The Hughs Family Session | Bayville Farms Park | Falls Sessions

Oh how I love when my families return for more moments together… Each so unique and full of character. And my sweet family here made sure to bring the laughter with them… Showing us all just how amazing The Hughs family is. πŸ™‚

The whole session was full of laughter between Father and Son. Each taking their turn to make their Queen of their home laugh and smile at every turn. Whether that be tossing acorns her way, photo-bombing her images, or just by making silly faces.

I can’t help but laugh as I write about their story. I can just see that day and watch how this Queen would laugh and tease them back. A family full of love and adventure. Each showing their own side and personality. And of course in the end they were full of hugs and kisses. Knowing that they would have to make sure their Queen was safe and loved.

I know many families who joke about their uniqueness and beauty… But The Hughs family will ALWAYS stand out as one of the most lovable, sweet, and carefree session to date.

It’s families such as this one that make me enjoy capturing stories and moments I know my families will forever treasure. A blessing the Tashena Shaw Photography Family will forever be grateful for. ❀


Haylie Pretty In Blue | Mini Session | Shore Drive

When this young beauty in blue comes to a shoot ready to have a blast… You just know you are going to capture some priceless images. Haylie has a heart like no other! She is full of life, love, and is loyal to those she cares for. Always there willing to help everyone she can. Full of child-like giggles that make you smile and laugh along with her. Haylie wouldn’t be herself is she wasn’t trying to make those around her laugh. The first to get up and make a fool of herself just to make sure those around her are smiling from ear-to-ear.

During our session together Haylie showed her love of adventure & nature. Exploring all around her while laughing along the way.

I don’t think their was a serious image captured this whole session… She just wasn’t herself unless she was giggling and being silly. Dancing around, jumping in the air, and spinning all around.

It was such a joy to capture this young lady. And her BLUE hair just made this session even more unique and crazy from being to end. She is pretty in blue! And shines at every turn.

Haylie… You are a TRUE blessing to all those you encounter! Don;t you EVER let that light break. You show the world just the amazing young lady you are. I’m so blessed to be one of those souls who gets to be in your life. ❀ Thank you for showing us all what it means to just keep swimming, and to be HAPPY!

Much love Haylie !!! ❀


Nathalie Stockton | Modeling | Virginia Beach

A Complete Beauty, A Natural, Purely Unique, And Beyond whimsical…Β  Are the words that come to mind when you hear of this young lady.

I was blessed to be able to work with Nathalie back in February.Β  Her Mom messaged me about working together…Β  And I was so excited to have honor of capturing such a beauty.Β  We kept in contact and messaged each other about photo shoot ideas.Β  Collaborating together to create the perfect masterpiece.

When the day came to meet up…Β  I was in shock to see such a well composed young lady.Β  Everything from her manners, skill, work ethics, and her detail to the things around her is something any fellow photographer could admire in a model.Β  She not only showed how truly amazing she was…Β  But showed what an amazing lady her parents are raising her to be.Β  Working with her you wouldn’t think she was so young.Β  She has one of those old souls, hidden behind a young face with porcelain skin.

Here are some of the images we captured together…Β  I can’t wait to have the honor of working with Nathalie again in the future.

Watch out world…Β  This young lady is going to be giving everyone a run for their money.


IMG_8329-005 IMG_8331-002 IMG_8417-002 IMG_8459-002 IMG_8468-004 IMG_8548-002 IMG_8552-003 IMG_8557-003 IMG_8571-005