Breastfeeding Awareness Month | PART 4 | Teenae + Alana | Shore Drive

Today we are ending the month of August with a BANG! Another powerful Mama and her little girl show the world age is only a number.

Teenae & Alana had so much spunk it killed me! I was so overjoyed to capture this Mommy & Daughter team as they documented their very own nursing story.

This is the BLOG for all those people, Mamas, and fools who think that breastfeeding stops at one age of each child. And here Teenae teaches us that is NOT the case.

Thank you so much Teenae for your bravery and showing the world what Breastfeeding Awareness Month is truly ALL ABOUT!


Name: Teenae Andrea Jacobson

Age: 30

Job: Stay At Home Mommy + Childcare Provider

How Many Children Do You Have: I have 6 kids stepdaughter age 21, stepson 14, son age 9, twin sons age 5 and daughter age 22 months

What Do You LOVE Most About Nursing: What I love most about nursing is the close relationship I have with my daughter.

I have nursed all of my children since birth. All of my boys took bottles and I pumped because I went to work after 6 weeks. But with baby girl we decided it was better if I stayed home with the kids. We were living in Burlington, IA at the time so the jobs were kinda slim anyway.

She wouldn’t take a bottle so I pumped to empty my breast from engorgement for 6 months and stored the milk in the freezer. After 6 months I stopped pumping and just let her eat as often as she was hungry. 6 months then turned into a year and a year turned into 18 months. And here we are 22 months later and we are still at it!!!

With the boys they nursed until 8 months old and weaned themselves off. I do not see Alana weaning herself off anytime soon.

What Do You HATE The Most About It: I don’t think their is anything I hate about nursing… But I do hate when people ask when will I stop nursing my daughter. Like their is suppose to be a timeline to nursing your child, UGH! So darn annoying! Whenever she is sick, tired, cranky, or uncomfortable it always soothes her. I’ve even nursed during vaccinations.

What Is Your Worst Interacting During This Breastfeeding Adventure: Nursing in public people always stare as if I am doing something wrong and unnatural. But I don’t care at all! If my daughter is hungry I’m going to feed her! This is my last child so I will be sad when this journey ends for us both. But will always treasure this experience I’ve shared with her!


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Breastfeeding Awareness Month | PART 3 | Nicole + Preslie | Shore Drive

Today we share another story… A story of Nicole and Preslie… How a Mom shows us you can push back fears and the world to be able to have the sweetest bond with your little ones, as you both venture in to the world of Breastfeeding together. Showing us fears can hold us back from what we want.

Nicole was so cute dressed up with her little Preslie… Both showing a style of their own and all the cuteness in the world during their session together.

But of course Preslie wasn’t shy to stop her nursing to look back at me like, “WHAT DO YOU WANT!?” lol. It was the funniest thing ever. She was also GREAT at showing us ‘Baby Yoga Nursing’ as she would place her little toes in her Mommies face while nursing. NOW THAT IS PRICELESS, lol.

We also made sure to ask Nicole a few questions as well… And she shared with us her fears and regrets. So to all our soon-to-be nursing Mamas this is this Blog for you! ❤

Name: Nicole Hart
Age: 36
How Many Children Do You Have: Two kids. 6 year old (thinks she is 16) Kylie. 9 month old Preslie.


I didn’t breastfeed with Kylie, I thought of every excuse not to. Then I looked at the benefits, the real story, lol. But she turned out just fine. No allergies. Ect. The only real part that bothers me is the bonding experience. I wish I had at least tried. ❤

With Preslie. About half way into the pregnancy I decided I would give it a go. My husband was on board for whatever I felt comfortable with doing. I thought to myself challenge accepted! I can do this! We can do this! The first two weeks were rough!! But so much fun. I laughed more than I cried. After that it’s been easy. She is a trip! I love the little smiles. The milk drunk. When your milk decides it’s coming whether you are ready or not.

I told myself, “I’ll try until 3 months, 6 months, and so on. I’m pretty sure I will make it a year.” I’m very proud of myself. My Husband was a huge help. Especially in the beginning. He had no problem helping out!

I haven’t had to many bad experiences. I plan around. But will feed her if I need to. I’m not a fan of pumping. I do it because I have to. I thought in the beginning that’s all I would do, nope! It’s annoying.


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Little Photographers At Heart… | Those Little Hearts Are Always Watching | Mommy Confessions

After dinner this evening we all jumped up as a family to clean up the house. I told the kids we all needed to spend just 30 minutes cleaning so Mommy doesn’t have to worry about it tomorrow. Thankfully my family didn’t question a word and started to help right away. By the time I headed up stairs to start cleaning the bathrooms my babies had already finished all I had asked of them. So of course they started to run around and play…

All I could hear was these two little ones giggling as they ran from room to room. Tashina would tell Michael to follow her… Michael would giggle and follow. Of course I thought nothing of it. Till I heard them talking more.

