. Who are excited to have me as their photographer. Well that’s just a feeling that fills my heart with such joy!

And watching all of this fall into place. Watching how our Lord locked doors on me. How he will still closed doors ahead of me. He will open them at the right time, and for the right clients. I see now I have to stop letting the devil take control of my dreams and allow our Lord to keep his ever faith light shinning on me.

So if you are a photographer or anyone in the business world who is struggling. Don’t give up! Don’t let the darkness cover your dreams. Have faith & trust in our Lord. He will show you a great many things. He will allow the perfect fit of clients to rush through your doors and fill your hearts with joy. There may be long days and night of such hard work. And then you will see that those long nights you were never alone. Our lord was just shielding us from the wrong place. And in return shinning the light on us for those clients who will appreciate us for all we have to offer.

IF YOU HAVE A MOMENT PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO!  If you are a fan of Joanna Gaines from ‘Fixer Upper’ you will see a new side of the beautiful Lady.  Maybe this video can help inspire you too!

LINK:  The Story Of Joanna Gaines

IMG_0031-002 IMG_0040-001

Tips For Capturing The Ring Shot? | Challenges | Wedding Photographer | Virginia

As photographer we sometimes don’t have all the supplies we wish we had to capture key moments during weddings. We wish we had something that could better show off the ring everyone wants to see. We wish something would jump out at us at the time to help us make the ring shot ‘sparkle’ just right. And we have those moments as a wedding photographer were it just doesn’t happen. We have nothing! SO we are forced to take a good detailed shot (a close up) of the ring. And pray that will do the job. Sometimes we get lucky. And sometimes it just wasn’t our best.

So I wanted to show anyone who thinks it can’t be done… That just by the little details you can help a simple ring shot come to life. 🙂

After grabbing 3 of my Great Grandma’s rings… I walked around my home fast and without thinking. Because as wedding photographers we all understand we don’t always have time to search for the perfect prop for our shot. We have to work with what we have.

  • A pink scarf
  • An old tea saucer
  • Some white lace
  • Some flowers from around my house
  • A small silver box
  • My daughters broken journal cover


From there I just placed the ring(s) on or around the prop I thought fit the ring the best. And started to shoot.

I used my Canon 60mm lens to capture these ring shots. ❤ My favorite lens to capture small details.

Yes, these images may have just been thrown together. Yes they may not be the perfect image most would capture. But these images got the job done. And can show that no matter what you have to work with… You too can capture the perfect ring shot with all or very little you may have around you.

Just get creative! Use what you have and make it work.

And don’t be afraid to PRACTICE! That way when the day or moment comes that you know you only have a few moments to get that perfect ring shot. You will know you have what it takes to pull that image together for your client. It may even be an image you are most proud of. ❤

IMG_3835-1 IMG_3844-2

Use anything with glitter!IMG_3910-4 IMG_3916-5 IMG_3939-6

Even the simplest of things like an old tea saucer can help capture a beautiful ring.IMG_4095-9 IMG_4222

Try to look for things that match the ring or style.  That way you can help bring the ring to life more.  ❤IMG_4318-13

I also used my wedding ring to help show that with lace, wild fall flowers, and yes even weeds you can help a ring sparkle.IMG_4423-18

And most of all…  LOOK for natural light.  These images I captured near my kitchen window to help bring more life to the shot.

BUT!  No matter what make sure you have fun.  Look outside the box and use what you have.  Remember the littlest of things can make the best prop and style to show off something everyone will later want to see up close.

I hope this has helped some of you.  I know it may sound silly.  These images may not be perfect.  But just think what you can do if you step of out your own box on your next wedding day.  I can only imagine what you could capture too.  ❤

The Kithcart Family | Beach Session | Virginia Beach

We all have those clients we just fall in love with. Those clients who are so faithful to us and return each year for their family session. But then there are those clients that return and you feel as though you have known them forever. You can laugh, play, and help capture moments you know can’t ever be replaced. And with the Kithcart family it was just that.

Capturing this family is one of my favorite things to do. Their beauty of a daughter Addi is ALWAYS up for cute poses, the sweetest giggles, and always a helper when posing her Mom and Dad. The funniest thing with Addi is listening to her tell her Dad, “Don’t you smile like that! That’s not a smile.” You can’t help but laugh with Addi as you listen to her help her Mom and Dad capture images they will love.

But like all children the moment Mom and Dad share a small kiss… Addi is the first to scream gross. But then fixes that gross with, “Okay, that’s cute.” Addi is always so fun to work with, she never holds back her thoughts, and ia such a joy to capture.

The thing I think I hold dear the most is when I see Kim and Mike look at each other. We all catch those moments between couples that we just love to see. But the look between Kim and Mike is something you can’t describe or even duplicate if you tried.

I’m so blessed to have met and watched this family grow. They are ones I will always cherish as a photographer and will always and forever be grateful for.

I can’t wait till our next session. I can’t wait to see how Addi grows in front of the camera. How their love as a family grows even more. Or just watching how Kim and Mike show what a love is truly like to capture.

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