Crystin + Dustin’s Wedding | Yorktown Freight Shed | Yorktown Virginia

When you learn your Bride and Groom have been through more then most couples go through in a life time together. About a month prier to to Crystin & Dustin’s wedding day I had learned that Dustin had went in to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and they had feared the worst. Not knowing if they would even have the chance to say ‘I Do’ to one another.

But our Lord had pulled them both through this time in their life. Pulling their families tighter together and making sure they found safety and love in those around them.

Thankfully Dustin made a full recover! The day had come for Crystin & Dustin to say ‘I Do’ with all those they love and cherish were right there with them.

Their day was one of the HOTTEST day of the summer. And these two love birds couldn’t have cared less… They took each moment as it came, smiling , and joking at every turn.

I think what I loved the most about these two love birds wedding was the fact they embraced everything that cam their way with smiles. Making sure to step inside every few minutes to refresh and part with those they loved… Then stepping back in to the heat to capture more family, love, and moments together.

Most Brides would refuse to step out in to the heat… But Crystin made sure she embraced it and had the most fun with it all. It was such a pleasure to watch Crystin & Dustin on their special day. Each moment you thought they might scream Dustin would pull Crystin in to him and whisper in her ear… Lord only knows what he said each time… But it was sure to make Crystin giggle and relax with her love by her side.

They were quick to show us all what life is truly all about… How you should cherish each moment and giggle through they rest.

Life, Love, And Laughter was felt the whole day between them both. And they couldn’t have chosen a better venue, day, or the friends and family to have at their side. ❤


We wish you both nothing but all the love in the world and a happily ever after from here to come. ❤





CONGRATULATIONS Krystal Trager | Rodan + Fields | The Winery at Bull Run

When you gather at a place full of ladies (and a few gentlemen) who are full of life and giggles. As they are all there ready to celebrate Krystal and her earning her Lexus from the AMAZING company Rodan + Fields.

You see this is my 2nd time shooting an event like this… And it never fails to be full of love. These ladies come together to encourage one another. Each ready to share in their stories of a company that has done so much for so many.

I can personally tell you that now I am one of those Ladies. As I have now been learning about how truly AMAZING Rodan + Fields is. And now to be there as these ladies embrace one another and celebrate Krystal and all the hard work she has placed over these months to earn her Lexus was a treasure to watch & capture.

Krystal couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful place. A winery that embraces love, life, and family. This say was not only full of sunshine, wine, love, and joy… But was also full of grace. YES! GRACE!

Not one of these ladies acted as if they did it all themselves. They showed how together they work, that together they help each other reach their goals, that together they would celebrate Krystal and her family.

This may seem silly to many as they ready this. Silly how women could come together and praise & embrace each other in earning a Lexus. But it’s such truth! And an honor to be apart of.

I can’t wait till one of these ladies from this group earn their *NEW* Lexus as well !!! Because like the last time, and this time, I am sure I will see many of these beautiful faces again as they celebrate the next young lady and her accomplishments.

THANK YOU Krystal for letting me be apart of such a stunning day! You truly are loved by so many… And it showed brightly on this day for you.

Krystal is such a beauty, strong, loyal, and full of joy. An honor to be able to capture this party of her life and to be able to tell her story. ❤



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Rachel + Kassie | Engagement Session | Shore Drive Beach

I can’t believe that September 10th is around the corner… And these two sweet souls will be standing in front of their loved ones and friends as they promise each other their love for one another.

Capturing Rachel & Kassie was the cutest thing. Kassie isn’t the biggest fan of the camera or being the center of attention. So when you pair her up with Rachel, you just watch the beauty shine through Kassie. Watching how Rachel would just say something and Kassie would just light up. Seeing how there were moments between these two that even the camera knew was true love. It was the sweetest of things to see!

There were moments that you would just catch Rachel looking at her love with a heart that was so full. Like she still couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have Kassie by her side forever.

My heart can’t wait for their special day! To be lucky enough to have been chosen to capture their story is a gift I am forever thankful for.

These two are the simplest, sweetest, and truly the most genuine couple I have captured in a long time. It’s going to be a joy to be there on their special day. ❤

Congrats Rachel & Kassie!


Breastfeeding Awareness Month | PART 2 | Michelle + Noemi | Shore Drive

Today we share Michelle and her little gem Noemi on part of their Breastfeeding adventure. I just love how Michelle came to this session full of smiles and ready to document this part of her life with her Daughter. So many Mommies set up their sessions and never show up for fear of what the world will think. But Michelle just pushed though and is helping to teach many others in her life just how amazing this gift is. Which I admire with all my heart.

And of course their matching outfits just set this session over the top! They weren’t only cute… They were the most sweetest to capture.

I made sure to ask just a few questions to better help any other Mommies who might be seeing this Blog today… To show what we Mommies face when we are out in the world feeding our babies.

I hope you all enjoy!

