Happy Birthday Emma! | Pretty In Pink + Glitter | Virginia Photographer

One of the sweetest of little gems she is… The moment her Mommy & Daddy placed her in her birthday outfit Emma made sure the world knew it was her day. Full of life and giggles. Walking around and showing off that sweet tutu her Mama had made just for her.

Emma’s day was full of style, cuteness, but most of all family and love.

Emma’s Mama made everything for her party… Showing off her style and the sweet little girl she was. Pretty in pink and full of glitter.

Each time the door bell rang Emma was sure to be there greeting her guest with a smile as bright as the sun and giggles that you couldn’t help but laugh with her on. Each little guest that walked through the door was just as full of life and love. Each showing their own style and energy.

It was a party full of cute little guest that made sure to share in the happiest of 1st birthdays for their friend.

I have to admit I was so in love with Emma and her family… Each one of them held their little one year old birthday girl with such love. Mama and Dada were the proudest of parents sharing and celebrating in their babies first year of life together.

As a Mom myself I know those memories that come flooding back when my babies turn another year older. You can never forget those memories no matter how hard you try. And I am sure that Emma’s Mama and Dada had those same feeling and thoughts. Watching how friends and family celebrated with them and their little love.

It was truly the sweetest and most adorable birthday!

Thank you so much Emma for inviting me to your special day and for sharing such bright smiles and giggles with me. I can’t wit till we meet again and capture more memories together for your Mama and Dada, ❤


Little Photographers At Heart… | Those Little Hearts Are Always Watching | Mommy Confessions

After dinner this evening we all jumped up as a family to clean up the house. I told the kids we all needed to spend just 30 minutes cleaning so Mommy doesn’t have to worry about it tomorrow. Thankfully my family didn’t question a word and started to help right away. By the time I headed up stairs to start cleaning the bathrooms my babies had already finished all I had asked of them. So of course they started to run around and play…

All I could hear was these two little ones giggling as they ran from room to room. Tashina would tell Michael to follow her… Michael would giggle and follow. Of course I thought nothing of it. Till I heard them talking more.

Tashina: Grab your camera I have something cool you can take a picture of Michael.

Michael: OKAY! I are coming!

Tashina: Make sure the light is good. We can take pictures of these things. We will Blog about it later. Okay Michael?

Michael: Okay Sissy. Like this?

This went on for a few minutes. Room to room, giggle after giggle, photography comment after comment. After I was finished cleaning I looked in to see them both sitting at Sissy table. Blogging away! Sissy had her computer and camera, as so did Michael.

I made sure to snap a picture because I thought it was the cutest thing… My babies doing what Mommy does.

But it got me to thinking… Again I see how my babies are watching me. How they hear and see everything I am doing while I work. It made my heart melt at the thought that one day these little gems could be my back up photographers if they turn out to love this life too.

BUT! Most of all it was a reminder of how much our children shadow our every move and copy what they see and hear. We have to remember to keep being that light they need in those dark moments. To shine bright for them so that they too will do and be their best in life.

I am grateful my babies saw the things I love to do and played along in their own ways. Everything from how I talk to them when I am at a photo shoot, to how I take a picture in the light, how I make sure to blog my work, and how I make sure my clients will love what I have done for them.

It’s simple really… My babies saw something I love with all my heart and that bring me joy… But in these moments I am reminded of the joy much BIGGER then all the things before. Their smiles and giggles, their very own light and love, and I am forever grateful these little gems were copying something Mommy does with all her heart.

So parents out there reading this… Remember that NO MATTER your passions, jobs, lives, our children are watching with all their heart. So be that light you want them to be… And remember they are always watching and always learning.

(And Of Course I Had To Snap A Picture…  In Their PJs With Their Little Cameras & Computers.  Please forgive the iPhone picture.)



I Think I Took More From Them… Then They Did From Me. | Family Portraits | First Landing State Park

I could go on and on about this little family right here. I could tell you how their little man Clayton stole my heart with his ‘young man manners, country accent, and his sweet silly smile’… I could tell you how I fell in love with Lori for her grace, love, and attention to her little family. I could tell you how watching Michael take in his sweet family, the patience he showed with their son as he showed his son the world around them, and how you see the love he has for them. But you see this little family is one for the books. A family who is full of love, giggles, their passion for sharing in their adventures of hunting, and their faith in our Lord is something to cherish.

