Senior Portraits | VIBE Creative District | Virginia Beach Photographer

Who doesn’t love the chance to walk around Virginia Beach and capture photos near creative art? What a great idea for a soul who is creative in so many way. This young man is one of the sweetest and funniest young men I have met. He is quick to have a funny comeback for anythingContinue reading “Senior Portraits | VIBE Creative District | Virginia Beach Photographer”

Jennifer & Lynn’s Wedding | Sandbridge Beach | Sandbridge Wedding Photographer

When your family from all over travel to Virginia to witness the love and commitment of Jennifer and Lynn as they promise the rest of their lives to one another… You just can’t help but share in their joy with them. Everyone I had the pleasure of meeting was a treasure to be around. BetweenContinue reading “Jennifer & Lynn’s Wedding | Sandbridge Beach | Sandbridge Wedding Photographer”

Whimsical Senior Portraits | First Landing State Park | Virginia Beach Photographer

What do you get when you have a creative young soul like Madison who wants a unique twist for her senior portraits? Well if you are anything like this young soul… You get to walk through First Landing State Park, with Spanish moss all around, and the whimsical feel with a dark twist. These senior […]

I Choose Happiness… | Personal | Virginia Beach

I have to admit I was not expecting any of the feedback I got from my last ‘We All Have A Past…‘ Blog post.  Between all the comments, likes, Facebook messages, emails, and text messages I received I could feel the love and support from every one of you.  Hearing from so many that shareContinue reading “I Choose Happiness… | Personal | Virginia Beach”

We All Have A Past… | Personal | Virginia Beach

Not sure where to start here.  But after some serious thought, words of wisdom from those I love, & prayer I decided after I woke up this morning I would finally address this email that is going around about me now. If you are looking for a bashing, angry filled, blasting an email response here… Continue reading “We All Have A Past… | Personal | Virginia Beach”