Tashina: Grab your camera I have something cool you can take a picture of Michael.

Michael: OKAY! I are coming!

Tashina: Make sure the light is good. We can take pictures of these things. We will Blog about it later. Okay Michael?

Michael: Okay Sissy. Like this?

This went on for a few minutes. Room to room, giggle after giggle, photography comment after comment. After I was finished cleaning I looked in to see them both sitting at Sissy table. Blogging away! Sissy had her computer and camera, as so did Michael.

I made sure to snap a picture because I thought it was the cutest thing… My babies doing what Mommy does.

But it got me to thinking… Again I see how my babies are watching me. How they hear and see everything I am doing while I work. It made my heart melt at the thought that one day these little gems could be my back up photographers if they turn out to love this life too.

BUT! Most of all it was a reminder of how much our children shadow our every move and copy what they see and hear. We have to remember to keep being that light they need in those dark moments. To shine bright for them so that they too will do and be their best in life.

I am grateful my babies saw the things I love to do and played along in their own ways. Everything from how I talk to them when I am at a photo shoot, to how I take a picture in the light, how I make sure to blog my work, and how I make sure my clients will love what I have done for them.

It’s simple really… My babies saw something I love with all my heart and that bring me joy… But in these moments I am reminded of the joy much BIGGER then all the things before. Their smiles and giggles, their very own light and love, and I am forever grateful these little gems were copying something Mommy does with all her heart.

So parents out there reading this… Remember that NO MATTER your passions, jobs, lives, our children are watching with all their heart. So be that light you want them to be… And remember they are always watching and always learning.

(And Of Course I Had To Snap A Picture…  In Their PJs With Their Little Cameras & Computers.  Please forgive the iPhone picture.)



Holding On To Those Moments & Memories… | Mommy Confessions | Virginia Beach

The summer is coming to an end and little beauty is becoming a young lady. This evening after she spent the afternoon playing in the yard with her 4 year old brother… She made her way up the steps. Full of dirt and giggles. Full of innocence and beauty. She had made her way to her room singing to herself and cleaning her room.

In that moment of watching her I was getting her brother ready for a bath. While scrubbing him down from an afternoon full of dirty nails, sand in his hair, sweat pouring from his face… I heard my little man say, “I love my bath time with you Mama.” And of course I told him, “Well I love them too!” As I kissed his now soapy face. I finished cleaning him up and scooting him out of the bathroom so that his sister could have a bath too.

And in that moment I watched my 9 year old little beauty walk right by me. Full of a dirty face, those sweaty red cheeks, and those side walk chalk hands.

I had then turned around to see her place her towel by the tub. I had to take a second look because this time unlike all the baths before… My little beauty had made herself a bath time bucket. She had placed her pjs down and turned back to me and asked, “May I have a shower by myself?” My heart stopped and in that moment of seeing my sweet 9 year old… I saw a young lady before me. I had told her of course she could. I turned on the shower making sure to keep the water cool just in case. But I found myself sad. In this moment my little beauty was making a step forward and showing me the even bigger girl she is.

As she entered the shower I looked down to her bucket that she decorated with flower stickers. She placed a washcloth in it, her hair tie, little Shopkins body wash, lotion, and even some shampoo in it. It may have had little girl stuff in it. But it showed me nothing but the young lady she was becoming.

I share this not to cry or say why my baby! Why does she have to grow up? Why can’t she stay little forever?  But to remind us all… To remind ourselves that our children grow up in the blink of an eye.

All I can see right now is that sweet chubby, two teeth, little toddler looking up at me in her tub. And now she can almost look at me in the eyes (I’m short remember!)… For she is now becoming bigger, and soon she won’t even need me to start the shower for her.

So to all my fellow Mommies and Daddies out there… Remember to cherish those little moments. Because one day you will lose them forever.

I share this as a proud Mama! It’s simple to some, maybe even silly to others, but we all will remember that moment when they didn’t need us like they did then.

I love you my little beauty! Always and forever!


The Queen Of Her Boys | Baseball Field Photoshoot | Smiling Through The Storm | Virginia Beach Photographer

All day it was storming… rain, wind, and just pure ugliness outside. And all on the day we planned to capture the love and joy of a Queen and her family. But thankfully God showed us what beauty can come from a storm. And just around 6:30pm the sky parted ways and the sun came shinning through.

We didn’t want to take any chances and travel to the location we had picked out just for this family… So in the moment of laughter we grabbed everyone and walked towards the baseball field in our neighborhood.

Yes, this wasn’t the ideal location… And things didn’t go as planned. But we knew that no matter what this would be a session for the books.