But what I really want to share with you… Is just how much this little family brought such joy to me. Yes I am a photographer and this is what I do and love to do. But we as photographers understand one very true thing in this industry… We understand that although we may touch the lives of many, we may capture moments to last a lifetime, and we may among many things be able to share our passion with our Brides and many clients. But what we don’t always have the chance to do is come across clients like this family.  Who in the mist of my many struggles and doubts of whether or not I should just give up and walk away. Clients such as this priceless family here showed me again just WHY we do what we do. And WHY we love it so much. It’s NOT the money, late hours at night working, time away from our family and friends, the grand or little adventures we might venture on.  But it’s the thankfulness and gratitude from clients who venture to us the photographers because they see our passion and love as much as we try to shout it to the world around us.

And because of clients like this family… I am beyond words and forever grateful.


Our Very 1st Bride Ever! | Wedding Review

This one was from my very 1st wedding I was ever blessed to capture.  ❤  Tashena Shaw Photography is forever grateful to Jennifer and Jason.  ❤

“Tashena was amazing! Every bride worries whether or not they have chosen the right photographer… I mean, this is documentation that will last forever. I was surprised, however, at her professionalism and the photographs delivered. She was outstanding! I believe that my husband and I were the first couple to hire her for a wedding, but the pictures were incredible! The entire day was so hectic, but Tashena remained calm and collected and was willing to listen to all of our specific requests and she was still able to photograph important events without “getting in the way”. I hardly noticed her, but she was able to capture the most significant moments. She also went out of her way to please both my husband and I, and I would recommend her to anyone needing a professional photographer for any occasion. She was kind, patient, and even felt like part of the family. When we all started getting stressed out, Tashena kept her cool and did her job perfectly. I am more than happy that she was the photographer for our wedding day, because she did such an awesome job.”

-Jennifer (The Bride)
-Wedding Date: 06-29-2013


Dear 2015 What Greatness Has Come From You… | Thank you Clients | Virginia Beach

What a year it has been… I walked in to 2015 not expecting much and fearing my photography would just crumble around me. That I wouldn’t reach the goals I was dreaming I wanted so much.

But then something in me sparked. I wanted my year to be great, so I made sure that my 2015 would be left with greatness. After praying hard, asking for our Lords guidance, after research and growth, and after MANY photography classes I made 2015 a year of such joy.

I know that I should be excited for 2016… But honestly I am sad to see 2015 go. I was blessed to reach so many new brides, clients, families, And even was blessed to travel to other states to capture some beautiful Brides. I can’t say one bad thing about 2015. ❤

So with the growth I’ve made over the year of 2015 I want to make sure that 2016 will be just as great!

I plan on taking more classes, entering in more photography contest, reaching more clients, capturing more Brides, and growing more than I have in the years to come.

But I know I can say this… I can dream it all I want… But I can’t make it come true without the help of our Lord. I know it is because of him! It is ONLY because our Lord has given me the chance, and ways to make these dreams come true. Our Lord has blessed me with clients I have dreamed of. Chances to work with some amazing models, clients, and brides. Those who have accepted me for me. Those who see my passion and love it. Those who have hired me for being honest, loving, and true to who I am.

So I want to make sure that 2016 is filled with all those great things. I want to make sure I give back to my Brides and Clients as they have given to me.

This coming months Tashena Shaw Photography will be announcing some great deals, offers, and new photography packages. Along with having a ‘Loyal Customers’ rewards program. So if you are reading this… I hope you keep checking back. I hope you are as excited for 2016 as I am!

Before I end this blog I have to thank some people…

MY LOYAL CLIENTS: Thank you for always returning every year for your family photos. Thank you for being the first to refer me to those you know and love. It is something I will NEVER take for granted.

MY PAST BRIDES: Thank you for trusting me to capture such precious moments in your life. And for not only trusting me. But for loving what I have been able to capture for you. YOU all have been my light when it comes to my future Brides. Always showing your love for me and my work. Always willing to send those you love my way as well. And without you all… I wouldn’t have the chance to continue capturing more future Brides. ❤

MY FUTURE BRIDES: Thank you for allowing me the chance as well to capture your day. For taking a chance on this little photographer as I document your special day. You don’t know this now… But you two will allow me many more chances to capture many more Brides for years to come. And you my dears Brides… I thank you!