And to any Mommies out there today reading this… Fearing the world, wondering if you can keep going, maybe you don’t have the home support you need. No matter what your reasons or thoughts are. I hope this gives you a little more strength. ❤


Name: Michelle Sarmiento

Age: 31

Job: Labor and delivery RN

How Many Children Do You Have: 2

How Long Have You Been Nursing: 8 months

What Do You LOVE The Most About Nursing: Mommy and baby bond

What Do You HATE The Most About It: It can be painful and is a lot of work

What Is Your Worst Interacting During This Breastfeeding Adventure: Finding a fairly clean place to sit and comfortably feed my baby.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE: As a Labor and Delivery Nurse, I try to educate and promote the importance of breastfeeding to new and experienced mommies. Breastfeeding has proven to be beneficial in all aspects of growth for a growing baby time and time again. It is easier for baby to digest, increases IQ, provides baby with stronger immunity, decreases allergies, acts as medicine for sick baby, and the list goes on. In turn, is it also beneficial for mom. It aides with weight loss, decreases risk for cancer, and post-partum depression to name a few. It is highly recommended by pediatricians because of the benefits it provides for little ones, so why is there a stigma of breastfeeding in public? If anything, mothers who breastfeed their children should be congratulated and recognized for a job well done, for having the patience, dedication, and courage to continue or attempted to breastfeed their children. It’s been done for centuries and is the REAL PURPOSE of breasts. People need to learn to get their minds out of the gutter.


If you are interested in a ‘Breastfeeding’ session with Tashena Shaw Photography…  We would love to chat with you and set something up.  ❤  Feel free to message us to chat!  ❤



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A Fly In Homecoming! | The Truman | Jolly Rogers | Virginia Beach

She was so beautiful! Dressed all in white, her hair perfectly long, make up all in place, and her son beside her dressed in white too. From just looking at her you could see the wonderful military wife. The perfectly composed beauty holding on to her son waiting for their other half to land so they could run to his arms. But with all the perfectly beautiful look on the outside… You could see that wife full of nervousness and love. Holding on with every breath she has, as each fighter jet flew over. Each time looking back at her Mother in law and her family standing beside her. You could see all her love and fears rushing to her eyes. She was strong and poised. Holding on to that moment she has been dreaming of. Then it happened… She saw HIS plane land. She saw HIS team lining up. She saw HER love so far away, and yet so close she could reach out and grab him.

And yet like all the woman and children standing beside her… She had to wait till the man standing all the way at the other end gave the clear for those pilots wives to go rushing at them. She stood there holding her own, grabbing her sons hand, looking back and forth between that man at the end, and the love of her life walking to her.

I watched the moment they gave the clear and how she grabbed on to her son as they both launched themselves forward.  As if they were looking at a mirage they may never reach. With all the women around us reaching their loved ones… It was their love and story that mattered. It was his son reaching around his mom and grandma to get to his father. It was the love you see in the movies… But never will fully understand. Finally all the noise came to a close and you could hear the beautiful tears falling around those they love. Showing the world just how loved these men are. And just how great our country is to have fighters like this standing up for us all.

It was a gift to watch this family come together. To watch how this beautifully stunning wife held her own, while holding on to her family beside her.

It was beautiful!

It was priceless!

It will be a homecoming I will NEVER forget!

To this family I can’t thank you all enough for sharing your story with me along the way. How you kept your hearts open and allowed me to capture your one of a kind story for all to see. You are a blessing to us all! And I am grateful for all your family has done for our nation. ❤



Haylie Pretty In Blue | Mini Session | Shore Drive

When this young beauty in blue comes to a shoot ready to have a blast… You just know you are going to capture some priceless images. Haylie has a heart like no other! She is full of life, love, and is loyal to those she cares for. Always there willing to help everyone she can. Full of child-like giggles that make you smile and laugh along with her. Haylie wouldn’t be herself is she wasn’t trying to make those around her laugh. The first to get up and make a fool of herself just to make sure those around her are smiling from ear-to-ear.

During our session together Haylie showed her love of adventure & nature. Exploring all around her while laughing along the way.

I don’t think their was a serious image captured this whole session… She just wasn’t herself unless she was giggling and being silly. Dancing around, jumping in the air, and spinning all around.

It was such a joy to capture this young lady. And her BLUE hair just made this session even more unique and crazy from being to end. She is pretty in blue! And shines at every turn.

Haylie… You are a TRUE blessing to all those you encounter! Don;t you EVER let that light break. You show the world just the amazing young lady you are. I’m so blessed to be one of those souls who gets to be in your life. ❤ Thank you for showing us all what it means to just keep swimming, and to be HAPPY!

Much love Haylie !!! ❤


The Yoga Nook | The Beauty Of These Ladies | Virginia Beach Photographer

When I was younger I use to do Yoga with some of my friends… And of course over time life got the best of me and I found myself not going as much. But being around these sweet ladies brought back that love of Yoga for me! I admit I can’t name half of these poses, or remember how to move in to one pose to the next, never mind the fact I will admit I’m scared to go again.

But while I was capturing these amazingly unique ladies… I watched how they helped one another. How even the ladies who have been doing Yoga the longest found themselves in the need of help from others. It was just a beautiful thing to watch these ladies lean on each other and support each other in this time.

They were full of life, giggles, and had such a presence about them that pulled you in.

As I walked through ‘The Yoga Nook’ I saw such beauty, simplicity, and felt calm there. I’m very eager to go back there and take a few classes myself !!! To be able to see these ladies in a whole other light and way.

I think the best part of all of this was being able to meet Alejandra Botero one of the owners of ‘The Yoga Nook’… She was the sweetest! A big smile beaming from her. Telling me about her love of Yoga and how she wants her studio to be inviting and safe for all those who enter her Yoga Nook.

So if you are in the Hampton Roads area… YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO TAKE A CLASS WITH HER !!!

I can’t thank these Ladies enough for sharing their life, moments, and silliness with me during this session!

If you are interested in taking a class at ‘The Yoga Nook’ here is their Facebook page as well as their website. So go take a look… And enjoy learning some Yoga! ❤