Angelina and her beautiful family were a joy to capture. They made this simple session in a very small location a photographer’s dream come true. All while showing what a family is truly like to capture after a storm has passed.

I think one of the greatest things I have had the pleasure of capturing… Is watching the face of Angelina change as she noticed her littlest son had found a puddle of mud. But what was even better was watching a Mom be a Mom. She laughed and said, “Now that is going to make a great picture.” I turned around to see all 3 boys standing in the baseball field of mud and just being kids. Seeing how Angelina embraced the mud and the joy of her children was a beautiful sight to see. Showing the world that being a Mom of boys comes with dirty crazy days as well as hugs and kisses too.

So yes, as you look through these images you will see the face of a Mom who in the moments of her own photos shows the joy and laughter of seeing her boys be boys.

Angelina is a Queen who loves her boys with all her heart. A mom and wife full of love at every turn. Showing that one doesn’t need to be perfect 24/7 to be able to embrace the joys of Motherhood at every turn.

She is my hero! And I am honored to call her my friend.

Thank you Angelina for a photoshoot with such memories I will NEVER forget.  ❤


Gareth | Senior Portraits | His Faith | Virginia Beach Ocean Front

Just when we thought we were going to get washed out of our senior portraits session. Then our Lord ends up blessing us with an afternoon full of sun and a wonderful breeze that was coming off the ocean. And although the sand wasn’t playing fair that didn’t stop us from having fun with this session.

When you see a young man full of love, smiles, respect, and out pouring love for his faith… That’s just something to admire. Seeing how Gareth was so open about his love for his family and his love for our Lord was what made me even more excited to capture the uniqueness of this young man. I wanted to make sure that each change and image captured was true to Gareth. I didn’t just want to pose him like any other. And I really didn’t want to just have him sit and smile. So when Gareth said he had brought his guitar and bible… I was beyond thrilled. Knowing this would better show the true love of this young man in these images was something I was excited to capture.

Through out our session Gareth took direction like a pro. He was open to any idea I gave him. He even played along with his Mom as she would stand close by me and make silly faces at him. The looks between them was only something a Mother and Son could have. It was such a joy to watch them interact with each other.

I was so blessed to be able to capture this young man! And I can’t wait to hear the many stories of his adventures in life. Because if you ever have the pleasure of meeting Gareth you will know and just feel that our Lord has a great many things planned for this young soul. I wish Gareth nothing but the best! And I can’t wait to work with him again in the future.

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Detours + Never Ending Roads | Destination Wedding Photographer | Iowa

I was in this beautiful place, this small town in Iowa… Capturing small town life and images I found to be unique, and well just cute. And I realized as I was standing there I was thinking, “I want to make my photography business something different, something more. I want to continue to be a destination photographer. I want to TRAVEL! I want my photography to be so much more than my Virginia Beach home.”

CRAZY I KNOW! You’re probably thinking I’m nuts. And well I’m kinda thinking that too, lol.

But you know what ??? I don’t care if it takes a week, month, years, I will get there and I will make THIS happen.

I’ve watched over these years so many people I know just give up on dreams because they weren’t working. I’ve even watched myself take detours… And having to pause on my love of photography so I could take care of my family, pay bills, and put my photography on hold because my pregnancy with my son was high-risk and I was forced to take it easy. I watched how every time my dreams got closer I had to take another detour down a never-ending road to only God knows where. And each time I had to put my goals and dreams on hold I found myself upset, angry, and hating my everyday life. But let’s be honest… It was pure depression I was dealing with. The feeling of being trapped with the ‘going nowhere’ feelings.

And even though I cherish my life, family, husband, and children… I realized I was wanting more.

I know I was being told you HAVE to take care of your children, you HAVE to be home everyday and night, you HAVE to put your dreams on hold because your children come first. YOU JUST CAN’T HAVE IT ALL !!! But if I have learned anything in life. It’s the fact that chasing after my dreams and making them come true wasn’t hurting anyone and I COULD HAVE IT ALL. It wasn’t hurting my life, husband, children, or friendships. But was in fact enriching them! Watching my Daughter light up when her teachers ask what her Mommy does… Watching my son jump up on the couch beside me to go through images with me I just captured from a session on the beach… Watching my Husband light up at the fact I am proud of the wedding I just booked in another state again… watching my friends praise me for my work & inspiring me to keep pushing forward. To me it was those things that made me excited to WANT more and chase after it.

So I don’t care what other detours come my way… What other never-ending roads I am forced down. I know our Lord is placing these places, moments, detours, and CRAZY roads in my way for a GREAT reason. And I will happily accept the challenges I am faced with. After all… I was reminded that our Lord places us in front of things, places us in moments, and will never just leave us alone… But instead He WILL pull us through it. Because HE our Lord brought us to it!