TO THE MANY CLIENTS TO COME: Thank you for messaging me. Thank you for booking your wedding, lifestyle session, family memories, and any moment you have hired me to capture for you. Thank you for hiring me to help you capture memories that will last a life time. You have entrusted in me the chance to document memories for many years to come.



A Photographer’s Dreams… | 2016 GOALS | Virginia Beach

As I am sitting here this morning with my little cup of java, my son playing on the floor with his cars, and listening to ‘Rehab Addict’ on HGTV playing. I find myself dreaming of my future photography goals. Is it wrong that I keep wanting to dream BIGGER and BIGGER ??? I think NOT! The way I see it… The moment I stop dreaming and setting goals for myself. Then I STOP growing as a photographer and as a human being. I believe that we all should always dream and set goals in life. It’s what keeps the fire that burns in us all. So why not dream big?

As 2015 is coming to a close I realize I haven’t set any goals for 2016 and that I must do that now! So here are just a few things I WANT to achieve in the year 2016. ❤


  • Wake up everyday being thankful I get to do what I do.
  • Make sure every client who comes my way is treated with the love and respect they deserve.
  • Book and capture 15 weddings in 2016 !!!
  • Capture another wedding in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina at the ‘Kitty Hawk Pier’
  • TRAVEL out-of-state of Virginia to capture at least 1 or more weddings !!!
  • Save up for and go to the next ‘Creative at Heart Conference’ ❤
  • Enter in 3 more photography contests with pride!
  • Save up for and get my dream camera The 5D Mark lll
  • Add to my camera lens family
  • Continue to challenge yourself everyday!
  • Blog at least 3 times a week.
  • Challenge yourself by going to more photography workshops.
  • Capture a ‘Trash The Dress’ session in a wedding gown.
  • Set up a ‘Stylized’ shoot with local vendors in the Hampton Roads community !!!

***Most Of All*** Remember to enjoy the ride! Thank our Lord daily for these blessing and clients who trust in you. Remember to challenge yourself. Remember to take time for family because they should always come first. Remember to thank your Husband each day for always being your biggest supporter and friend in this journey of life.



Capturing A Bride and her Groom at The Triple R Ranch in Virginia.

A wedding I was blessed to capture in Iowa at the beautiful The Brenton Arboretum.

Psst! Hey, You! I Have Something To Tell You. | Encouraging | Virginia Beach Photographer

I FEEL IN MY HEART I SHOULD SHARE THIS:  To any photographers here who feel they are struggling, who feel they help others so much with nothing in return, to those who may be losing faith, or those who just feel like giving it all up.  PLEASE HOLD ON!  Have faith!  I was once there (still am some days.)  But after many struggles and tears I realized there was only one of me and my style.  Thankfully I learned to surround myself with other photographer who build each other up…  Instead of tearing each other down.  I’ve learned my worth!

This week I’ve had other ‘big’ photographers (who I admire in the Hampton Roads area) reach out to me for help.  (YES, TO HELP THEM.)  Because they saw my growth and passion for what I do.  I’ve had inquiries telling me that other photographers have sent them my way, and praised my work.  We all have those dark days and moments.  Those terrible clients who make us want to give up.  The camera gear we feel we are being laughed at for.  Even other jealous photographers who make us feel less than we are worth.

But please I beseech you!  Stay!  Work!  Grow!  Dig deep and hold on!  Remember why you picked up that camera to begin with!  YOUR TRUE CLIENTS KNOW YOUR WORTH!  And yes,  you are worth so much to your community.

So hold on!  Surround yourself with the great, those who inspire you, those who make you want to dream big, those who see your worth.

Because…  WE NEED YOU TOO!  There is work for us all!  Don’t think there isn’t.  Don’t let others tear you down.  And those who steal your dreams, energy, and passion for your work break you down too.  As my Mommy-In-Law always tells me,  “Weed the garden.  God will help you if you only ask.  God will pull those weeds away who strangle the true beauty a garden has to show the world.”

So don’t be afraid to weed out those who make you feel less than your worth.

Please keep pushing forward!  And share your beauty with us all.