Crystin + Dustin’s Wedding | Yorktown Freight Shed | Yorktown Virginia

When you learn your Bride and Groom have been through more then most couples go through in a life time together. About a month prier to to Crystin & Dustin’s wedding day I had learned that Dustin had went in to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and they had feared the worst. Not knowing if they would even have the chance to say ‘I Do’ to one another.

But our Lord had pulled them both through this time in their life. Pulling their families tighter together and making sure they found safety and love in those around them.

Thankfully Dustin made a full recover! The day had come for Crystin & Dustin to say ‘I Do’ with all those they love and cherish were right there with them.

Their day was one of the HOTTEST day of the summer. And these two love birds couldn’t have cared less… They took each moment as it came, smiling , and joking at every turn.

I think what I loved the most about these two love birds wedding was the fact they embraced everything that cam their way with smiles. Making sure to step inside every few minutes to refresh and part with those they loved… Then stepping back in to the heat to capture more family, love, and moments together.

Most Brides would refuse to step out in to the heat… But Crystin made sure she embraced it and had the most fun with it all. It was such a pleasure to watch Crystin & Dustin on their special day. Each moment you thought they might scream Dustin would pull Crystin in to him and whisper in her ear… Lord only knows what he said each time… But it was sure to make Crystin giggle and relax with her love by her side.

They were quick to show us all what life is truly all about… How you should cherish each moment and giggle through they rest.

Life, Love, And Laughter was felt the whole day between them both. And they couldn’t have chosen a better venue, day, or the friends and family to have at their side. ❤


We wish you both nothing but all the love in the world and a happily ever after from here to come. ❤





Kristin + Roland | Wedding | Yorktown Virginia

Nothing is more sweeter then two loves who want to keep their wedding as intimate as possible. Having loved ones and family surround you as you tie the knot with the one you love standing by your sides.

I was so excited when my big Brother Roland asked me to help capture his day. I can’t tell you just how thankful I was to not only be their to witness Kristin and Roland say I do… But to be there to help document their intimate Yorktown Beach wedding.

I loved how they searched beaches and areas for that perfect view for their day. I loved learning how they made sure to invite just a small group of friends and family. I loved even more how I watched Kristin fill with joy as she walked to Roland. But the greatest part of all of this was… Watching my big brother hold back all his emotions as he stood in front of his love.  Watching how when he looked at Kristin it was as if his world was complete.

These two souls have been through some crazy ups and downs. They have been together for over 11 years and have been through thick and thin. So seeing how they made sure that this wedding was to show just the love they show for one another… Well that was a blessing in itself. A true joy to capture! ❤

After their vows were shared I was able to stay behind with them and capture a few images. You see my Brother isn’t one for standing in front of the camera and smiling happily. But thankfully he tried really hard for his love Kristin. And I believe they captured some perfect images with one another.

After I was able to help capture some portraits of these two love birds…  We all went out for a BIG family dinner.  Sharing in joys, love, and laughter.

I know many Brides worry if their wedding was something perfect.  They look back wondering if they could have done more or changed things.

I pray that Kristin and Roland always look back and never second guess a moment.  It was PERFECT!  It was BEAUTIFUL!  It was just what they needed.  It was something they can always look back on and smile knowing that those who stood beside them…  Will always be there till the end to help pull them through all the moments they will share together and for always.


Ceremony Location:  Yorktown Beach

Reception:  Park Lane Tavern

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